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  1. The HIPAA process is what I did. They never validated, and the CRA's responded verified. I was told by a lawyer to attempt the BBB route before filing a suit to have more ammo against them.
  2. I am pretty sure I could not wear it again, my crazy brain would create phantom "doggie" smells. At least they found it, that is a nice sized rock!
  3. *Welcome OP! I am right there with you. I turn 30 this year and I have decided that my New Year's resolution is to fix all the mistakes I made financially in my 20s and hopefully get a house this year as well. When I first started here last Fall my scores were in the low 500s, I now have one that is 663! The first thing I did was read all of the Psychdoc tutorials. Those things helped a lot. One of the things he tells you is how to get your three credit reports and start organizing them. I have an entire filing cabinet devoted to credit repair and one file iis nothing but credit reports. A cheaper way to do that is to get an egg crate that will hold hanging file folders.I was able to get rid of two charged off credit cards from my credit reports by reading through there. Then I read Whychat's HIPAA letter process to get rid of some medical collections. After I did that I was able to get approved for an Orchard Bank card. Not the best one out there, but what I do is charge it, and then immediately go to the computer and pay it off. I keep it at a $0 balance to keep my credit scores high. You can have some balance on there, but I do not want to tempt myself by doing that! Good luck to you, it is a lot of work, but once you see your numbers rising, it is so exciting!
  4. Congrats! When I started in September mine was in the low 500s, now my lowest is in the lowest 600s, one is 626 and my highest is 663! I have taken a break the last month too, it was easy to do in the crazy month of Deember! Keep on chugging and maybe we both can have one of those success story posts!
  5. I bought stationary computer paper from Walmart and then used purple ink. I also took a highlighter to certain parts, hand wrote notes in the margin, anything that would mess up their computers! I was able to get rid of some of them doing that. A lot of the CAs that i dealt with backed down once I started to give them issues. Good luck to you! OK....Will do. QUESTIONS: This particular unpaid collection only shows on my Experian CR. I assume I'm only writing and sending one letter. Correct? Also, per the instructions, is Teal or Purple ink on white paper good or does the paper have to be a different shade of the ink? (Please don't laugh)
  6. I followed all of the steps to get rid of these ridiculous medical collections on my account. CFC claims I owe them a total of $2,708 collectively. My crediti reports all say these debts will stay on my report for at the very least 2014 because Central Financial Control updates the reporting date every few months. I complained to the BBB about them increasing the amounts on these collections, on them updating the reporting date, and on me never recieving any of their supposed letters. One of the bills is for a visit the month after I gave birth at a totally different hospital! So the BBB contacted me yesterday and said they responded and they need a response from me in order to close the complaint. They said on a few that they were unable to verify that CFC contacted me, so if I pay them that they will inform the CRAs to delete those collections. They also said that in others that they could verify it, so I had to pay those. What is my best method of reaction to this? Thank you! I have been lurking for months and have got great advice on other things, but these CFC people are really a pain!
  7. I have finally had it with the evil insurance company that has tried various reasons to not pay for my medical bills, including refusal because a name was spelled wrong, the hospital put down the wrong letter on a form, or they could not prove that my son, who came from a labor they paid for, was actually my son and covered by my insurance. That last one wanted me to pull out my hair. I argued with them on all of them, they stood their ground and turned the bills over to a collection agency when I refused to pay them. I sent off a letter with evidence to the insurance commissioner for my state. I do not know if anything will happen, but it sure made me feel good to write that insurance company at the same time and tell them that I was reporting them. I am curious if anyone else ever had to take it that far?
  8. I got so mad with TransUnion for a similar issue. I sent a letter stating my addresses were not current and/or never mine. I sent all of the required documentation and they responded back stating the address I was disputing was verified by a CA. I am not sure how they could verify an address I have NEVER lived at when I was providing them with real evidence that verified it was wrong. I think those people are the worst salamanders; the kind that does not care.
  9. I am not sure how to get the whole numbers, I am sure someone else does. What I did in those cases was say that the account starts with, and give the numbers I had, then give the rest of the informations, such as the reporting date, the balance, the name of the Collection Agency and the Original Creditor. Even without the full numbers that seemed to be enough and I got several medical accounts deleted.Good luck to you both!
  10. I did it and it is listed as paid, never late and in with my positive tradelines. I do not know what impact it has since it was not open very long, but since it is not hurting me, I am not doing anything about it.
  11. I was able to get some deleted, but they have kept a few of them. When you get to disputing things with them, make sure you pile on the evidense that proves that you are you (Drivers License, Social Security Card, Utility bill etc). They love to pull that nonsense about how they hink that there is someone illegally sending them letters in regards to your report. It is ridiculous and expensive to send CMRR and then have them toss your money in the trash with that response.
  12. And I know we plan to not let it get sub-par again. I second psychdoc's lessons. I read them over and over before I felt some of it start to stick. I still go over and read things over and over to try to learn more. Once you get the first thing removed you are going to feel like a rock star and will want to learn more!
  13. Horrible, absolutely horrible. The boyfriend deserves to be arrested too. What a couple of disgusting sickos.
  14. Deleting old addresses is definitely important. I had an account that was charged off in 2008 after my husband lost his job. It had not yet met the SOL, so I was nervous to do anything about it. I decided to risk it, and disputed it. The account was opened when I lived at a different address and I read online that this company does not keep great records. Thank God.The week after I disputed it, it was removed from all three bureaus. At the same time I had four medical accounts that were listing wrong numbers, so in one day my score rose 28 points.
  15. Agreed! I have a teenage daughter with a facebook page and it is private to her friends. Her dad and Know her password and we tell her that at any time we will go on her page and check out her wall and her friends. I do not do it as an invasion of her privacy, but to make sure she is not doing or saying anything that she is too naive to think is dangerous. This guy sounds like a horrible dad that is reactive instead of proactive.

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