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  1. Thanks, Whychat! Update as of 12/05/11 - CSC (Equifax) deleted Tradeline. Letter to Experian received 12/03/11. Sending letter to TU today. Update as of 12/23/11 - Equifax and TU deleted -- Experian updated to $0 balance - Paid Collection. Just to verify that the next step is to file HIPPAA complaint against OC , CA, and Experian? Thanks Whychat and Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi, The TL is reporting as $2,500 with a zero balance so I should be good. I believe I'm closing the Secured card(s) and waiting to see if Cap1 shows me some love with CLI on the other before the AF needs to be paid again before closing that one. Funny that my FICO score only changes a couple of points with the increased credit line (and reduced util) but it was worth a shot. Now I'll just take that money and pay on my personal loan at NFCU and move on. Thanks for the input...
  3. I have a CAP1 secured credit card ($49.00 AF) that I started about 6 months ago and recently added deposits to raise from $200 to $2500. It is reporting on all 3 CRA as $2500 now. Would it adversely affect me to close this out (I have other better cards noiw) and pay that $2500 on my NFCU personal loan vs just letting it sit at CAP1, It did not bump my scores up much (1-2 points) going from 200 to 2500. It would still be in my AAOA (even as closed) and the UTIL should not be affected much. Opinions appreciated.
  4. Send the follow up letters to the OC. Copy to CA If this does not get you a deletion then file the HIPAA complaint against BOTH the OC and the CA Thanks, Whychat! Update as of 12/05/11 - CSC (Equifax) deleted Tradeline. Letter to Experian recieved 12/03/11. Sending letter to TU today.
  5. Update : Sent Experian Pre-HIPPA letter on 12/2 SOB CA just added another report on Transunion now - reporting to all three vs just CSC originally (after OC was paid) - will send Pre-HIPPA to TU on Monday. Is there anything I can do against the CA for reporting after the OC was paid - they are just being vindictive since they didn't get paid - there should be some recourse here... Thanks!
  6. Please tell me you sent a dispute to the CRAs FIRST and received the response from the CA in response to the CRA dispute Otherwise you had NO proof of any relationship between the OC and the reporting CA . IF you meant to say that the initial dispute letter was to the CRAs and that you sent the payment to the OC AFTER obtaining documentation of the current relationship, AND the money order had the restrictive endorsement, then your next step would be to re-dispute and send the OC the follow up letters.( these instructions are at the bottom of the HIPAA letter following insert "c". INSTRUCTIONS FOR FOLLOW UP TO "HIPAA" LETTER TO ORIGINAL CREDITOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER ALL FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE SHOULD BE SENT CMRR 1- Make sure any money order has been deposited ,or you have received a return receipt from your letter if insert "b" or "c" were used. 2- Send the follow up letter posted below. 3- Send a copy of the follow up letter to the OC (legal dept) with the cover letter,(follows letter to CRA) 4- If the CRA responds with verification from the CA or the OC, file a complaint with the HIPAA administration for the OC's , the CA's and the CRA's violation of the privacy rules of HIPAA,and with any available State's Medical Privacy Act administration. If they do NOT respond with any verification and the account is NOT deleted, file a civil suit against the OC and the CA for their liability for violations of the FCRA and FACTA. 5- DO NOT under any circumstances, write or correspond with the CA regarding this matter, any correspondence or communication that YOU instigate, while not a waiver of your privacy rights under HIPAA, will impede any cause of action you might have as the non permitted "communication" would have come from YOU. Please understand, that any CA or CRA now has FULL liability under HIPAA, even if they are NOT the health provider and/or have no business relationship with them. They are NOW covered under the provisions of the act for all medical accounts", they are now also subject to the the penalty rules of the HITECH Act as issued 11/30/2009. if THEY violate, they can also be named in ALL your filed complaints. Letter To Cra After HIPAA Letter Use this AFTER you have received the green card back and received verification that any money order has been deposited (if using insert "a") To Equiexptu Sirs; This is a dispute of account information on my credit report, (report #) Please re-investigate (or investigate if you have not previously disputed) the following disputed account on my credit report. (give CA name and acct. #) Please furnish me with verification that (CA name) is reporting this account from (OC name) for ($ amount) in my name. I require the identification of the reporting party and the date of their verification. I require documentation of the authorized HIPAA business relationship between (CA name)and (OC name) and documentation of your authorized HIPAA business relationship between yourself and either ( name of CA) or (name of OC). Please be advised that this request is being made in accordance with the requirements of the FCRA and FACTA and the privacy rules of the HIPAA and (your State)'s Medical Privacy Act. Please be advised that you are subject to the penalty rules of the HITECH Act as issued 11/30/2009. Sincerely, Ido N Tnow (Send a copy to the HIPAA Compliance Dept. of the OC health provider with the following cover letter) Cover Letter Your Name Address HIPAA Compliance Office OC Name Address Re: Letter of (date of original letter) Account #(original account #) Dear Sir or Madam; Enclosed please find a copy of my letter(s) of dispute to (CRA (s)). Please note, I am providing you with an additional opportunity to have this account removed from (CA) and deleted from my credit reports if you have not already done so. I have no desire to cause you unnecessary difficulty,however,this entry of my private health care information,on my credit report, for an account that no longer has ANY permitted business purpose waiver since there is NO payment due, has caused injury to my credit reputation,and has left me no choice but to proceed with the following: Upon my receipt of the FCRA and FACTA mandated reply from (CRA),if the account has NOT been deleted in its entirety,I will take appropriate action to enforce my rights under the HIPAA, FCRA and FACTA rules and ARRA , including the penalty rules of the HITECH Act as issued 11/30/2009. and (your State)'s Consumer Protection and Medical Privacy statutes. Sincerely, Good afternoon, Whychat and thanks for the quick response. Yes, I disputed with CRA (only CSC since they were the only one reporting it at first) first - got a letter from CA with the documentation from OC. I have sent CSC the followup redispute letter (cc'd OC) and have same letter ready for experian (just saw that they reported to them also AFTER I paid the OC) Do I wait the full 30 days (fron reciept of Experian letter) before the next steps? << I think so but you are the expert >> Thanks for everything you do...
  7. Steps Taken: Opted out old addresses Sent Pre-hippa DV letter to CA - returned verified with business relationship documentation. Sent HIPPA letter (with insert A and full payment via Bank cashiers check) to OC Verified payment recieved and check cashed *** CA reported Collection account with $0 balance to CSC Sent CRA (CSC) followup letter Sent copy of Followup letter to CRA to OC *** CA is now also reporting to another CRA (Experian) the collection acount with $0 balance so I am now worse off than before I started. Next steps are: Send followup letter to CRA (Experian) Send courtesy letter to OC about upcoming HIPPA Complaint ??? - File BBB compaint against OC and CA ??? - File FTC complaint against CRA's wait 10 days and file HIPPA complaint Thoughts? Thank you... FYI - my FICO score dropped 100 points with this $218.00 collection!
  8. I was wondering if this is like the WALMART Discover or if its a true AMEX? I can't get a AMEX due to me owing them about 10K from a settlement 15 years ago (and Im good with that) but if I can get a COSTCO card - That would be good with their recent 4% cashback, $150 statement credit, etc. Thanks!
  9. I have two late accounts at Transunion from 2006 and 2007. Disputed and came back verified. Wrote both OC's and got letter stating that they are updating all 3 CRA's with status of NEVER LATE - PAID in FULL - CLOSED. Sent letters to all three CRA's and all but TU updated status correctly. Redisputed with TU after sending documentation directly via CM and fax - NO CHANGE What is my next steps in getting these removed? Is there a better number to call or fax? Thanks!
  10. Im confused. You said you don't believe they are legit and everyone above says they are scammers and yet you still question whether or not you should have given them your banking information? If you don't close that account immediately - well, just say "a fool and his money are soon parted" Im not the brightest bulb but one thing I do know - NEVER EVER give your banking information to anyone trying to collect money. Good luck!
  11. USAA-CCMP doesn't show you softs, so you are grabbing the wrong info. I use Equifax-Complete of some flavor or another - it shows me softs on EQ. I still have to use Chrome to copy-paste it though; IE adds lines that eff things up. I used EQ-Complete list also and after some formatting via notepad - my results were Soft Inquiries: 127 (~ -5 older than oldest hard inquiry) (Possible C* Detected) Not sure what that means but most of my inquiries are recent (within the last 3 months) and several mortgage (which I believe dont B*) - can someone interpet the message for me as Im not seeing any B* - Oldest hard was 12/04/10 Thanks!
  12. I had good luck with them in Aug with Chase. Got me in touch with the right people anyway. I would say - Go for it. What can it hurt? Good Luck!
  13. according to the debt spreadsheet - about 11 months but that's paying the original $2955 (which is what I budgeted for) - estimated 4% APR.
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