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  1. My TU FICO is 58 points higher than my CK score.
  2. Been sitting on this for awhile. Judgment and all collections gone. Most inquiries are gone -- still have 3 left on EQ because I gave up on b* after the death of EC, and of course Experian still has inquiries.Two C/Os left on all 3 bureaus, one settled, one sold, so at least they both report as zero. Tried Jack Attacking with zero success -- both companies updated and GECRB actually added more recent derog updates. EQ was also reporting lates and collection activity on one student loan which was returned to good standing and then changed ownership -- I got the lates removed but there are still two months of CA reporting, tried having that removed and couldn't get it off -- pretty sure that's there to stay, but it's about 5 years old so that's the least of my worries. If I do nothing, the C/O are scheduled to fall off summer 2015, so I figure I'll dispute as obsolete in January. I could try GW -- one is with BofA, though, which I have heard is impossible to GW. What about the GECRB? I do have current credit with them. Any ideas? I am pretty happy with what I've done, I gained 150 points in a few months and now have decent credit, so if I can't get them off, it's not the end of the world.
  3. Some people have to learn the hard way!
  4. Also, a comment on your signature -- you are not eligible for FHA loans until at least two years after discharge of bk.
  5. Do a search, these issues are addressed in the relevant threads.
  6. I haven't heard anything on my Duck. I never activated or used it because I was expecting closure, but it still reports as open. I opened it later than most though (and have the CL to prove it!)
  7. In addition to the reasons above not to do it, they will charge you a fee for accepting a CLI. Close the POS after you close on the house!
  8. Are we talking something like a C/O picked up by a CA? Or just an old account in good standing that changed owners?
  9. CSR. I didn't think I needed an analyst since the other thread seemed to imply it was policy and easy to get done. Should I call UW/analyst directly?
  10. ... from Barclays Apple to Barclays Rewards. I had read in the CL combining thread that Barclays WILL reallocate CLs, so I tried to call to do so from the Apple to the Rewards (don't have much use for the Apple) and got a no, stating that they can do that with some cards, but not these particular two. Any experience with this? Is this the final answer or is there any EO or anyone I can reach to help? Anyone successfully done that?
  11. Thanks for the info on Barclays! I was literally JUST wondering this.
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