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  1. You did not read that right. It means 7 years form the date the loan was made available - "paid ... to the holder (student)". Please don't spread incorrect information.
  2. Sorry, it sounds unrealistic as you suggest there are no standards what so ever, as if they can just report any arbitrary number of their choosing. May I ask for a proof of your opinion?
  3. I think I got the title wrong but I don't know how to edit it, it should read: First day of default being reported as first day of delinquency I have 3 loans with Department of Education, originally they were Direct Loans in 2007, now they are called Direct Stafford Subsidized. I have consolidated them last year, they show "paid collection" as of now. Also, these 3 loans share the same first day of delinquency since I never paid for them once they got out of forbearance initially (other than through tax offset). Now, the problem with the first day of delinquency. I am waiting for t
  4. 2.5 more years of late payments records... I'll probably will be finished paying my consolidated loans way before then. PS: All loans federal.
  5. Well, I just consolidated. My previous 6 loans are from 2001 with defaulted status from 2008. For how long will they stay on in my history? Will they stay all 7 years because their status was updated and counter resets to 7 years? Or, will they be removed after 7 years counting with the first default in 2008, thus, about this or next year?
  6. As I was reading on wiki (Wiki Article), there is no good standard on what is a proof to a debt validation letter. Here is the thing. I have one collection on my account that I do not recognize. I wanted to clear something before I do something about it (the debt just passed SOL). It is a small sum, $500 but it is the only collection on my reports. I am a noob, I might be missing some info about the whole debt validation business. So, I will ask for debt validation from the collection agency, once I contact them. I believe they will send me a letter saying that a person with my nam
  7. Never understood why people with 750+ score even come to this board to talk about their easy credit. It is like someone with $250,000 salary hangs out in a forum dedicated to surviving on $20,000 and boasts, what was a deal, he got 25lb of Omaha steaks with overnight delivery and they are going to last him a while! Seriously, tell us how difficult it was for you during these couple of minutes of being approved. A real nail biter. Unless you will share any tips how to get to 750, there is just no story.
  8. The original bank (for Marv): Fifth Third Bank 5430 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 1200 Dallas, TX 75240 (972) 663-9350 http://www.53.com PS: I will take a pic of the agreement for you to examine and will post it here. PPS: From that link you gave me, Marv, I skimmed through, couldn't find much about the number of pulls. Is the link wrong or you are trying to say that number of pulls does not matter?
  9. Cosmos, what you list is peanuts and will not add much to anything noticeable. To original poster, I hope you will get better jobs throughout the 7 years and your salary will go up, thus, your ability to pay more.
  10. It is explicitly stated on my paperwork that any amount above a monthly payment will go to principal.
  11. My credit is bad, ~620 (+/- 30) on all three. Mostly student loans that are past due. All other bad records have expired by now. However, I have about 7 different student loans of different amounts that are like years without a payment on them. I have applied to probably 10+ banks and got approved only through CapOne for $18K @ 10% (or 9% for a new car). Needed a car badly, my current one is of 1997 and has become undependable, well, it is in a condition that is not really trade-able. [To tell the truth, I was surprised I can even get the rate of 10%, I thought first it would be like 18%-2
  12. I have Bank of America secured CC. I started with $300 and now it is $800. I was upping it little by little. This time they have refused to raise the limit even though I have a few thou in my account and they could have taken and added to the security deposit. They stated that my credit score was too low for them to do that. I am bummed. Are not secured CCs made for people with poor credit? Would it not be expected that one who has a secured credit card have a bad score? I don't know what are they losing if I am pre-paying for the credit line. What to do?
  13. Yes, I live at the house since it was bought 10 years ago with my mother.
  14. Hello, Need help to do refinancing for my mother, here is our situation: The house is worth 205,000K (as appraised by the state), mom has a fixed 7.3% 30 year loan for like 10 years already. Perfect mortgage paying throughout the years, maybe were late like 2 times by a few days. Anyway, my mom no longer works a few years, does not have a capital other than the house itself. I pay for the house already for 3 years, I make $70K. My credit history is trash with defaulted student loans, my mom's is weak average, I'd say. She will be a 3rd time my dependent on my tax form this filing
  15. Thank you all, I was able to access my records and will file for consolidation. Good thing I have only $13K in loans, probably I added closed accounts and negative accounts... (counted twice the same) will see tomorrow, maybe something is reported wrong. BUT: A question: --- Ok, so, if I consolidate now, in terms of credit repair what will happen? I assume the negative records will stay? Will they go away after 7 years or (maybe) sooner? Will I be able through some strategy remove them from my record? Also, I guess there will be a new record that I am on probation of som
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