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  1. My Drivers license, SS card, Vehicle Registration and Insurance cards and a few CCs were in my wallet. I filed a police report for the theft. I am in such a panic, that I don't know what to do. I will, of course contact the CC companies to report the theft. When the CC companies issue me new cards....will I loose the age of those cards and, if so, will that affect my FICO scores. I think that I need to contact the CRAs to put on a fraud allert, correct? I know that these answers are somewhere on this board, but I am not able to concentrate enough and don't trust my judgement. Can someone please give me some direction on what to do and in what order and how those actions will affect my credit. I have not been active on this board in awhile, but my FICO is over 800 now and I worked so hard to loose points now. TIA
  2. I have an order # and a file number.....I don't remember which one to use when disputing a baddie. The order number is on my reciept and the file number is on my report. I'm pretty sure that it is the file number, but I am not absolutely sure. TIA
  3. Ah come on y'all.....I did my newbies homework 7 years ago. Are you really going to make me read that stuff again???LOL Just a simple question....Where can I go to get a paid TU report that will give me a report #? TIA
  4. I went to the experian site and was charged 40 bucks for 3 credit reports. I want to dispute 1 medical collections on transunion, but none of the reports have a report #. I know that It used to be that I needed to use a paid report to limit the CRAs to 30 days to obtain proof of the debt.....otherwise a free report would increase their burdon to 45 days. Is this still true? If so, Where can I obtain a paid report that will give me a report #? Its been years since my last dispute, so I a out of practice........TIA
  5. My daughter is looking to get a preapproval for a bank loan. Unfortunately, she has a $175 medical collections from 2008 in ONLY her Transunion report. I hear that Morgage banks pull 2 out of three reports.....Is this true? If so, does anyone know of a morgage bank in NYC that doesn't pull transunion? I am in the process of trying to learn how to dispute this medical collection. She is looking to get a 150G preapproval, Is that realistic?
  6. Should I just buy the other 2 reports and forget about EX or is there another way to find out the score? Will, for instance, a creditor be able to get the score and maybe let us know what it is?
  7. Haven't been to Myfico.com in awhile and don't see an opion to buy an experian fico score.....what changed? Where do I have to go to get their fico score? TIA
  8. I upgraded to the margin account today, was approved with no hard pull....
  9. I opened the account about 4 hours ago and no hard pull....Thanks all.........
  10. I quess I could start out with the basic cash account and change account types as needed... Does anyone know who they pull for the margin accounts and what FICOs they are looking for? I checked the Pulls database and it wasn't included.
  11. I am going to join Tdameritrade and want to know if there is going to be a hard pull for the basic Cash account. Also, the other options to join include, Cash & Margin, Cash & Option and Cash, Margin & Option. Will there be a credit check for these types of accounts?
  12. If the shoe was on the other foot, I bet CitiBank Visa would interigate you for any and all info that you could have reguarding a breach that may have occured while you were using their card.....
  13. thesilverman109


    Almost everyone is safe from their AA, if you close the account immediately after you PIF... Assuming you haven't been CLD yet.
  14. I checked PM today....After Juniper closed my account, I was curious as to how it would get posted on my CRs.....Junipers CSR said that the account was closed due to "too many new accounts opened this year....This was, of course AFTER they gave me a preapproval on a MC.....Anyway, I was suprised that the notation on EX said that the "Account has been closed due to inactivity". I know that this is still an AA, but on a manual review, I think it looks better than "Closed because of too many new accounts" Is this a better notation to have or is it equally the same AA nomatter the notation?
  15. I'm in also....I suffered some mental anguish as a result of their letter.....It's like going into a store making a purchase and being searched on the way out because you "could" be a potential thief.

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