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  1. That’s pretty dumb to put $100K in a BoA checking or savings account at virtually 0% APY. 😛 I think CV meant 2.625%.
  2. My credit union (NFCU) is so amateur that account information has been unavailable for hours now.
  3. I'm sure Dave wants her to drop out of school while she pays off this debt.
  4. Bob Wang has been holding me hostage in the trunk of his car.
  5. Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been busy but hope to start posting here again more often. Real life has been busy. Not that anyone cares, but I figured I'd put it out there.
  6. I didn't try it. For longer excursions on DB, I booked in their office though because we wanted reserved 1st class seats.
  7. Heading home tomorrow and my observations in the previous post are still the same. I would give it a thumbs down for acceptance. There was more Amex acceptance than the last time I was here, and I didn’t see any single network places this time. The number of cash only places is shrinking, although don’t count on a taxi accepting cards.
  8. So almost a week in and no Discover card symbols, some partner networks like JCB, but not regular acceptance. Although I would not rely on Amex only, they are far more common than any Discover partner network. As a side note, anyone into sushi and Japanese whisky needs to check out Sushi + Soul in Munich if you are here. It was a surprise find when taking a break from beer and looking for a whisky bar.
  9. I have eaten in 2 restaurants, used an ATM, used a money exchange business (to ensure I had a few Euros), bought a train ticket and also made purchases in several small stores. I have not seen a Discover card logo, or any other partner network, anywhere. To be fair, my C$P did not work in the machine buying my train ticket and I had to use my debit card. I have seen Amex logos everywhere though.
  10. Still no Discover lounge at DFW. The Centurion Lounge is still closed while they complete the new location. I have lounge access from Priority Pass with a couple cards including C$R, bit opted for a restaurant instead. “The Club” was crowded and I’m not moving from the bar where I am now.
  11. Most of my trip will be in Munich BECAUSE of Oktoberfest!

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