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  1. Should I cancel my Smart Credit premium subscription? I'm in Indiana if it makes any difference.
  2. OC paid, still pending a reply. No collections reporting. My HR dept where I work will not let me drop coverage on her without proof of new coverage. Her guardians refused to provide this to me, and they are actively using the insurance. I asked the Insurance Co. to send her patient profile for the past year. She was just in the hospital again this April. The Custody Decree says they are to seek insurance for her 'if available'. I'm having trouble interpreting the patient profile, but it looks like there was about 15k owed in 'coinsurance' and 'copays'. Total amount billed was appx 46k. I'm going to begin following your other instructions from the last post. Can I ask the insurance to do this retroactively, or would it only apply to future claims?
  3. I finally received the statement. It arrived in an envelope with the letterhead of a hospital in Louisiana. It looks like an invoice to my untrained eye, but it's not a medical bill. At the bottom it says: 02/11/14 STMT COLL EVT #1 SEQ #4 PRINTED below that it says: OTH.1 0.00 SP 50.00 It looks like they are saying I owe them $50. At the top of the letter it says "Guar <my social security number>". I take it this means I'm the "guarantor"? $50 is not much money, but I'm afraid that if I pay it then it would be an admission to owing the money...which could mean they could send me MORE bills. I'm also afraid they will send it to a collection agency. I've been getting more phone calls that I have missed, but when I look the phone number up on google it is medical billing collection agencies. At least 3 different agencies. For right now my credit reports are squeaky clean. I'm not sure at this point if I should proceed with the HIPAA letter program, ignore them, or send them my wife's divorce decree/custody agreement showing that my step-daughter's father is responsible for any medical bills beyond what insurance did not cover.
  4. $75? How'd you pull that off? (no pun intended) Every time I go in for a tooth extraction it costs at least double that, but typically around $200 without insurance. Maybe I just look like a sucker.
  5. I am her stepfather, but have no type of custody (never have) unless there is some state or federal law that gives me some form of custody by way of marriage to her mother that I'm not aware of. I'm still waiting on a letter from the medical billing office that called. As you've advised I'm going to get any documentation I can. I do have a few paper statements from my insurance company showing what they have paid and what was not paid, but not all of them by any means.
  6. I apologize if I seem cold and uncaring, and I agree that this child does need continued medical coverage and medical care. She is still on my insurance, but now has insurance through her grandparents that she lives with. I plan to drop her from my health insurance during the next open enrollment. None of the contact I've had so far has been with any collection agencies, and so far my reports are clean. These debts are still being held by their respective healthcare organizations so far as I can tell. My wife found her Amended Custody Decree. For the time frame in question it states that my wife and I were responsible for insurance coverage and that her father is responsible for 100% of what insurance does not cover. Would it be appropriate to send a copy of the Custody Decree to the billing office that called? They already had my address and I asked them to send me a letter for any further correspondence. Hopefully I haven't screwed up yet.
  7. I have two step-daughters and one of them is a sociopath (I will refer to her as 'Alice'. This is not her name.). My wife and I have custody of both girls starting in 2012 and they are covered under my insurance. We could no longer keep Alice under our care because she was threatening to kill my younger children. Alice's father took her, and a new custody document was drawn up: he takes custody of her, does not pay child support to my wife. We continue to cover Alice under my insurance, and her father is responsible for any medical bills beyond what insurance does not cover. Alice's father lives in another state. Over the course of 2013 under the care of her father, Alice spent a great deal of time in 72 hour holds and multiple inpatient stays at psychiatric care facilities. She was taken away in an ambulance during this time due to feigning illness. Alice's father told us that he could no longer take care of her either...he sent her to live with other family members but this didn't work out either. Alice is still covered under my insurance and now lives with her Grandparents in another state. She is still not doing well, but I think she will be able to stay with her Grandparents. I am getting calls from "Medical Billing Offices" about debts that have gone unpaid during Alice's stay with her father in 2013. Alice's father told us that these bills are in the 10's of thousands of dollars and he simply cannot pay them. My wife and I did not agree to pay these medical bills. She was not under our care when these bills were accrued. Neither I nor my wife had any control over her medical care while she was with her father. The medical billing offices are calling me (not my wife) because the insurance is under my name. Am I responsible for these bills? I have been told that these bills will soon go to collections. I cannot pay them. So far the only action I have taken is to answer these phone calls and ask the medical billing offices to forward these communications in writing. I'm expecting a letter any day now.
  8. I wonder how this will affect the AMEX promotional offer?
  9. My wife and I went with a local CU and got our highest limit yet: $10k. She has a thin file and both of us are in the low 700s.
  10. This has been discussed in the past. Paying mortgage and/or utility bills with CCs for reward dollars/points. Are there any options now that are worth it? Do the credit card companies get upset with people about this? I've found a couple of sites that - for a fee - will pay your utility/mortgage for you if you pay them the amount due with your credit card. If this is a waste of time please let me know.
  11. My wife signed and NDA, but I did not. I hope this helps others that are scammed by TCN. We did a better business bureau dispute and it was resolved with TCN agreeing to pay off the loan. If my wife were to speak publicly about this, TCN could take legal action against her. Important: Your BBB dispute must be carefully worded. Put emphasis on the fact that you thought you were signing up for college courses with an accredited institution and then later found out that they are a publishing company. They cleverly hide this information in the contract. A State AG could probably rip them apart, and the must know this.
  12. Exactly. I'm still not understanding the OPs problem (Not being difficult, I swear. I'm still having coffee and this often affects comprehension for me). You start every given day/week/month with cards with zero balances. You pick one that you havent' used in awhile, put gas on it this week so you have SOME utilization of SOME kind going on. Pay it off on payday. Use cash for everything else (cash has no interest so problem solved). Not sure what the problem is, unless OP is trying very hard to run every dollar thru cards to net as much rewards as possible, in which case put your recurring household bills on cards and then set up autopay thru your bank - you never have to think twice about when/how they get paid. Just don't carry balances whatever you do. I know I'm missing something, and when ti's explained to me I'll be embarassed but posting along the way to say "hey I don't get this" is how people learn where society's sticking points are, and what the people as a community should be better educated on. Or something. (ETA: I think "rich" and my husband thinks "poor" - which is why our scores have such a massive difference to them despite being married 20+ years. I think "can I pay this off the second I leave the cash register? No? Do not want." and my husband thinks "will I ever in my lifetime make as much money as this costs? Yes? Then I can afford it! BUY AND BUY NOWOMG HURRYHURRY NEWSTUFF RAWRRRRRRRRR". I do not like "broke at a higher income level", personally.) If you don't understand this problem it means you are naturally better at handling credit cards than I am. Whatever you use, whether it be a spreadsheet, quicken, YNAB, Mint, or something else it doesn't matter as long as you know how are not overspending. You might be amazed at how many people this problem applies to. I understand your need for a better explanation. It is an income/spending problem (for me). We have slightly more income than we do expenses, so there is not much room for error. We're working on fixing that, but when you're living on the edge like this and have holes in your shoes....you have to ask yourself the question: can I buy shoes right now? I feel like I'm being unreasonable here, but I promise you I'm posting this with the utmost of humility. It seems like I'm explaining away my 'overspending', but I'm really not. We haven't been to a restaurant in a long time and go to Salvation Army to buy clothes (there's actually alot of good stuff there). The wife and I are working on making the gap between our income and our expenses larger, but in the mean time YNAB helps us paint a very clear picture of how much we have. If it's relevant we have about $300 left over every month after gas, groceries, all bills, prescriptions, and medical co-pays. What's killing us is a combination of student loans, orthodontist payment, and child support. Honestly I'm a little embarassed for saying all of this.
  13. $7000 Just like you said, I didn't need to talk to anyone. The onlne version doesn't tell the CL.
  14. I am sitting here on pins and needles From the very beginning of my credit journey, the card I have always wanted was the Amex Blue Cash. I've been through 6 denials for this card in the past 2 years. And today I have been approved!!!! They sent me an approval email with a ref #, but didn't tell me the limit...and I can't set up the online account without the card # which will be mailed to me in 7-10 days. Is there any way to find out what the limit is without calling them? I am ecstatic.
  15. Some of you who are more financially savvy than I are amazed that I (or anybody) needs an application like this that costs $60 so that we live within our means. Most of you who are doing well without something like Mint or YNAB mentioned using a spreadsheet. A few years back I tried to do that. Maybe if you were sitting there with me helping me to figure out HOW to use the spreadsheet I would have succeeded. I was overcomplicating it and would introduce very simple math errors that threw the whole thing off. Simple things like how interest is calculated messed up my efforts....or coordinating purchases with my spouse. And tracking across multiple accounts. You know how YNAB manages interest? It's so stupidly simple and could be applied in a spreadsheet just as easily. YNAB has you put in the interest charge (if you are a schmuck like me that was paying interest) as a transaction after the charge goes through. So simple, but it never occured to me to input it that way. For me YNAB is like the smart parent that wants their kid to grow up and not be poor. And I didn't get this until I was....31 freaking years old. My parents have always failed at managing money, so how could they teach me? If I for whatever reason suddenly didn't have YNAB anymore, I would be fine. YNAB taught me what I need to know to never have a problem with budgeting again.

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