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  1. With NFCU, yes. Surprised me because I rent a redbox movie with it once every 3 months.
  2. Logged in today and saw an auto CLI from 14,000 o 16,100. I had just balance transfered over about 9,000 from other cards, so this was nice. This was around the 14 month mark since opening. No special use except I have taken advantage of the BT offers each year and made very small purchases every couple months to keep the card alive.
  3. I emailed the executive office and asked them to reopen and reinstate credit limits. They did. I'm a big Chase fan after the customer service that I received. My situation may have been unique because it involved a military deployment but the exec office has been very nice to people recently. Give it a shot.
  4. Just a heads up. NFCU no fee, 0% APR balance transfer is back.
  5. Vanilla reload + bluebird = $3.95 fee per $500 (if you buy at $500) much better than paying 3% ($15) if your reward card is even 1% you'll make a whopping $1.05 profit great way to hit your minimum spending, buy your vanilla reload then transfer it to bluebird, and bluebird will write checks to pay your credit cards Thanks. I am going to do this.
  6. rent and certain bills like electric sometimes are not able to be paid by credit card. even if you can, there is sometimes a small 3% fee that is added that negates the points you earn. if you are going for an initial spend to earn a bonus then it might be worth it, for example, spend $2000 in 3 months and get 50,000 points. But if this is just regular rewards after the promo, then that 3% fee kills your rewards. i have used williampaid.com to funnel rent payments thru a credit card at a 3% fee (30 bucks on a 1000). this was worth it to reach signup bonuses but I would never do it just to get the standard rewards.
  7. I feel like this is true because I was under E7 and my auto insurance is through USAA, yet on the insurance ID card it states that the provider is actually "Garrison Property and Life". When I called about this they explained the tier system, even for military members. I have credit and auto insurance through them.
  8. Yea they call it two flights but it is 50,000 rapid rewards points (I think they base it on a roundtrip being around 25,000 points). If you go to Southwest's site and look up flights you can find some that are just under 5000 points one way (so just under 10,000 points roundtrip). You have to play with dates but Southwest's site is pretty good, I set it to convert $ value to points and then use the "try our low fare calendar" link on the search results page. It shows a grid of dates and points needed. At the low rates you can get about 5 roundtrip flights.
  9. Last year NFCU offered no fee balance transfers at 0%. Has anyone heard anything about this year?
  10. I'm really glad that it worked out for you. 5K isn't bad at all. Not sure which promo you signed up under but it should be the "spend $2000 within three months and earn 50,000 rapid reward points", that's what I'm attempting to do. Used wisely those points can go a long way on flights.
  11. I just applied for two of those SW cards. A premier personal card and the business plus version. The personal card was approved instant but the business card required me to call in. I have to ask... have you called a "recon" number for chase to have them reconsider the application. You should do this if you are declined because if you can answer their questions satisfactorily you will probably get the card. They have already pulled your credit and you have an inquiry, so you might as well make the most of it and call in. Don't be nervous, just answer their questions and have answers for any blemishes on your report. Try one of these two Chase: 888-270-2127 (App recon) Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst - Recons) <--- pretty sure it is this one
  12. 21 accts total. 18 revolving, 4 installment. Of those 21 there are 13 accts open and in good standing, 8 are closed and in good standing. Edit to add.... AAOA is 3.6 years
  13. It is positive, but it is a year old. My main issue is that it brings down my AAOA ever so slightly.
  14. I had an Orchard card that I closed before they merged. The HSBC tradelines have vanished from EQ and EX, and have been replaced by a Cap1 tradeline for the same acct. This is what I expected, HSBC became Cap1 and the tradeline now says Cap1, but..... The problem is that on TU i have a tradeline for HSBC and Cap1, for the same acct number. They are duplicates. Did this happen to anyone else as part of the transition? Will the old HSBC drop off?
  15. keep an eye on it, i closed mine and it kept showing up as open. eventually it looked closed but now there is a strange credit that they owe me for $60 (refund of an annual fee). I am leaving it alone.

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