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  1. Hi Everyone -- I've been working on my credit for the past couple of years, writing letters, and more letters! I've finally got an ok credit scores: 674 Equifax, 692 Transunion, 738 Experian. I have a few derogatory items on credit report still and it's been transferred to other CAs like midland and stuff. But the date of last activity is 2008, I know they will fall off soon so I'm not too worried about them. My question is...I am now applying for a mortgage loan and my bank has just asked me for information regarding these items. They would like an explanation, what should I say regarding these items? The bank would also like to know about my recent credit inquiries and if new credit was established from these which there hasn't been. These new inquires were from prior mortgage loans. Is anyone familiar with this process? HELP ME!
  2. Oh no!!! What type of problems? And I thought a PFD would be easy...ugh
  3. Has anyone experienced OC debts falling off earlier than what their CR states? I'm going to be paying off some debts but some are due to fall in 2014 and 2015. So I'm just wondering if I should attempt to say these debts are pass 7 years even though I might be 6 months or so ahead of what the CR states. Just wondering....
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    Can they JDB assist you in removing the OC as well?
  5. memaze

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    Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer...but what's the point? I mean if some OCs won't even deal with you once they sold it and even if you attempt to pay off a JDB collections the acct may or may not remove ...and if you pay off the JDB the OC will still remain with a charge off status....which is just as bad. My second question (which I hope is not confusing) is why not deal with the OC first? I mean why pay off a JDB then turn around and have to pay off an OC too? I remember reading another board and it said that after paying a JDB you would also have to pay the OC later to get the listing removed...not sure if this true but that I ask for clarification...thanks everyone for the help!
  6. If you are in the process of paying off your debt...pulled CR...check...verified with CRAs...check...validated with JDB...check...got some removed...check but not the original creditors....and now I'm stuck. My question is...if you want to pay off your debts should you go through the original creditors or JDB? If you go through the JDB the debt will still be there from the OC, correct? So why don't people suggest dealing with the OCs to begin with? Hopefullyk, that doesn't sound confusing!
  7. Quick Question -- So is the no one way to get an Original Creditor removed if it was first charged off and sent to Midland but then Midland removed it because they could not validate? WIll I have to talk to the OC and discuss a PFD perhaps? Would I have to offer the OC the whole amount of the debt even if Midland brought the debt for something (even if it less than the actual debt)?
  8. Thank you! I've probably asked the previous questions before but I'm still confused. The Last payment was 11/2008 and it is a credit card. I live in Maryland (but I always thought it was the state you are currently living in?). I'm unsure of DOFD. I will heck out of the thread on 1-2 punch...didn't know it included the OC. Thanks again
  9. I have a debt that was purchased by another lender or JDB (Midland Funding). I asked Midland to validated the debt which they could not therefore they sent me a letter saying it was now deleted. However, the debt still shows up under the original creditor .... Is this possible? On my credit report it doesn't say a balance amount. It just says the original amount and a high balance amount. What would be my next step if I wanted to the OC to remove this debt too?
  10. So when a debt is transferred from the OC it will say those keys words underneath the debt on your CR? Also, if it is transferred shouldnt the amount that the OC now become zero? Better yet why isn't the OC just remove it since they don't own it anymore? Is there a sample letter or suggestions on what to include in that letter? Thanks for the help!
  11. Does anyone know how I can tell the difference from a JDB and a CA or my credit report? Also, I had a few collections deleted from my CR because they could not validate the account but the original creditor is still being shown on my credit report. Does this sound right? If not, is there a sample letter out there that I could use to send to the OC. Please help
  12. So after a collections is removed from a JDB ...the original creditor should automatically report a 0 balance? Is this always the case? I thought in order to get the OC to remove the debt you have to do the Jack Attack. Just trying to get clarification and to figure what to do after the collections is removed from a JDB but the OC still remains?
  13. I recently had a JDB remove their account from all 3 CRAs but the original creditor still remains. Does the removal of a collections from your CR improve your credit score at all...if the OC still remains? If not, would it make more sense to attack the original creditor first instead of a JDB? Just wondering...
  14. I guess I'm wondering if MCM removed It due to an inaccuracy wouldn't the OC remove it as well? Would this give me a better chance of getting this debt remove? And should I send a letter to the CRA or directly to the OC?
  15. I received a letter today from MCM stating that they have instructed the three major CRAs to delete the account from my credit file...yippee!!! But wait...then it said it does not affect any credit reporting of this account by the OC. So I'm guessing the OC will still report this in my credit file?? Has anyone else ever received a letter similar to this?
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