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  1. When I closed on the mortgage 22 years ago, two checks were written for new windows. One for $1,500 and the second for $500 so that the window company would be paid in stages. I never got the windows. A few moves later when I moved to my current location 5 years ago I found the $1,500 check, contacted the escrow company and they replaced the 17 year old paper check. When I spoke to the co. rep he mentioned that they were closing up shop. Now that I'm moving again I just so happen to find the $500 check. The phone number for the escrow co. is out of service because they're out of business. Aren't unclaimed escrow funds supposed to be turned over to the state? Escrow companies are regulated, no?
  2. I purchased a condo 22 years ago and found a check for $500 that was put in escrow for new windows. I never hired the company to put in the windows. The escrow company (County Abstract) went out of business. The $500 is mine. Am I SOL with getting a replacement check? Does the money go to the state as unclaimed (Pennsylvania)?
  3. Ahh, okay, I can certainly understand that. Luckily my agent works with Quicken all the time and there was no bidding war in this case.
  4. Wow, really? What does that mean?
  5. I'm in the process of buying a home with <20% as a first time home buyer. The seller just accepted my offer. I'm going through Quicken for the mortgage. I read that a second mortgage would most likely cheaper than PMI when putting down less than the 20%. I'm not sure the particulars of going about the second mortgage route. Do you get it from the same lender? Can I go through USAA for the second and Quicken for the first? At what stage in the buying process do you get it started?
  6. Just got a CK alert that my Synch/Walmart account is closed. Does anyone know if this will this affect average age or if the Crap1 account will report as spanking brand new? I'm holding out for Chase 5/24 and hope this doesn't mess with that.
  7. I have a BOFA Cash Rewards (balance $1200) and the limit was $18K... that was until I applied for the 0%/$0 transfer fee Bankamericard. Yes, they thefted $13K for the new card and left the Cash Rewards at $5K making util now 25%. There was no indication of this during the app. Will they re-allocate on request?
  8. The exact think happened to me when I bought my car last April. Navy Federal loan was paid off, new loan with another CU hit the report and I took a 30-50 point hit across the board. It took almost a full year to bounce back.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, after 7 years negative history turns positive and you get to keep the age of the account (OC only). If you dispute the account early and they remove it the account goes away along with the history. Has anyone ever disputed early for it to turn positive instead of having the entire account removed? I'm dealing with one last baddie (Macy's) that's due to fall off (turn positive ?) in the next few months.
  10. Thanks hitman. I searched the forums before posting and these threads did not come up.
  11. Can we no longer search the Creditpulls database by the name of the creditor/bank with the new site or am I missing it?
  12. I was with USAA for 30 years since I first got the my license. They effed me in banking and insurance in the last year. I escalated all the way to the CEO (which was a joke) and they couldn't care less. I dumped them, moving my insurance, closing my banking, credit card and investments. They are no longer a quality company and there are countless horror stories. My parents left them after 50 years and when the customer service asked why they were leaving after so long, my mother said, "Because of the way you treated my daughter" (and they got a better rate elsewhere). Screw 'em.
  13. New auto loan reported and FICO dropped 30 points across all 3. Darn, how long will that last? Any experiences?

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