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  1. I saw this on you tube and thought it was interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9Sx34swEG0
  2. Oops, didn't see the original thread.
  3. 728..down six from new inquiries.
  4. I just got one off of TU today that was due to drop off 3/14
  5. mbl280

    I feel lost...

    I actually had quite a bit more, but I trimmed off what I knew I would never use including a couple of CU and retail cards.
  6. mbl280

    I feel lost...

    Mental, This forum and its members will definitely help you climb the credit ladder. When I started my credit was a complete disaster, but thanks to CB and the wealth of knowledge here I've been able to greatly improve my credit profile.
  7. I've fixed up my reports and have all the cards listed in my signature...what the hell to do now!? The garden sounds so unpleasant...
  8. During my credit repair process I contacted the Chase EO regarding an old charge-off and like many others on here they agreed to delete it from my reports. A couple of days ago my EX fako jumped 15 points on USAA and I couldn't figure out why, but today I sat down and carefully looked through my account history and noticed that Chase had reinserted that account (closed) with a positive payment history...go Chase! I recently re-established my relationship with Chase with an auto loan (now refinanced with USAA), a CSP which I have used quite heavily and always PIF, and a Marriott Visa. Maybe I give them warm fuzzys now lol.
  9. I have the Marriott visa and so far I have nothing but positive experiences with it.
  10. I called in after getting approved under the 50k bonus offer and stated that I came across the 70k offer after applying. The CSR said they would put in a request to honor the 70k and viola...70k posted today!
  11. mbl280

    BOFA approval

    I'm definitely gardening for at least a year, but there aren't more cards out there that I want that I don't already have. My recent app spree was very successful.
  12. mbl280

    BOFA approval

    Holy fast! BofA is already reporting the tradeline and it's been two days since approval.
  13. I had been considering closing my Barclays Rewards (4k cl) and tonight decided to cut ties. In the wake of that I hopped on the computer and apped for the BankAmericard Cash Rewards and got an instant approval for 3500. Not a bad trade.

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