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  1. Hi My wife (yes, it really my wife and not me😤) has late payments on these four creditors. I wanted to send a goodwill letter to these creditors. However I want to concentrate my efforts on the one where I may have the most success, So if anyone has had any experience with any one of these four creditors in getting late payment successfully deleted by a goodwill letter I would appreciate it. And yes I understand Goodwill letters are shot in the dark and for the most part not successful. However I have had a few success stories using them in the past. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have two small balance/closed accounts, one with USAA ($470.00) and one with Cap One ($610.00). Does a lender count balances on closed accounts towards your utilization ratio? Thanks!!
  3. I will tell you GW letters have worked for me in the past...in fact I am proud to say it even worked with OCWEN Mortgage...no BS. One tip is research where the execs went to school on Linkedin and if you have a son/daughter or relative who went to the same school, play that up. It worked for me.
  4. My experience goes back several years but I recall having a 60 day removed by disputing with the CRA and being a bit surprised when it came off. I remember trying to get Sallie Mae to take the late off over the phone, no go. Sorry for the lack of details but my recollection was it was not that difficult. I had the impression a lot of young kids worked in customer service.
  5. Mendelsohn - thanks for the tip..helpful as usual!
  6. Where are you getting that score? 750 sounds too high! I see you have paid down your Cap One, but the rest seems to be mostly unchanged, from 6 months ago... this concerns me. I think I should leave this to the professionals. Kat, 750 is my latest FICO score from Barclays, you receive it for free. I hear you...in my opinion it is two lines (DFCU Visa and Line of credit) that are the real killers. I guess my frustrated part of me is thinking why offer a BT card in the first place? Aren't they designed for situations like mine? Oh well, I think I may have to go the HELOC route and use some $$$ to pay this debt down. I would chip away if I didn't need a new roof on the house, a necessary job here in the Boston area and winter rolling around. Oh well, I just have to stick to my "never say never" attitude and I will let you guys know what happens. Thanks for the advice, it is appreciated!
  7. Hi, After a several months of credit repair and professional persistence, the last one being getting Ocwen (yes...Ocwen) to remove a 30-day baddie, I got my real FICO score to 750. The only negative is my utilization on one card, is close to 90%. It is a 12K limit with an 11K balance with a local credit union. Try as I might, I just could never get it down. We have two kids in college and need about 12K in home repairs, so paying it down has been hard. We are going to apply for a HELOC for the home repairs. They are major (roof, gutters, driveway) and not the kind where I can just open my checkbook and pay. So, I am thinking of applying for a CC that has a good balance transfer policy. My priorities for CC is good BT, low rate, decent limit. I am not into paying annual fees to use a card and sky miles are not important. Would a Chase Slate card be obtainable? I figure I could transfer some of that balance.
  8. Thank you, Thank You!. I sent the first letter to Ronald Faris, the Pres and CEO. Then a few weeks later I sent another letter to Michael Bourque, the CFO. Within a few weeks, they corrected all three CRAs on the wife and I.
  9. Well, since it was not Fidelity's mistake, I doubt I would get a letter from them. Sounds like with OCWEN I have a better chance of dating Kate Beckinsale Well, oh ye of little faith...better get me Kate's number! I guess there is a first for everything. Ocwen did GW my 30 day late. You may want to revise your advice going forward.
  10. Sean - I know some of the folks will tell you that CrapOne will not take any positive action on your GW letter unless it is their fault. All I can tell you is I got a 30 day late deleted...yes, deleted from a certain mortgage company that everyone said would never, respond to a GW to delete letter. I didn't have to agree to auto payments or anything. Like a lot situations on rebuilding credit, a certain amount of "professional persistence" helps. I do not have not big secret formula, all I can tell you is I created a pretty good letter, where I took responsibility for the oversight. I then had a list of all the execs and their bios. I did a little further research on Linkedin to see if there was any connection to my network. If there was I made a note of it. A couple of the execs attended Holy Cross, where my niece attends. I made sure I made a short mention of how good of a college it was..my niece attends, etc...I am not sure if this helped but it certainly didn't hurt. I then made sure I used good, off-white paper and matching envelope to print the letter (make it stand out from other correspondence) I then sent it off to the Exec 1, wait a few weeks, then Exec 2, etc...By the second letter, they took it off for all three reports for me and the wife. I guess in summary, my advice is don't take no for an answer, create a nice, personal letter that says "I made a mistake, my bad, 99% of the time I am a good customer, I am a loyal customer, will you help me out here?" be creative, use regular mail, if it doesn't work, redo and keep at until it does!
  11. Thanks for the answer, will get started. Thanks again!
  12. Been a member for a while and appreciate all the great advice and guidance. I just got done with the last negative on my report. Now I need to work on the wife's. I think I have read similar stories to mine on this forum So, basic question is this...She has a few 30 day lates within the last year. I have done the GW route before with great success with our mortgage company. In a case like Eddie Bauer, do you send the GW letter to an Exec with the bank or the retailer?
  13. A couple of things: Consider doing it by snail mail instead of e-mail. It will stand out from the rest. I did get a 30 day late amended from Sallie Mae several years ago without a GW letter. I just kept disputing and it got amended. Don't let anyone tell you GW letters and professional persistence won't work. Supposedly one of the toughest creditors on getting A GW letter to work did work for me.

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