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  1. Can't seem to find the information I'm looking for through search so ill ask. I'm already a member of psecu and was wondering how do I apply for the combo? I keep hearing about it. What I do know is its a psl and cc. Can't find anything on there website about applying for it. Any hep would be appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, so I have a couple questions. My uncle (who has a perfect credit score) is willing to add me as an AU on a few of his accounts. He has several cards with huge CL and always low UTI. Currently my UTI is around 59%. I was wondering, if he adds me how long before I see the TL's pop up? Also will I see enough of a scor increase and drop in UTI to app for some of my own cards? Not quite sure exactly how AU works. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok so I had a Walmart pre-qualified envelope lying around and decided to pick it up and try. I was declined last year for it. So I entered all the info and a couple seconds later "congratulations etc". Didn't tell me what my credit limit was tho. Next I signed into my amazon store card and clicked the request for cli and got an extra $400. Tried apping for citi simplicity but was turned down. My uti is up around 57% as I had a bunch of things come up all at once. Any opinion on if I should try apping for something else or sit back and get my uti lowered? In the past month I had auto
  4. Clean bad...Add good... You WILL get there! Lots of good people here to help.
  5. APPROVING BANK: Wells Fargo BUREAU PULLED: TU CREDIT SCORE: 688 Fico CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: NJ NEW/USED: Used YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2008 MILEAGE: 88,000 RETAIL/LEASE: Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN:17,800 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED:60 months APR/LEASE RATE:9.99 MONTHLY PAYMENT: $390.00 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: traded in a 2012 hyundai sonata that i was upside down in. sonata was valued at $14,900 as a trade in price from kbb. I owed 17,100 Dealer gave me what kbb said it was worth. the car i purchased was listed at 14,800. the left over amount was put on the car loan.
  6. From my experience they wont send your ss# with the information. Keep that in mind. Thats how i had my judgement removed from all 3
  7. Best way to loss weight is diet. No matter what you do diet is the only way. Working out alone isnt going to do it. You said you run a lot at the gym? Try some weight training. it doesnt have to be a lot of weight and nothing to bulk you up but you loss more weight with weight training then cardio.
  8. I don't see anything easy about that. You're talking a complete overhaul of software in many places, a week before the election. The poll workers at the local volunteer fire department polling station in small town Tennessee aren't equipped to take your vote for the top four candidates you want in the local school board in your town in Maryland. Even if you restrict it to the presidential election, I'd be wary of trusting local people to correctly submit paper ballots back to other states, particularly if they don't like the votes. Yeah I thought about that too.. that some of the smalle
  9. I would wait until you get the card in the mail. Then when you call in to activate ask for it then.
  10. Mail them a letter stating you will pay the debt in full if they will remove there negative listing. Its a simple pfd. Most collections will do that because they want to get paid. Ive been sucessful with my wifes negative listings doing that.
  11. Check your local laws. I kno here they cant refuse service to the elderly and people with children in there household.
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