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  1. I would plan for something else to do after the museum... Cooperstown is a pretty boring place. They do have Brewery Ommegang which does tours and sometimes has concerts, so depending on when you're planning your trip you should see if they've got anything going on.
  2. Bob (and others), Since you like making Master threads, and you probably have most of this information lying around anyway, I was wondering if something could be compiled regarding: "What it takes to keep dormant Credit Union accounts happy" Many members on this board have accounts at many credit unions. I can't imagine every account at every institution is being actively used, and they all seem to have different requirements to keep from being charged inactivity fees. I was recently given the opportunity to join NFCU, and I only set up a Share Savings. I do not have any immediate use for the account, but you never know. In an effort to keep them happy, I've combed the documentation that they mailed to me. It looks like they impose an "Inactive Member Fee" each quarter after 12 months of inactivity and less than $50 in the account. In this regard, I was hoping we could put together a simple list, like this: NFCU Dormant Account Fee: $3 How to Avoid: Maintain $50 in the account, or have an additional Navy Product. Alliant Dormant Account Fee: $10 How to Avoid: Have any activity other than dividend payments within 36 months.
  3. Just got my summary for my mortgage App, and here's the reported ranges: Transunion (Classic 04) [309-839] Equifax (BEACON 5) [334-818] Experian (Fair Isaac V2) [320-844]
  4. The PenFed Platinum Rewards also does 3 points for groceries.
  5. I've noticed several times now that you refer to the 4 major credit reporting agencies. So... Who's the fourth? Is it Innovis? I recently joined a credit union (SEFCU in Albany, NY) and they pulled my Equifax report upon joining, despite the fact that I was told they would not. A month later, I noticed the hard pull and was quite irritated. Luckily, I had a record of the online specialist confirming that it would not be a hard pull, so I went into a branch and asked them to remove it. A few days later, I received copies of the 4 letters sent out- one each to Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and Innovis. A few weeks later, CCMP confirmed the hard was removed from Equifax. So back to my question. Who is the 4th, and, more importantly, does anyone care about them?
  6. Simple Question, hopefully there's a simple answer. Is there any way to tell when you're due for your free annualcreditreport.com report from each bureau? I honestly just don't recall when I pulled each last year, and I'm not sure if there's an easy way to check. Thanks!
  7. If I'm reading this correctly: January's guess is 15-20 NY would be Friday (the 20th) To verify c* I would need to check on the 22nd? I'm still miffed by the backdoor, every time I try EQ they tell me to call... I'm not even sure when my annual report will be ready. I just signed up for USAA monitoring today. If I want to be agressive and do this in a month, should I go with C$ and MPM (or does anyone suggest others?) And should I wait to do those until the 20th?
  8. The old structure was something like, "earn 5% on gas/groceries/drug stores AFTER spending $6500/yr" You'd have to run some numbers based on what you expect to spend. The new Blue Cards are much easier to understand, if nothing else. If you do decide to do the switch, you should be able to get the same CSR to do the conversion, and move some of your Clear credit limit over.
  9. I'm pretty sure they won't let you convert the clear to anything anymore... It's stuck that way. If you end up going with the Blue/BCE/BCP, you can ask that they transfer some of your credit line from the clear over to the blue, making it easier to keep your util down on the card. Figure out how much you spend on groceries a year. The break even point (for groceries alone) on the Blue Cash Preferred vs the Everyday is $2500/yr (BCP = $150-$75AF vs BCE = $75). It might be worthwhile to use the Amex just for that, and the Discover for everything else. If you shop on Amazon a lot, the Discover has the benefit of letting you use any rewards points right at checkout, for any amount. Let's say you have $5.12 rewards cash, and you buy something from amazon for $10. If you use your discover, you can credit your rewards and only pay the remaining $4.88. The Discover More is also doing 2% back on utilities this year (Cable, Satellite TV and Radio, Phone and Internet) if you auto-pay with the Discover. Not sure if this helps or makes it more confusing, but there you go!
  10. I am debating taking advantage of the 1.99%APR car refinance with Alliant, and that will obviously affect my score with the new inq and loan. If I decide I want to app for a mortgage with them in the fall, and B* my inquiry off... do you think they will notice when they pull for the mortgage? Will that even matter? Also, is 6 months a reasonable amount of time to expect the score to recover? The loan officer said 740+ for the best auto rate, My EQ is in the 760's now.
  11. Discover will let you convert an existing single account to a full joint account (not just AU).
  12. I got mine at the end of sept. They didn't charge the AF and my welcome bonus was $100. My third statement just posted, so I have the points for the first two statements (due to the lag) and have already earned $75 in rewards.
  13. If you plan on getting a mortgage in 2012, the AAof A won't make any difference to the underwriter! NEW inquiries wil make a difference. Work on reducing debt, saving money prior to a mortgage application. PenFed will still be there for you after you get your mortgage FUINDED! In that case, is it possible just to apply to PenFed when I start mortgage shopping? I wasn't sure if there was a benefit to becoming a member earlier. I can always put off this card, like you said. I just figured if I was going to join, it would be nice to have something to show for the hard pull. It's my understanding that for a mortgage, lenders pull all 3 bureaus. I wasn't sure if joining PenFed and apping for a mortgage right away would hit 2 EQ inquiries, or if they would just use the same pull.
  14. My total DTI (im assuming it's based on pre-tax income) is 3%. As for the util, I PIF, I've just been lazy about letting the ideal balances post. I can shoot for that in January, it's a little late for this month. Opening a new card will cause my AAOA will drop about 7 months (from 3y9m to 3y2m). If I want to apply for a mortgage some time in 2012, will the AAOA hit be a big deal? Also, is there a certain length of time I should let the new card report before applying? I know "new credit" can throw a red flag, and I don't know when it is no longer considered new. If it's too risky, I can always put it off. I just want to get in with PenFed now, and it seems silly to not make the most of the inquiry.
  15. I've just heard a lot of people saying they have issue with new accounts (less than 6 months old). The Amex was opened in Sept, but backdated to 2008, so I'm not sure if they will view it as new or not. I don't want to take another hit later just to get the card, so i'm just hesitating on that point.

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