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  1. oh also I went straight to CRAs this time because I have tried DV'ing the others and they don't respond
  2. I apologize, been awhile since I have been on here. I disputed an 2 old collection/negative tradeline to all 3 CRA's. One is wrong, and the other, had no amount owed that they claimed. I already had written the OC many times for this small amount. Trans & Equifax removed promptly but Experian left it on there saying item remains unchanged from processing of dispute in May 2015. Other one says item was updated from processing of dispute in 2011. Im so confused. Two CRA's reinvestigated and removed, yet Experian didnt and this makes me think they didnt even reinvestigate them.
  3. So I wrote reinvestigation of a few baddies, and 2 removed them, yet Exp kept them on. What is next step please? Ive been doing this for years and cannot remember what to do in this situation.Thanks
  4. maybe if anyone could provide an example sol letter to the OC or the CRA would be fine also
  5. So I started this process back in 2009, having some luck, but due to disability and medical, I never was completely successful. However, on another note.... have a baddie from a utility company. I was successful years ago in having it removed from all but one credit bureau. Its past SOL for state, and I really want to have it removed as I want the best rate for a new mortgage. I have had letter templates saved for years but cannot seem to find what I write to OC and CRA when its past SOL. Now heres the catch, its past SOL for state, but not past 7 1/2 yrs for reporting to CRA. Do I have any hope? And for everyone, I have looked, searched in search box for SOL letters or advice, cant find anything that pertains directly to my issue. Any advice, steps, or just point me to a round about letter I can use as template so I can mold into what I need would greatly be appreciated. Thank you so very much! oh ps: its a chargeoff in negative closed accts, not an active collection
  6. IiWhen do the CRAs typically pull? Like when monthly. Early or mid mth. Or later I'm trying to time my application for getting credit but want to make sure it gets the best scores at that specific time I apply I hope this makes sense. I just am curious. As to what date do they typically update
  7. Okay, I have now decided to get on the bumpage bandwagon. I stayed away for awhile because I did not have that many inquiries, but now I have to try to remove some. So just two simple questions: 1. What do you spend a month on monitoring services to be able to bump? What would you consider the best deal I guess? Do you feel the cost is worth the reward? 2. Without going through hundreds of bumpage threads, as of October 2012, who is the best daily puller for Equifax & Transunion? Is Experian still unable to be bumped? Thanks!
  8. Okay, I already deleted all old addresses, and I have done the 1-2 punch more than once. I recently did the Jack attack on all of the accounts. I am praying for a good outcome. It has been around 45 days so I should hear something soon. I am just wondering if anyone on here has had luck getting rid of "old charged off credit card accts" or am I just hoping for a miracle?
  9. oh really? So their multiple inquiries don't matter? it did drop my score, and it did update me and show up as 11 separate hard inquiries. Is that normal? I have 4 credit cards in perfect standing. One recent, the other 3 over a year old. And I have two creditcard/atm cards from my two banks: usaa and pnc when I meant lumped I was referring to scoring, not literally but yea it counts as 1. and your score probably dropped more because you took on new debt on a car loan in the same month. When your debt to income ratio is factored in and you take on new debt your score will drop, cause it does make you a riskier borrower, but after 6 months of ontime payment your scores should rebound past what they were. oh yeah, that does make sense. I remember one time my score dropped for getting a second auto finance tradeline. I forgot utilization...thanks for your help. I appreciate the response
  10. Yeah, my finance guy said it wasn't illegal because once they have a credit app they can go crazy, but yes it was totally& utterly unethical and I do want them to get in trouble, even if I cant get them removed or they really don't count against me. If they really don't count against me, I feel its the principle of it all. They said we have the silver soul with the audio package on are other lot. Its such and such price. I said sticker? they said yes. Then I go to the other lot. I made sure and asked the guy, you dont have to run my credit again do you because Kia already has it. And he said nope we dont. But he also ended up telling me the truth, which was the car was actually over $2k cheaper on the sticker, and that a silver soul automatic with UVO didn't even exist for over 50 miles in any direction. They lied to me to get me to do the credit app to begin with. That should be dealt with in some way I feel. What do you think?
  11. oh really? So their multiple inquiries don't matter? it did drop my score, and it did update me and show up as 11 separate hard inquiries. Is that normal? I have 4 credit cards in perfect standing. One recent, the other 3 over a year old. And I have two creditcard/atm cards from my two banks: usaa and pnc
  12. I feel like I posted about this, but can't find my post, or it got deleted...so let me try this one more time...lol So after a year of being on this website, my score has increased, decreased, increased, decreased....let's just say it is still a work in progress. The good news: I have a brand new auto tradeline (after having 2 repos on my CR--thats good!), and 4 credit cards all in great standing. All collections are closed and the only ones left are medical ones from when I became disabled, soon to drop off. However, the bad news: I still have old credit card tradelines that are charged off from when I was married & my cheating spouse ran up all of them and then left me sick, unable to work, & pay off his debt. My stupid self for trusting him and putting everything in my name, that's a whole other story...lol To continue....Some are not due to drop off till 2014. I want to buy a house next year. I have tried disputing through credit bureaus, and they now just send back: we already investigated this and unless you show proof, sorry we are not looking at them anymore. I think they just automatically do not even bother investigating them from a year ago. I have also tried sending letters to the actual creditor, but they just send back that they need more info like social, etc to find the account (yeah right) or that it has been sold, period. And sometimes they do not even say who it has been sold to. Now there are things messed up on these accounts like DOA, chargeoff amounts, payments, etc. I feel frustrated with the process because everything else worked out so well, and these seem futile anymore to fight. Any suggestions?
  13. So I need to know who else I can contact about this. I want anyone and everyone to know until I get it fixed. I recently bought my first car in over 9 years. I am now a proud owner of a Hyundai Tucson. Here is my problem: before I went there I went to Kia. After 2 days, I finally let them run my credit but never went back to the store because I didn't like how they were handling me, and there are multiple locations owned by one parent company here in KY, so I figured I'd visit another location. (which I did) At the second one, I told them the scenario of being lied to and deceived, and found a guy to work with me on finding the car I wanted, color, and who actually wanted to negotiate. However, I ended up testdriving and falling in love with the Hyundai. Now many of you may not know, but Hyundai owns Kia actually. Well, I check my credit, just like ya'll, everyday. I noticed inquiries piling up like crazy. I was like, what is going on? When I finally decided to purchase my car 4 days later at Hyundai, the finance guy (who happens to like me, gave me his cellphone, and we've been talking---He wants to date me Anyway, he's been looking out for me, I asked him who was putting all the inquiries, was it Hyundai. He said no, I pulled once and got you financed through Hyundai, your credit is going to shoot up within 2 mths, but we have to get these inquiries removed. He turns his computer around and shows me my Fico's for Transunion and Equifax, and then says Kia put 11 hard inquiries on your report!!! I knew it was bad, but WTF?!!! I didnt know they did that many! Now, here is the f'd up part. I told them my situation before hand at Kia, I made them 48 hrs because they swore they could get my pymts under 300, and that they would only run my credit once. So without my knowledge, they ran me through that many different finance companies??? Im am so beyond pissed. Now Jeff, my finance guy from Hyundai promised he had a way, and would help me get those removed this week. But, I am not one that trusts easily, I want to find out who I go to, and who I complain to, to get those off. I know its affecting my credit horribly because just before I got the car, I got financed through BestBuy 18 mths no interest, so I could get an iPad. However, I also wanted a Wal-Mart card, and was denied. I know its gonna be due to all those inquiries. Anyways, I have sent my complaint into the BBB, but who else can I complain to. I am fired up. These people need to get in trouble, AND remove their inquiries. Thanks to all of you for reading and any input you can offer.
  14. I filled out for one. Said 7-10 days. Idk the back door number tho. Will I still get approved possibly? Oh and congrats!!!! Here's the number I called 1877 379-8173. Give it a try! Thank u so much!!
  15. I filled out for one. Said 7-10 days. Idk the back door number tho. Will I still get approved possibly? Oh and congrats!!!!

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