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  1. I was able to dispute mine off EQ after it was paid. I didn't do an online dispute. I sent in a Jack Attack and was able to get the judgment removed. However, for TU and EXP, I somehow got those removed by disputing them before they were paid. Guess I got lucky.
  2. DId you actually pay the debt that was being reported to Teletrack? I did not pay the debt that was owed. From my understanding, the freeze stops Amex from pulling a TeleTeack report. So then their decision is based on your Experian report (or in my case, they pulled all 3 CRA's).
  3. I kept getting denied by Amex for the same reason. Had two payday loans on my Teletrack report. I requested a freeze to my Teletrack report and applied for the green card and was immediately approved.
  4. Did you apply online or in the store???? Citi always pulls EX for me on the East Coast....hmmmmm....if I knew they would pull EQ I may eve napp for this card.... Here is my Home Depot story. Back in June, applied online. Since I had a fraud alert on my EQ report, they asked me to call in. Once I called in and verified info, they approved me for $500. Later that day, I called back and asked for a CLI to $5K. Approved. About a week later, I went into the store to request another increase. The cashier verified my infotrmation and called Citi to request the increase. They asked to speak to me. I told them I wanted an increase to $10K. After a few minutes, the Citi rep let me know that I was approved for $11K. They pulled EQ for me. I'm in IL. It was a second hard pull to get the limit to $11K. My EQ at the time was in the 680 range.
  5. Inspired by this thread, I called to get increases on my GEMB cards. Here are my results: Walmart: increased from $1800 to $6k Old navy: increased from $600 to $1400 ( rep said this is the max for the store card. Could that mean a visa upgrade is coming soon?) Amazon store card: increased from $950 to $3k Lowes: increased from $3k to $10k Glad I found this thread. Can anyone shed some light on the old navy store card. Is there really a $1400 cap on this card, or was the GEMB rep giving me lip service to not ask for more?
  6. I just called them and the rep advised that I had to call back tomorrow because their systems are down. Huge sigh of relief lol
  7. You're not kidding Gaby!!! Same thing with old navy. I requested a cli after 4 months and they declined that as well. I'm not sure what is going on with GEMB. Maybe they're tightening up with their cli.
  8. Does anyone have that phone number handy? I would like to call them.
  9. Congrats on the increase. I took a chance and called in for a CLI. I had a $2k limit before the call. I gave my info thru the automated system and was automatically transferred to a rep. I asked if she could increase my limit to $6k. Approved. So then I figured I would try to get a CLI on my $1800 Wally card. Denied lol. So who knows GEMB's rhyme or reason.
  10. I would recommend you go to a Home Depot store and ask for a CLI. When I did that, I went from $5K to $11K. And since you're at the store, they can verify your identity right there.
  11. I apped online and had to call in due to a fraud alert on EQ. I called in and was approved for a measley $500. I immediately asked for an increase to $5K and they gave it to me. A few days later I went to HD and asked for another increase to $10K. They gave me $11K. But it was a second hard pull. Dont be afraid to ask for more than they offer,
  12. I've had my card since December 2011 and I paid off my balance before the 6 month mark. I just called and they bumped me from $1,000 to $2,200. Thanks for the advice. I wouldn't have thought to call otherwise.
  13. Thanks to all the help I received on this board over the past year, I apped for home depot, had to call in since I have a fraud alert on EQ and was approved for $500. I asked them to bump me up to $5k. Approved for $5k. A few days later I went to the store and asked for another increase. Spoke to a citi rep and asked for $10k. Approved for $11k. I couldn't believe it. Now I have a question. My brother (Rob G. here on cb) is starting in his repair and has low limit cards. If I add him as an AU, will that help him get higher limit cards into future or will it not help him since he would be an AU. Any help is appreciated!!
  14. I'm currently in IL but lived in NY at the time of the debt.
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