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  1. I...I...I...why won't it let me edit that terrible mistake! The horror, the horror! As for a sweet increase when I start working full time again, I doubt it. I'm majoring in the humanities. I probably made more money back when I was able to do manual labor than I'll get if and when I start teaching. Ah well, such is life.
  2. Hey guys. I've been too busy to check in for a while, but I had good news today, so I thought I'd share. I got approved immediately for a NFCU Visa, 2000k limit today. My situation is the same as the last time I posted, although I've had the Shell card for about 4 months. I also got "conditionally" approved for a secured loan with NFCU. Why they need a cosigner on a collateral loan (collateral is worth much more than the amount of the loan) I have no idea. I'm going to try to go that route, but not sure if it'll work out. This week I had a fire lit under my butt because I've been awarded over 25k in scholarship money for next year, to study abroad. Unfortunately none of the freaking scholarships disburse until after I'm in the country where I'm going to study! (Their semester starts three weeks-ish sooner than my home university). So I had to apply for a loan to get me through my first month there. I only make around 10k a year in income without the scholarships, so I offered my car as collateral, which they okayed if I can get a cosigner. I'll try to get one of the parents to cosign, but I don't know if they'll do it, and they're retired, so I don't know if that will fly anyway. Otherwise I'll be living under a bus stop in a foreign city for a month while I go to classes. While I was at it I said "What the heck" and applied for a USAA cc, but they denied me, which I figured they would. Oh well, can't win 'em all at once.
  3. Hmm, hadn't thought about Costco, or rates for merchants. Thanks!
  4. My boyfriend has a Citi card (that was not due to expire for two years). They just sent him two cards, a replacement Mastercard and a new AmEx. The letter says: On the back of the letter the FAQ says: Ok, what exactly, are they trying to pull? We can't understand how the credit card company will benefit from this, exactly. Also, I can't understand how they can report it to the bureaus as one single account. The Mastercard and the AmEx both have different card numbers, of course.
  5. Yes, I'm sure I did get a bill, but I no longer have the original bills. I see at least one specialist a month and some things just get missed. It's possible I never got an original bill, but more likely that I did and it got thrown out before I had the money to pay it. I opted out and deleted old addresses a few weeks before I sent out any letters. There are two old addresses on my reports that EQ and EX would not delete. One old address on TU. The validation the CA sent me has account numbers for both OCs (different places), but nothing about procedures. I want to know what I'm paying for before trying to pay the OC with insert A. Can I safely call the OCs and ask for details? Or will they even tell me now that it's gone to a CA?
  6. Depends. Do you want a credit card with them right away, or are you just going to sign up for a bank account? They pulled TU on me. I have not applied for credit (wanted to set up direct deposit and fight two baddies on EQ first). They pull TU to open an account and EQ for credit. My TU report was around 580 when they pulled it for membership. If all you care about is the credit card, I'd wait until you were around 600 from what I've read. If you just want a bank account go ahead and apply. FWIW I applied over the phone (the nearest branch is about an hour away) and they did NOT ask for proof about my dad's identification. I've had my account for about a month now and I've set up direct deposit and used the debit card. Everything is going smoothly.
  7. Sorry, I don't have one, but please keep us updated on this post as to what happens. I'm fighting Certegy myself. They sold to Trident and both Certegy and Trident are showing up on my report. I'm also looking for ideas on how to handle Certegy. So please let us know how it goes if you get an email address. Anyone have contact info?
  8. bump..still need help with the next step. Is it okay for me to call the original creditors to ask what procedures were done?
  9. Thank you! I added the info to creditpulls so everyone can benefit.
  10. Woo! I just got a shiny Shell store card in the mail. $400 limit. I completely do not understand cc companies. Target pulled my best report and turned me down. Shell (CBNA) pulled my worst bureau report by far, and gave me $400. Well, I'm celebrating today. Shell just won a large chunk of my business.
  11. Hi there! If you want to check the "back door" you go to the CRA website (links found here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=242892).
  12. I have an medical collection from a local CA on Equifax only so far. I opted out, deleted the only couple of addresses they would delete, and started the HIPAA process. I sent the initial WhyChat HIPAA letter to Equifax. Equifax verified. I then sent the medical/HIPAA DV (next step) to the CA. I got a letter back today from the CA, just the day I was about to send "no valid response" to Equifax. The letter suddenly claims two accounts, the one they listed on my credit report and one that is not listed. #1 One is a radiology acct, which, if it is valid would have been done through a doctor's office, not a hospital The date of this account is listed on my credit report with the date of service of 5/10. I started on Medicare march of this year. For some time in 2010 I was on Medicaid, but I have no idea what the dates were. I think the period was about a year, but there was some lack of coverage between when Medicaid ended and Medicare started. I have no idea who to ask. Should I call the radiology company that's listed as the creditor and see if they will tell me what the procedure was? The CA doesn't list a procedure. The principal was 118.00 and the interest is 14.00. Patient adjustment is listed as 0.00. #2 The BRAND NEW account they suddenly listed (this is the first I've heard of it and this one is not yet on my credit report) is for a local neighborhood "poor clinic." I qualified for very low rates there. I went for an bladder infection last year, and I think this bill may be for labwork, but I'm not sure. Date of Service is listed as some time Dec 2010. I know I had no coverage at all that month, no medicaid or medicare. I paid a copay and then got this bill. They may not be able to discount labwork, as opposed to the discounted doc's time. The full cost is a little over a hundred dollars plus interest (sorry, don't want to make it easy for the CAs by listing exact amounts in case they're out trolling for victims). For this second account I think maybe I should call the original creditor, the clinic, and ask why that bill is not discounted. So, your advice on how to proceed, particularly withe the first account, the collection for radiology services? Oh, one other tidbit. They list my birthdate and the last 4 of my SSN. They also called my cell phone yesterday. I politely told them to conduct all business by mail, and that they did not have permission to call my cell. Then I hung up while they were still arguing. They have not called back. Next step? I would like to know what these procedures are for, particularly the first account. And with the first account I want to know if I was covered under Medicare. But I think I'm going to have to pay these. I will have to eat bread and cheese for a month to do it, so I want to make sure I'm doing it the right way, the most likely way to get these off my reports.
  13. Cool idea Cluck Norris. Thanks for sharing! And congrats on being school-loan-debt-free! Also a big congrats for successfully turning around when you saw pilots were getting laid off, and switching career paths.
  14. Hi there. This situation is directly applicable to yours: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=475973. Follow the steps there. No matter who owns your debt, you should follow the HIPAA process exactly. After you get your first letter back from the initial dispute, if you are confused, you can come back and ask what to do next.

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