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  3. I am a little late but in the future - always check your offers tab. I was kinda in your boat last year and one morning I noticed I had an offer for a credit card ( Full member) and I thought they were playing tricks on me! So I pulled the plug EQ was my worst score and BOO-YAH I got the Platinum MC- note there were no PRM softs on credit reports I was actively B* at the time so I would have seen them. I did start a direct deposit of about 25% of my paycheck to check and the offer showed up weeks after that. They pulled a hard on my EQ. I think USAA will show you love if you show them money! LOL Good luck next time. How long do you have on the secured card?
  4. haha I know better, however in my offers it shows a pre approval for their secured card. I think the fact that I bought some of their products and have over 5K a month DD in my checking helps a lot, after my approval I did some research if you do business with them they usually will show you love. Just send $25 a month to your savings....
  5. I just checked they did a soft pull on me a week ago, no hard, how freaking nice is that!!!!
  6. Yes I am a Vet, i just bought life and renter's insurance with them and bam it popped up.
  7. I was paying some bills this morning and was in my USAA account and the banner flashed your are pre- approved, ( it was not under my offers section) but I laughed I recently ran up some huge balances for business and all of my scores dropped. I was not planning on apply for anything for a year or so. As a goof I went ahead and hit it, I had B* all of the inqs on EQ and TU there was 1 on EX so one inquiry was not going to due jack to my scores. Well to my surprise it was a one page app, I picked out a card design , they did not even ask for my SSN 30 seconds later BOOM 20K at 8.9% WTF!!!! I so love this board, I owe all of my credit succes to those that came before me. So I have a nice back up card from a GREAT BANK, I love USAA , NFCU is okay but they can't compare on the service tip with USAA, not even close! The card is already in my account section WOOT UTI just dropped like a mofo ( or it will in 30 days)
  8. this is what a high limit secured card did for me--original post Posted 12 August 2011 - 09:16 PM First off, I want to say thanks to all of the people who spoke so highly of NFCU!!!! I did not even know about the place until this board!!! My father retired from the Air Force, that is how I got in. It took a little over a week to approve my membership application I called them up today to check my status, was not really planning on applying for anything until my scores were higher ( in the low to mid 600s last time I checked) and was just getting information. The rep ( who was so nice) said well if you want to apply, let me know I handle all applications except mortgages. She kept saying that like she knew something....... I thought I was going to get denied still have some baddies to work on ( they had already pulled my TU did not know until later,bought real FICO today was 689 so damn close!! I may have been over 700 before they pulled) She took my information and told me it was processing, I went for the Navcheck, Car Loan and Flagship Visa, she told to call back in 4-6 hours on the car loan and give it a day or so for the others accounts. I get two emails within 30 minutes. AUTO LOAN CONDITIONALLY APPROVED and the others in review. I know from reading this board they would need more docs so I started putting everything together. A hour later got a call, the nice guy told me they need 2 pay stubs and bank statement, he gave me the fax #and they were sent before the phone cooled off. A little while ago I got another round of emails APPROVED!!! 45K @5.9 auto loan, Nav Check 10K , Flagship Visa 25K!!!! ( I almost fainted) my highest and only trade line was a 5k visa!!!! The details - scores as of today TU 656 FAKO 689 FICO - - - -> Pulled TU twice HARD EQ 689 FAKO 665 FICO- - - ->Pulled EQ twice both soft if you see DTC Navy Federal Credit Union as a soft you are approved, they did one during the membership application and one today. EX 675 FAKO ??? FICO UTI 2% INQs TU 2 EQ 4 EX 0 Income 160K Now the fun part, last Dec 2010 my highest score was 455, this freaking board ROCKS!!!!and I still have work to do!!!! Note- if you can make the sacrifice to get a secured card from BOA, Wells Fargo whom ever!!! It is worth it!!! Max out the limit or get to 5K, I know that card was responsible for 150 points and the rest of my score increases came as baddies were removed. I also did not apply for anything else once I got that secured card in Jan 11, my original goal was to wait until it converts, reports then apply for AMEX products. I know this is wordy, but I see so many posts that leave me wondering what were the details, so here you are! putting on my overalls, will be in the garden until 2012
  9. I second this, get one secured card, max out the limit and NEVER carry a balance of more than 10-15% of your credit limit, this is to rebuild, so get one that converts or unsecured in a year. Sure bets CapOne Public Savings' Fifth Third Stay the hell away from Orchard First Premier card that do not allow you fund a high limit-this will place you in low limit hell if you do this. Possible by the underwriting is strict Wells Fargo Bank Of America Citi I would pull up all 3 reports and start working on them before you apply for anything you might be in a better position than you think!
  10. NFCU can be funky at times, -like I said, I went through something similar. I think if you had USAA before you had NFCU you can see the stark difference in service and competence. I like NFCU but I love USAA!!!
  11. It was a lot of reading but this is the business, I B* off 15 hards this month, got one more to go and will be at 0, need to step it up on TU, B* raised my score 35 points real FICO!
  12. That is strange everything I have applied for thus far , has matched the EQ and TU scores on myfico.com I always pull it before I apply for anything, now EX is a crapshoot, huge difference in Vantage Score and EX FICO!
  13. You SHOULD it gives you time to address any issues before they are really issues! so far nothing on my reports, but....I know it take 7-15 days for things to show up!
  14. NFCU can be funky at times, i just made a large payment on my CC and they held it for the longest! I freaked, so i went to a branch and made another payment in cash , just to be sure! I would not monkey around with them on this one. If you can get into USAA, the customer service is heads and shoulder above NFCU and they are good! JMO it sounds like the local CU is a SLAM DUNK on this one! Good luck!
  15. Nothing on the credit reports, but Portfolio Recovery is calling me every day from 6 different numbers, I am loving my Google voice!!!!

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