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  1. Thanks why chat! Is it okay to opt out online through that link? Or should I do the letter version?
  2. I wanted to add some additional information. This process is for my sister. She's had 5 medical bills go into collections: $521 opèned November 5, 2009 --she did pay $100 on this bill in may of this year, $807 June 18, 2010, $530 July 8th 2011, $444 July 8, 2011, $882 may 5, 2013... The last 2 are listed joint account, not sure why? I have read a ton of why chat's posts here but I am still helplessly confused as to if there is anything she can do to remove them. Thanks! ETA: She has now ultilites in her name to send to the CRA only a insurance statment bill. Should she change a utility bill into her name?
  3. I have read the whychat page but I am still very confused. Can someone dumb the process down for me?
  4. Maybe I'll just pay it. It's $100 and not seeming like it is worth the fight .
  5. So, do I just report it to my local BBB if it pops up on his CR?
  6. My husband and I have spend 2 years trying to clear up his credit report so we can purchase a home. I talked to a mortgage broker the other day who said his score will qualify for FHA, we just had 1 more debt to pay off in collections. It was his and $250, so I pay it off today. Then I get home to a letter from AFNI , for a Verizon bill that was due to fall off July 2013. What do I do? Should we ignore it? Send them a letter? Please help. I am devastated. We have worked so hard to get here and have already found our dream house!
  7. @xelda: Very good advice. Separate the unsubsidized loans out first. Then set up automatic payment for interest only​ on all of your subsidized loans. Lastly, have your loan agent separate the loan with the highest interest rate and largest sum. Whatever money you have left over after interest should go directly to this loan. This method is not the most cost effective, but it is very satisfying and does save some money over just paying them all equally and it's a fairly easy strategy. This is great advice! Thanks.
  8. At my university, SAP is based on attempted hours (240 is the limit), not the number of years of study.This is what the head of financial aid told me as well, it's not so much the time you are in a school. It's based on attempted hours. Every year you receive financial aid it is based on half time or full time status. You are eligible for a lifetime max of 600%. Each full time year is = to 100%. You can go part time that year and use only 50%.
  9. My husband and I are both currently trying to do a major credit haul and gets our scores boosted. I went to school part-time from 05-09, I borrowed very very unwisely and now I am about $22000 dollars in school loan debt. Ugh, they shouldn't give a 18 year old mom that much money without explaining more. Anyways my fault for not asking more questions. All these years my loans were in IBR at $0 per month. I am currently back in school finishing my bachelors degree. So now Aes says my loans won't go back into repayment until I am out of school again for 6 months. I am currently going part time and still looking at another 3-4 years to finish. Should I not worry about the loans? Or .. My thoughts were to take one of the smallest $2100 and start paying my minimum payment or more each month. I am not worried about defaulting as my dh and I are in a place where we could afford to pay that. It just makes me sick to think of having all that debt hanging over my head when I graduate.
  10. He said our middle score needed to be 590, so that is exactly where he is at. So now I am a little worried that paying these off will lower his score. Why does all this have to be so confusing?!?! Thanks so much to everyone that responded!
  11. Sorry if I start to ramble. I am just so confused. I had my husbands credit report pulled to see where we were at for a home loan. He has a middle score of 590. Currently we have a First Premier card, an Orchard Bank card and a Fingerhut card. All with low utilization and 100% on time payments for the last already 12 months. Now the bad He has an lvnv jc-penney account that defaulted in 2008, so we still have a few years left of that on his report. There are also about $2400 in medical bills that are in collections. These were from a 2010 hospital ER visit. A chase bank in collections due to fall off 6/2013. A local collection for $250. Finally a $60 medical collection. We need to buy a house ASAP. This has become our only option. The mortgage guy at quicken said all of our collections need paid off. Will we still be able to get that loan if we settle with each account? I am not into disputing. He made the debts, so I know they need paid. I'm just not sure if that settlement will be enough to get that mortgage.
  12. Thanks! First premier has neither said they sold the debt and balance says NA on the credit report. Can I send them a letter asking them to at least report they sold it ? Or is that pointless?
  13. This is my first post, although I have been doing a lot of reading. I do have a question though. I had an account with First Premier Bank - they sold it to Arrow Financial. I settled with arrow financial and they said updated my credit report. First Premier is still reporting, what can I do?

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