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  4. So I have a card with Cap1 which started with a $300 limit, then after 5 months I received the auto-CLI to $500 and no love after numerous CLI intents. E-mailed the CEO, received a call the next day, told them I wanted $2000, then he asked what was the minimum I would take, I told him $1500. Then he went into all the finances questions. Today I received a voicemail and he said my request was approved and that it could take up to 24hrs to show online. I went online and wallah! CLI to $1500. A $1000 CLI which I am NOT complaining about. My most sincere thanks go out to the OP and everyone else who posted their success stories which gave me the courage to take this step. BTW, DF just called in today to ask that her $750 limit be raised to $5000 with a minimum of $3000. I'll keep ya posted on how that goes.
  5. Imagine that checked luggage making its way to the wrong flight? You are stuck in USA and your luggage with Passport is getting tanned in Bora Bora! :rofl:
  6. I know back in the good ol' days (before 9/11) US Citizens could travel internationally with an ID and a birth certificate. I remember on May of 2000 I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic and my passport had been expired for 7 years, I got thru and back just fine with just my license and birth certificate. Since then I had not renewed my passport until 2010 now that a Passport IS required for international travel and 2010 is when I started traveling internationally again.
  7. Called in this afternoon and got the $11.12 deal for one year plus he refreshed my report on the spot.
  8. APP FOR SOMETHING NOW ! lol jk Nah, still lots of SL baddies on my reports. Have completed the rehab on some of them, but just started on the others and they are all still showing on there.
  9. How much were you paying before and how much are you paying now? Just want to know before I call since I wont keep it if no daily pulls for a decent price.

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