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  1. I agree applied to DCU for a personal loan of 10k they countered with 7500.00. I agreed ask for paystubs I sent them in base salary of 70k a year own home out right 15k in debt including 10k auto loan. Reason on denial refused counter offer. Said the heck with DCU went to my local credit union got the whole 10k same day. I owe DCU 500.00 about to pay them off and put the card in my sock drawer never to see light of day again.
  2. Discover it card 1500.00 Sears Mastercard 3400.00
  3. Just applied online facko scores 675 karma and 663 Sesame got the 7-10 day wait. called Recon got instant approval 1000.00 credit line Walmart Card.
  4. Applied for CC at DCU approved for 3000 limit then joined. Two years out of bankruptcy hope this helps

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