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  1. It was probably a personal Amex that the owner used for business. It wasn't. It was definitely a corporate card. worked for a fortune 500 at the time. I ended up filing Chpt 7 in 2009 and when I did it disappeared from my credit report. It was a mistake then because Amex does not report business accounts on personal reports. Yes. Possibly.
  2. It was probably a personal Amex that the owner used for business. It wasn't. It was definitely a corporate card. worked for a fortune 500 at the time. I ended up filing Chpt 7 in 2009 and when I did it disappeared from my credit report.
  3. My corporate AMEX was reported monthly on my credit report.
  4. Make sure you mention this - Husband and kids , Time the charges were made, types of charges made, and the fact that they called you. Thank you. I will be sure to mention this. We had our 2 year old and 8 year old with us so we definitely weren't bar hopping and eating at IHOP at 4 am.
  5. No. I had never been to or purchased at any of those places before.
  6. Yes. I'm sure there are plenty of videos within the casino/hotel so I will ask for receipts and videos. I found the letter that they sent me with the charges and the first place is across from the food court on the main walkway so I'm sure there are cameras there. Not that the MGM will willingly give them up, but I will take this as far as I need to so that I don't have to pay the charges.
  7. I did have a hotel room card, but I was staying there with my husband and kids so I don't have a way to prove that it was actually me in the room. The purchases were large- they were probably drink purchases, but I guess you could easily pay for drinks and walk away without signing. One of the places they used to card was at our hotel- the MGM Grand, but it's really large and there are several bars etc within the facility. I used my check card there throughout the trip. I am assuming a lost or my card was stolen within the hotel so it makes sense that the charges would start there. I'm not sure where the IHOP was- I'm assuming off strip somewhere.
  8. Thanks everyone. I didn't file a police report, but I will do it today. They are posting the charges on the 18th so I will submit them in writing as soon as they do. I don't wear a Fitbit. I was trying to think of ways to prove that I was in the hotel sleep, but I can't. Hopefully, we won't have to take this too far and the receipts will prove that I didn't sign for any of that stuff. I'm just so very disappointed and have lost confidence in NavyFed. They don't seem to protect their customers.
  9. Last month while on vacation I woke up to text messages from NavyFed asking if I had made a few charges on my visa sig credit card. The last charge was IHOP at 4:00 am. I had been at the hotel since around 10 pm that night so I went straight to my person and realized that I had either lost my card or it was stollen. I called and spoke to the fraud department and the rep went over the various charges to bars and then to IHOP. I informed her that I didn't make any of the charges and she told me they would be credited to my account when they posted. Today I received a letter in the mail saying that they are reversing the temporary credit to my account based on the following: The transactions in question occurred in a geographical area where you were present at the time of the posting dates of those transactions. Additional transactions that have posted to your checking account at the time prove you were present. I called the fraud department and was on hold for 2 hours before hanging up and sent a message through the online system. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do next? It seems like they are saying there is no protection unless the charges are in some other part of the country. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks. I don't believe them either. I will DV them. The account is 2 years old. It won't be out of SOL until June.
  11. I received a call from EOS CCA today about a collection from a couple years ago on my work phone number. It's not on my credit report yet and I told them that I would pay if they would send me a letter stating it will not be reported to the collection agency if I pay. The rep said that she sees in her system that this type of account will not be reported and I asked for a manager. He told me they can't send those types of letters and they have already sent me a letter. I repeated what I wanted and he told me they don't report and everything he says is recorded and I can sue the company and him and have them pull the recording if it is ever reported. I don't trust this at all so I told him not to call me via phone again. Any advice as to how I should handle this? Thanks.

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