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  1. What is too many inquiries? I have: 12 Experian, 12 Transunion, and 8 Equifax. What do you have?
  2. Is Suntrust considered a prime card? Im debating on applying for their cash card....
  3. I cold applied. Just went to their website and applied. No offer in the mail.
  4. Just got approved for $3k Visa from BB&T. How are they on reconsideration of starting credit lines? I want a CL of at least $6k... Is there a backdoor number to UW?
  5. What are the down falls of overstating your income on a credit card application? I only see getting larger limits as a plus...
  6. My Fico is 767, and I have 8 inquiries. I want to apply for the Bank of Americard. What kind of limits do they give? I am looking for anything above $10k... Do you think I can get it?
  7. My Total income is $19200 Total credit card CL $120900...
  8. Why did I get this card? I have no reason for it... <------kicking myself
  9. I received my Blispay Visa in the mail today. It came with no terms, or info. I called and had it activated. I asked for a credit limit increase and the CSR stated that this account has no CLI possibilities as of right now. I also asked for my PIN number for cash advances and was told that there is no option for cash advances on this card. Mine you my CL is $7500...
  10. Do you use the Mint program for your finances? Do you have a Blispay account? Currently Mint doesn't support Blispay, but they will add it to their list if they get enough request from users. If you use Mint and have a Blispay Visa, then request for them to add Blispay to their list of financial institutions...
  11. Blispay is accepting applications again. Just got approved for $7.5k......yay
  12. Does Cap One still pull all 3 CRA's?

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