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  1. Hi I need some help. I’ve been contacted by Resurgent and they are being pretty agresive in their communications threatening legal action. And I’m not sure if this crosses the line and what to do if it does. i should note: I’m judgement proof because I’ve been unable to work for 4 + years, am on SSDI, that money goes into the SSDI payment account where no other money can be added to, I’ve unfortunately had to spend down all my savings during the fight to get ssdi, and the last account I have is going to be spent down next week; I never keep more than a months worthy of benefits in the account. I own my condo, and one car . I also have a bankruptcy on my history until 2024. Because of a tax issue, even if I would pay enough to get a refund it’s going to the government for 10 years, Im not opposed to pay for delete but I can’t do that right now because of my income. I have several other collections accounts but they aren’t threatening to sue me. this is their latest email, https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmje5w3ff1ndsiy/Photo Jan 29%2C 10 57 33 AM.jpg?dl=0
  2. That's one of the first threads I read but couldn't figure out what the majority advice was. Based on the thread, I know they are prone to sue, but if it gets to the specified CA they are easy to deal with and I know I'd end up with the negative accounts on my CR. Which would ultimately fall off before my bankruptcy does because of the timing.
  3. They haven't - I just happened to pull my report to see where things were and they were listed as charged off as of this month . I just used the "free' fingerhut Fico score and I'm high 500's.
  4. I need advice, I have done some reading and I know Capital One can be aggressive. I just had two accounts get charged off. They are not listed with a CA yet. What do I do? I have some money that I could try to pay them with (the full amount around $6000). I just don't want to wake a sleeping bear. I also have a bankruptcy on my records so my credit is still pretty much in the dumps at this point. I just don't want to get sued or have it get any worse.
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