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  1. Got the message...Thx! I'm over it and glad I didn't waste time sitting on hold with the CU customer service. Ain't nobody got time for that.. I'd much prefer riding around in the Mercedes. It's an awesome car and thanks to many folks on CreditBoards, my great credit scores now allow me to drive such a beautiful car.
  2. I bought a newer used car on May 18, 2018. The lender is SafeAmerica CU in Pleasanton, CA.. The new car loan posted to my credit reports in June 2018 to Experian and Equifax, but not to TransUnion. This has dinged my credit score on TU because it looks like I don't have an installment loan which hurts my FICO score now that my old car loan was paid off so I have no active installment loans. The CU did not update my payments either on EX or EQ for July that were made on time. Is there any way to get them to add my installment loan to TU and to update my payments with the others? It never occurred to me to ask the lender what credit bureaus do you post to?
  3. Update: Met with the Estate attorney. Can't make a change without going through competency tests with Mom's doctor and attorney and going to court and don't want to put Mom through that. It's better to do the Lease/Sublease on the property (since it's a rental property) between my sister and I. My sister could "disclaim" or decline 1/2 the value of the property and the other half of the remainder going to me, but the figures don't work out to do that. Gifting the property back to me didn't work either due to the 40%+ gift tax she would have to pay to the IRS (shocking amount they would want!). I have the power to sell the property now since I have the POA, but that is not a good option either since we don't want to sell it. Very good meeting with the attorney and the attorney advised it was good to discuss before Mom passes. She did suggest meeting with a Real Estate attorney to possible come up with some other ways to work with my sister on the property. However, it is best if my sister meets with an R/E attorney herself to advise her since I can't comment on how this might affect other properties and assets she already has.
  4. Can they? Sure. Is it binding? Not likely. And never discount that such an affidavit can be rescinded. Spend the money and get the modifications done CORRECTLY and consistent with the law in the applicable jurisdiction. Given that you assert this is a sizeable estate, the few hundred spent is a drop in the bucket. Why screw around? Like Chewbacca, it just don't make sense... I'm seeing the estate attorney that handles my Mom's Trust/Will this Thursday to discuss and come up with a plan how to proceed. I posted because I wasn't sure if it was a slam dunk situation where it's easy to change or if it requires 6 months of paperwork and going to court etc... It's better to ask now while my elderly Mom is still alive than to wait until after she has passed. I appreciate the insight CB members have on many different topics and I was curious what people might know and suggest while I was waiting. I'll post the outcome once I meet with the attorney. Worse case scenario is we just write up a sub-lease of the property going forward with my sister which she has no problem with. Estate planning is much easier when you don't have greedy relatives to complicate things so I feel very fortunate this will work out fine. Thanks for your insights, centex..I appreciate it
  5. Can a beneficiary refuse an inheritance and defer the property to me instead (in this case my sister?)... What would happen then?
  6. Definitely trying to avoid a contested Will. It is extremely unlikely this will be contested, but would still be a hassle and delay closing the estate. We have Plan B where I can sublease the property from my sister if things are not able to be changed while our mother is still alive. As long as we both claim the rental income from the property for taxes purposes, then the IRS should be ok with that. Just a lot of paperwork to set up, but doable. Thanks for your comments, centex!
  7. Need some basic legal info (I already made an appointment with an Estate Attorney but the waiting is killing me so hoping some of you might know the answer). Here's the question: Can I make a change to my Mom's Will and Trust since I have power of attorney of all her business matters (as well as medical)? She recently had a stroke and has moderate dementia now and in very frail health. I'm also her full time caretaker and she lives with me. She was supposed to make a change to her Will and Trust this year to leave a property to me exclusively (it goes to my only sibling now). No one in the family will contest this (my sister is well aware of the situation, doesn't want the property, is very wealthy and has always wanted the property to go to me). I'm also the Trustee on the Trust (my sister is my backup for everything as well). My Mom's attorney shockingly died last year (a young estate attorney in her mid to late 40's) and was aware the only reason the property was designated to go to my sister was due to a 6 figure Federal tax that would have been triggered if I had inherited it up until this year. That is no longer the case, so I am able to inherit it now. We live in California. The property value is just over $1 mil.. Any insights appreciated!
  8. Melanie - I've got a pair of brand new roller skates you've got a brand new key
  9. LOL. Did you even read the link you posted? In addition to Personal Property, most HO4 renters insurance policies will give the renter Liability insurance and Medical Payments to Others insurance. Liability insurance provides extra protection for legal situations the insured may find himself or herself in, and Medical Payments provides a small amount of insurance for minor accidents that occur on the property to people who don't live on the premises. Good grief. Yep. I recently rented a condo and required the tenant to get renter's insurance that also covered damage to the interior above their personal property. Structural is covered by the HOA. The OP's particular situation has a lot in common with finding a compatible roommate and this goes well beyond the usual renting requirements. Yes, this is true when renting to someone that you live and interact with in your home. However, you should still give an Application to all perspective occupants (looking for things to qualify or disqualify them) such as, you can decline someone based on sex (if you live in California) due to safety reasons, but you cannot if they are renting a place you do not occupy with them. You can also decline all perspective renters if you do not feel you will get along with them if they have an aggressive or weird personality. Don't ask them what church they go to in the neighborhood unless you've already rented to them (that is prohibited). You cannot state "students only" when renting a room (I live in a college town). That is prohibited. Make sure you give an Application to EVERYONE that is interested in renting from you not just who you think you want to rent to. There are some terrible landlords out there that do discriminate so make sure you are not one of them by treating everyone fairly and legally that wants to rent from you. Not sure why the OP's question is not being addressed and is focusing on insurance. That's the least of their worries when renting a place out..
  10. I would highly suggest you check into signing up for classes with your local Apartment Association to learn the do's and don't of being a Landlord. The rules for renting one room pretty much apply to most rental situations. There are many pitfalls you can fall into if you don't know what you're doing when selecting a renter. Knowledge is key. It's not hard to learn the basics. There are lots of forms you need to know about to use for different situations (non-payment of rent, abandoned property, 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit etc..). Not learning the basics of being a landlord is like getting a credit card, running up the balance and defaulting and getting sued. It can take years to recover from just one mistake. One tenant can make your life a living hell. Why not improve your odds and get the basics first? Here is a place to start that I would go to below if you live in California. It will get you started on what to look for in your area of the country. Do a search in your state such as "California apartment association" and you should get a list by state and/or large city where you live and plan to rent your place. Then sign up for the classes and attend if you can. Smartest thing I did 30 years ago was to go to these classes as a property manager before ever renting anything to anyone. Has saved me lots of headaches, time and money and made lots of money in the process owning and managing personal rental property. https://caanet.org/uni/home/ Hope this helps..
  11. You light up my life - Debbie Boone Tiny Bubbles - Don Ho It's a small world
  12. Unfortunately, Amex's days of backdating (known as D*) are long dead. I'd be more than grateful for another 'since '01' card.

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