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  1. Iedited to remove solicitation Please read the rules at the top of the forum before posting again thank you
  2. If you filed a Chapter 13 BK, you can secure FHA or VA financing 24 months after filing assuming you meet all other criteria necessary to secure financing. Best Regards, Dmitriy Bleynis
  3. The condo building would have to be approved by the VA prior to closing and there are a few hoops to jump through to get the building approved. If the building is already approved, it will save you dome effort. To signify that your departing residence will be a rental, you will have to provide a lease, copy of security deposit check and first month payment from your tenant as well as your bank statement showing funds were deposited. Its tricky but not impossible, EDITED TO REMOVE SOLICITATION Best Regards, Dmitriy Bleynis
  4. DBleynis


    Is anyone a Veteran?
  6. I am also rough on reverse mortgages. But I am agree with Brian. She must reside there, although theoretically with the $ you can take with the cash out you can probably get her assisted living in that residence so she doesn't have to live in the nursing home. Once again my knowledge of reverse mortgages is very minimal.
  7. You can also get a reverse mortgage. You do not need any income to qualify and that should allow you to hold out until you sell your primary residence. Then you can refinance that reverse mortgage to a regular mortgage.
  8. Banks allowing you to have a trailing co borrower is slightly more likely than a bank allowing you to take your property as a primary residence with a husband that works in india. Brian; When a couple is married and one of the spouses doesn't want to be on title to protect the home whether its due to their occupation or numerous other reasons. It is a verry common instance to have a trailing co borrower not on title but on the loan and most banks do allow it these days. Best Regards; It might be allowed with some banks however it would be foolish to be held accountable for a lo
  9. Anialw; A 650 credit score alone should not be enough to have your loan denied. Chances are that you have an underlying issue which is preventing you from qualifying. I would recommend investigating a little further.
  10. Mercymygft; This would be a doable loan but there are a couple of variables. In order to take out a loan or an equity line of credit, your MIL's debt to income ratio would have to support the loan. As a rule of thumb it would have to be 45% with some lending institutions allowing you to go to 50% with a case by case exception. The good news is you and your husband can co-sign for her. You would need to consult an experinced lending institution to determine whether this scenario works and the correct way to structure it. Best Regards;
  11. Not Necessarily, You can have a co borrower on a loan and not on title and they do not have to be added at closing. I am 100% sure of this.
  12. Midnight Ember; This will not cause your loan to be denied. Simply you will need to have your transcripts available. Being that this isn't tax season it should happen fairly quick. Your best bet is to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 once a week and as if the transcripts are available. It should take 2-4 weeks. Usually your lender won't care as this is a common problem and will just wait with you for the Transcripts to become available. Best Regards;
  13. I agree they can foreclose but not after one missed payment. Usually you have to be 120 days late for them to initiate foreclosure proceedings and you will still have the option of caching up.
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