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  1. I apologize for that, I did not mean break any policies. Thank you for the suggestion.
  2. Hi all, I am trying to qualify for a FHA mortgage. I am currently in a lease option purchase contract. I need to close by 8/31/2015. My husband has the better credit profile and income ( less debts) but he lost his job in May 2014 ( self employed - same industry until 6/2015). I know we can not use him because of the 2 year work history. I have student loan debts deferred until 11/2016. I was just denied a loan because my DTI was high due to the student loan factor 73% but without the SLs it is at 45-50%. I am nervous now because I seems like I will not be able to secure financing on my own. My middle score is 633. I make $46,000. I live in Alabama. I do not have family to borrow money from to help with the DTI. If anyone can refer a lender or broker that can work with me to close I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Good Afternoon, Does anyone know if DCU would let you re-open a membership after they were IIB? I owed them $200 for a checking account. I am not sure if they blacklist or not even if you pay off the debt.

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