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  1. I did not get a dunning notice. I got a credit alert that the collection is there as of today. When I called the CA they said they only had an old address. I sent DV today. Would this be considered timely?
  2. GOTCHA. Will be back in a month or so and let ya know Gracias
  3. Is AH a negative term for what I think it is? I'm going on as if it is... YES! I sent the medical DV letter. I NEVER got the green card back....how is that possible? (I followed your recommendations to a T. I sent the intial HIPAA and EX deleted and TU and EQ won't.)
  4. The judgment was deleted. *thanks to the info I learned from you!! I will let it rest. I'm hoping this guy retires at some point before 2016 as if he's around, this collection is around. Bummer of it all - this is the most recent baddie and the last to fall off. Oh well. I'm the one that didn't pay the bill.
  5. Hi Whychat. I sent the CA CMRRR the letter you listed above. Instead of getting the green card back, I got this letter. Maybe the CA beat the Post Office?? Dear_________: "I am in receipt of your letter dated 2/23/12 alleging violation of multiple Federal Acts and demanding documentation. Be advised that the prevailing authorities are 15 U.S.C. 1692 and 15 U.S. C 1681. (PL 104-191 does not address credit reporting issues). Specifically 15 U.S.C. 1692 provides for verifcation and validation of debts by collectors and 15 U.S.C. 1681s-2 provides for responsibility of furnishers of information to the credit bureaus. I would recommend you review these authorities prior to sending us your NEXT demand to remove your paid collections so as not to misconstrue their meaning or application. Be advised that our file is well documented regarding the communications related to the paid account. I have reviewed those notes and actions and find everything to be in order. We have received multiple notices from the credit bureau's related to your ongoing attempt to have the information erased from your reports. Be advised that it would be considered unethical and a violation of our agreement with the credit bureaus to erase paid accounts." End of letter. He didn't even mention HIPAA at all. I don't know where to go from here. I have GW'd this account TO DEATH and continue to get his replies that it is a violation of their agreement and he won't budge. I've talked to him on the phone. He's an old codger who won't give. Thanks in advance. I guess I should just wait for the RR and send the CRA letter with the RR? But they'll just forward it on to him.......again......
  6. Care to post details? I used his not recorded/rendered letter and it was verified by all 3.. finally got a deletion with EX using a different method. The night I read the thread written by Whychat, I went to my court's online system and couldn't find myself. Got me thinking.....last June I had mailed a letter to the judge along with a "motion to vacate" form I had found online. The letter was "I'm sorry, I did it, I'll never do it again, please let me move on and get this off my reports." The judge vacated it at that time. I never heard back so I figured she(judge) threw it in the garbage! I would have lived w/ that judgment for the next 6 years if I hadn't have read that post. I'm hoping others try what I tried. I seriously doubt this is a true miracle or one time occurance. I think judges hate rotten CA's as much as we all do.
  7. Today I finally got the guts to mail that letter to the attorney's office (Judgment vacated, please remove accounts, or I'll take to an attorney). I also have decided to take my newfound guts to small claims and file suit against them for 8,000 - 8 violations - 4 accounts on EQ and 4 accounts on EX that are not mine and I can prove it. (I can prove I tried everything to work w/ them to solve this to no avail). IS THERE ANYTHING THEY CAN DO TO RETALIATE AGAINST ME OR MY FAMILY OR MY CREDIT IF I TRY TO SUE THEM?
  8. YEP bk friendly. Got approved for 400 and they luv'd me up to 800 w/o asking after 3 months. DH got approved for only 250. BK 2005. GEMB money must be in a good mood bc JCP upped me 1000.00 as did carecredit. I've been beggin them both for over 6 months!
  9. I thought Whychat was a girl? Just wanna plug Whychat's judgment info here - If it wasn't for him/her, I'd still be sitting with a judgment on all 3 reports! I love WHYCHAT, WHOEVER You Are !!!
  10. Thanks for the information. I had no idea we could ask this.
  11. After we refi'd our vehicle, they sent us a Thank you card that was handwritten. However, the card was addressed only to DH! It was a joint account.
  12. Does anyone have any proven information on which TU FICO Walmart is giving out?
  13. Are you saying that the Walmart FICO is the TU 04?
  14. Equifax has sent me THREE faxes requesting my DL, SSN, and utility bill. I have faxed this every time they ask. i am keeping a paper trail of all of these requests and my faxes back. I am going to wait until they decide what they are going to do - if they do nothing, then the attorney letter. if they do nothing, then FTC. Can I FTC complain the CA, too? Since they're gone from TU, if I can get EQ to remove, I'll just leave them on EX until I get rejuvinated to continue the fight. Seems no one uses EX and that score is the highest. They're wearing me down and I'm getting fed up.
  15. Should I send the letter to the attorney as you told me to do initially? Or since I have no case, i should just try fighting it w/ the EQ and EX?

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