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  1. Well I can show them they have reported a different number of days late each time... I beg to differ I have nothing to dispute. You can't tell someone they where 120's late one year, the year before it was 60, year before it was 90. I really have no idea if I was 120 days late, had about 10 CC's at the time and I was late on all of them on and off during 2008.
  2. No, I just have credit reports since every year since 2011 and it's reported different each time I've disputed no lates.
  3. So what your next step to be then to correct if you don't think CFPB is the way too go?
  4. What are good reasons to use CFPB? I'm hoping that I supply that info they will just either delete that info or make it current. I really don't care if they add the 30 60 90 back on as my credit wont be prefect unil that 120 falls off in Dec anyway
  5. It's a CU....I was disputed and came back that way. The lates are from 2008 and account will positive in Dec 2015. This is the last blemish on my CR, besides a hardpull. Thinking about sending to CFPB and sending copies of all three reports showing it's been disputed and the CU is reporting different to each.
  6. Can someone explain why a CR would read being current and then go all the way do 120 day late. Can that be legally reported that way? EX goes: OK OK OK OK OK 120 120 120 120 OK OK OK OK OK OK
  7. Any suggestions on what I could say back to CFPB......offer to let them list it as a soft iq...I would be ok with that..... This is the last thing on my EX report...ugh
  8. Ya, I agree with you shifter. Actually, didn't know of HP until after the complaint was filed. Tried a few phone reps...and will continue to do so.
  9. That's what there saying...... Ya, your probably write. But that's kind of like saying you shouldn't have walk across the crosswalk and got hit when the car ran the red light.
  10. Anyone have any ideas how to respond or what to do next ? How can it be legal to list a hard credit pull, which wasn't authorization to do so? Below is EX response to my CFPB complaint.... We have reviewed and considered the information you have supplied through the CFPB portal and directly to Experian. In your complaint, you indicate that you sent a letter to a company requesting the validation of a debt that appears on your credit report. You state that the company never responded to your request for validation. You further indicate that the company made an inquiry on XXXXXXXXX, 2
  11. He got his money and ran. I don't think he sees any money in it for him anymore and doesn't really care. I guess i'm going to send a copy of the settlement to EX and see what they do. If they don't remove then CFPB it unless I get a better idea on here by Monday AM.
  12. So I've worked long and hard the last couple years and I'm getting down to just a final couple items to clean up! So in July of this the fine members of " The Buffalo " gang came a calling. The debt was out of SOL and the fools where nice enough to leave a couple of voicemails with MANY FDCPA violations and I was able to get a $1000 settlement and a few grand for my attorney. Thanks CB for letting me know my rights! They ended up doing a PP on my EX 1st, which i'm ok with, but then 10 days letter they did a HP. From my understanding they can't do a HP after 7 years right? I sent the
  13. I would love to know how you got opt-out!!! PM me?
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