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  1. They used a version of Fico O4 thats why score didn't match your Fico 08. ah gotcha, that makes sense now. I figured it was some other scoring model....no I know....
  2. So a few days ago, I decided to apply for the Cap1 Ventue card. I currently have the QS and Platinum MC and a SONY Visa. Have used the QS like crazy putting probaby $3-5K a month on it and paying it off or leaving the 1% balance on it. My current limit on it is $5500. We filed for BK last May and was DC'd in August. Got all the cards shortly after that. We do travel from time to time so figured earning miles would save us some money on airfare. I tried the prequalification page and got nothing although I believe since I opted out of L/N it may affect it some, but not totally positive on th
  3. I did the same thing a few months ago for the same reason and got $4300 and immediately requested a CLI on the manage your account page and got another $400. I also got Overstock for $4300 and did the same CLI request and got another $300. I know people hate the SCT but there are a couple that give decent limits. We shop at both anyway so it wasn't just for another account.
  4. Exactly. They are zinging people's scores. BOA is vindictive. They got busted recently for their practices - selling "distressed" debt without the documentation. The JDB's who bought the debts were actually suing for discharged debt, debt beyond the SOL. deceased debt. They were putting someone else's name on the accounts. So I guess this is their revenge. I don't have any charge offs but a BK that was DC'd in August 2015. Most accounts have not reported since then. BUT several (AMEX,Synchrony,USAA) keep reporting each month even though there's nothing to update. I've done a couple of
  5. I just went through the sign up process just to test it out. My FICO it reported was the exact same number my EX FICO is with CCT. I just pulled CCT and there was NOT a HP for it......So now we can get TU (have acct) and EX from DISCOVER...... Just thought I'd pass along this info....
  6. Just did my monthly report and update on CCT. I noticed that my EQ FICO dropped 30 points!!! I was puzzled as to why. i checked the report through the backdoor and it appears that Synchrony and USAA "reported" my IIB accounts again! My BK was DC'd in August '15. So now it looks like these accounts just reported and instead of having a last date of delinquency as August, they are now Jan and Feb of this year!!!! This tanked my score, as there weren't any other changes that would affect it like this..... I have disputed these already with EQ but didn't know if there was something else
  7. To me, that reads: ..tps://application1.capitalone.com/icoreapp/jsp/callrightnowforrecon.faces?appKey=000000200770451 LOL....I wasn't condoning an application, just throwing out some info that may be helpful to SOME people who may need to rebuild....\
  8. I read about this on another forum and not sure if it works, but apparently if you apply for a Cap1 card and get the 7-10 message for your app, if you look in the URL, it will tell you your result....here's an example below... tps://application1.capitalone.com/icoreapp/jsp/cou ldNotApprove.faces?appKey=000000200770451 The poster of this account used to work for Cap1 in one of their branches....he said it will show "Approved, Rejected or Could Not Approve"... Maybe someone could be a guine pig for this and if it is true, the you won't have to wait for the dreaded letter to come i
  9. I have a released tax lien from 2009...after reading this thread, I sent an email to the address in here....I did reference the House bill and section just to seem more knowledgeable of the laws.... ....that was on Monday I believe....today I received an email from them asking for my mailing address to send the expungements to....AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The tax lien is only reporting on my EX file and is the ONLY negative on any of my reports....Hopefully EX won't be a$$holes about deleting it from my report..... Anybody had experiences with EX yet??? Goose123 what is the fax number y
  10. GAP store to VISA Dillards store to Dillards AMEX American Eagle store to VISA These are both GECRB accounts that appeared as popups after logging into my accounts. The downside of upgrading with GECRB is they assign it a new account number and then it looks like a new account on your reports and screws with your AAOA... Think there's more, but these two popped into my head...will post more after I look at my cards....
  11. The UW I talked to and subsequent letters I've received stated that their MAX CL for all their combined accounts is $150K. I believe I'm actually at $155K. I'm seriously considering moving around a few CL's and obviously not applying for any more of the GE cards. I have all their cards that I shop at. BTW about 90% of the cards I do have is MC/VISA/Discover. I've had several of the original store cards that I was offered the upgrades. The only downside to getting converted from the store cards is that they give it a new account number so it looks like a new account and screws with yo
  12. Here's a some of the GECRB CL's I have.....(yes SOME not all) Lowes $20K Walmart (Discover) $20K Dillards AMEX $15K AE VISA $10K Amazon (Store) $10K GAP VISA $10K Old Navy $10K PayPal MC $10K Sams Discover $10K I opened a these over a 2 year period and I believe I've hit their MAX CL ($150K total)....I haven't requested any CLI with the UW number to just keep flying under the radar. I had applied for a ding-a-ling's Sporting Goods MC a few months ago and had to call the number. The UW told me I was at their MA
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