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  1. Your attorney was right. They do not care about threatening letters, ITS letters, or anything except a summons. I sent several letters to them including a well-worded ITS to them and I could almost hear them laughing. I can only imagine how many of those letters they get everyday. They did not take me seriously until they were served the Warrant In Debt (complaint) I filed with my local court. The attorney contacted me the Sunday before the first scheduled court date that Monday to settle the matter. Which we did.
  2. What was the basis of your complaint submitted to the BBB?
  3. Dealing with same. Last baddie standing on all reports. DOLA is June of 2008. Debt is about $2200. Merrick definitely still owns the account. They randomly assign the account to CAs that attempt to collect, but immediately fold from a simple DV and returns the account back to Merrick. This has happened at least 3 times of which I am aware. I have made GW/PFD attempts on 3 separate occasions (including 100% payment). All attempts were executed through upper management, including the president. Told no-go each time. The report appears to be reporting correctly and is listed as completely as I've seen a TL on my reports. Not done with my PFD attempts (what do I have to lose?). May begin to try and challenge the fees and such. May be one I just have to live with for the next 2.5 years.
  4. I would say that it is not normal, but I'm sure it does happen. Though, it has never happened to me.
  5. Check to see if the judgment has actually been renewed. Try to find the info online or go to the courthouse and request all documents related to this case. Regardless of whether or not the judgment was renewed or not does not give them the right to violate the FDCPA and the FCRA. Contact a consumer attorney and get their opinion. These people now owe YOU money IMO.
  6. +47 639 --> 686 Now we're talking. Just dropped my utilization down from 60% to about 10% or so, so I'm expecting another nice bump next month as well.
  7. So, what is being used to B* EQ nowadays? Having great success for TU with just SC, but need to get on EQ now.
  8. EX reports have report numbers. Its located right below your name and above the report date.
  9. What was the basis of your dispute? Why was the BBB complaint closed?
  10. And then there was one... Just one baddie left. CO Merrick Bank unpaid cc account from '08. As I said in my last post Chase was removed via goodwill. Chase had sold the account to Midland who also reported. They are now gone due to settlement. Merrick is reporting thoroughly and accurately. They still own the account. They have refused all offers for PFD...even for 100%. lol Suppose I will attempt another round of PFDs (its been over a year now) unless someone else has a better suggestion.
  11. Congrats on the deletion. Other efforts will prove to be more difficult, but that only makes the victory sweeter. Good work. Keep pluggin' away.
  12. Good for you. Read the pinned topics. Ask specific questions. Good luck.
  13. We're going to need more details. What state are you in? Types of accounts? Etc.
  14. Good for you! I filed on them in state court last month. First hearing in less than 2 weeks. You appear to be going pro se as well. Good luck and definitely keep us posted.

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