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  1. I bet you could try to do a recon after the fact for a lower level card. I don't see why they would say no.
  2. Just called the Chase recon line regarding my Sapphire Preferred application. Called up and spoke to a really nice gentleman for about 15 minutes. I had a security freeze on Experian and I gave him the pin to lift that. He asked me a few questions about my BK in 2010. He asked about my mortgage and income. Then put me on hold for about five minutes and came back saying that he had to send it up the ladder for further review because of the BK. He said in 7-10 business days I would either get my card in the mail or an explanation for the decline. I asked him what his thoughts were and he said he was satisfied and he had been doing it for a long time and he had was good at reading credit... but yet it was forwarded for further review. Anybody get this message before? I really need to stop applying for cards!
  3. Discover Card declined me. Go figure.... Tried a recon and the guy was super rude. "You have a bankruptcy and that's why you are declined sir. There is nothing I can do about that."
  4. Yes and had no offers. I did burn Citi in my BK though... Also, let me say this... if there is anything I can give back to these boards on how I got to where I am, it's this: I started with a $5k secured card with Navy Federal. While I had that, I also put $10k in a savings account and never the account go below $10k. As soon as the $5k card started reporting to my credit, I apped a few other local credit unions and was approved for small limits (1500 - 3000). After a year on the Navy Federal Secured, they released the funds from the secured card and doubled my starter limit to $10k. I converted that card to a Flagship Rewards card. Then I used it for a solid year and ran pretty much everything through that card while paying in full every single month. At the end of the year I asked for a massive CLI on Navy Fed and they countered with $55k. After that I CLI'd my CU accounts and reconned whatever they countered with by phone to get even more. After all, having a card with 55k limit, it doesn't make sense to keep cards with piddly limits right? I told them that the reason I didn't use their cards that much was the low limits, but that I had run $30k through my Navy Fed card. That's when I got them up to $20k. Now with several cards with good limits, I did this last mini app spree and I got approved for $50k from Pen, $30k Nasa, $30k Cap 1 Venture, and possibly a Discover IT. Having that one card with a big limit and keeping the focus on that one card is how I now have over a quarter million dollars in available revolving credit in four years out of BK. Actually it's 3 years 10 mo (12/10). To anybody out there in my situation, concentrate on a plan that focuses more on getting as high a limit on one card as you can so you can get some leverage rather than apping and spreading it out amongst a bunch of tiny cards. Remember, people like to be like other people. When you have an analyst look at your bureaus and they see six or seven cards with 2-3k limits, where are they going to hit you? Now take that same analyst and they look and see some pretty high limits with no derogs and PIF every month, are they going to insult you with a teeny limit? Probably not. Also, that Cap1 card I applied for was an auto approve with a 30k limit. The computers (I'm guessing) will decide where to hit your limit at based on what other cards you have as well. Good luck all and thanks CB for the help.
  5. I've read before to leave old chargeoffs be because they could drop your score... If you say it will help then I will try to get it done. I tried to get them removed a couple of years ago but they came back verified. I'll have to do some more research to see how I can get it off my report. I *highly* doubt I could get an Amex card right now. I have yet to see someone with such a fresh BK get one. Wonder if I should just take one for the team and try anyway. I will say this, I can't wait to get one or two because I had an account that I opened in 99 that was closed on good terms. So if I can get two of those, backdate the accounts, then get myself off the AU account that I have. That's my ace in the hole.
  6. Little backstory. Had a BK in 2010 and have since then been working to crawl out of it. Scores hovering in low 720's across the board. Have two BOFA chargeoffs from '09 (accounts opened in 2002) and the BK. Report is otherwise clean. Also have a Crap 1 card that I got after the BK in 2010 that is showing open for 5 months with a 1k limit that I closed. Have a good job now that pays $160k a year and have made some inroads on building up some credit lines. I'm just not sure what to do now. Cards: Navy Federal Flagship / $55k limit / Opened 9/11 Navy Federal LOC / $10k limit / Opened 12/11 Penfed Visa Platinum Rewards / $50k limit / Opened 10/14 Cap 1 Venture Card Travel / $30k limit / Opened 10/14 Nasa Cashback / $30k limit / Opened 10/14 Randolph Brooks Low Interest Card / $20k limit / Opened 11/11 University Federal / $20k limit / Opened 12/11 Security Services Travel Rewards / $20k limit / Opened 5/14 Authorized user on Amex / $30k limit / Opened 6/2000 (keeping for AAOA) Discover IT / ??? / Apped 10/14 still pending Auto loan for my car that is showing 25k balance from 33k borrowed. Four or five inquiries per bureau. My question is... what do I do now? Do I leave the chargeoffs be? Do I leave that low limit Cap 1 card that I only had open for five months be or should I try to remove it? Besides B* what is my next plan of attack? I want to get into the high 700's. Is this possible with the BK on there? I've done hundreds of hours of reading on here but would appreciate some custom tailored advice based on my situation. Thanks!
  7. My Randolph Brooks card has a 5.7% fixed. I got it about two years ago. Not sure what they're offering now but they I do know they still offer a low APR card.
  8. I started with NFCU with a 5k secured card that became unsecured after one year and they released my funds and let me have a Flagship rewards card that they automatically doubled to 10k. When I asked for a CLI (after about a year of keeping my savings account balance at a steady $10k while PIF every month and running a couple thousand through it every month) I went for 60k. I thought it was a crazy request but they countered with $55k! It's my biggest limit card but that opened the door for me to app some of my other credit unions and none of them approved me for less than $15k. My cards are now 15k, 15k, 20k, 55k. Have a bk 7 from 2010 and two chargeoffs from before that still reporting. Otherwise clean.
  9. Apparently the footer at the end of the letter I posted didn't make it into the post. This is it: . The dealer's "permissible purpose" here is provided by Section 604(a)(3)(A), which permits the use of consumer reports in connection with a credit transaction involving the consumer. Unfortunately, and I'm not sure I agree with it, but it does give permissible purpose. "If the check bounces from my bank i would be responsible for paying them $.60 a mile and $100 a day on the car" certainly sounds like a credit transaction to me, albeit one which is contingent on the bank's check bouncing (or being a forgery, or whatever). The dealership doesn't know who you are. If you're willing to bounce a check on a car who is to say you're going to be rushing back to pay them the penalties. I've bought a ton of cars and what it boils down to is that you can't expect them to give you a $XX,000 car and flipping you the keys without knowing who you are while taking a paper check. I'm sure you're a fine person but there are many, many people out there that are not. I've run businesses in the past and I understand the logic behind it and don't really think twice about it. Now, if you were willing to wait a week or two for the funds to clear then I believe that no credit check would be needed but who wants to wait that long?
  10. I have been trying! There is so much information out there.... been reading and searching about it for like 4 days straight now. I've asked XL to start a new thread with the Equifax softs that count. Should help you out. Ok read the soft counts thread... coming up with 44.... sound good?
  11. I have been trying! There is so much information out there.... been reading and searching about it for like 4 days straight now.
  12. No that's way too many. Is there a good link where I can learn the right way to count? The problem is I have no idea what counts and what doesn't. edit: I also tried that new counter but I can't get the formatting right. It keeps coming up with zeros across the board.
  13. Can someone please help me decipher where I'm really at here? I don't know how to count these softs accurately. Thanks!
  14. I added: -This account is showing to be charged off in both September of 2009 and again in October of 2011. This is incorrect. Please correct or delete this.
  15. So is it true that an account cannot be showing as charged off twice?

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