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  1. APPROVING BANK. JP Morgan Chase BUREAU PULLED Transunion CREDIT SCORE. 601 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE. Indiana NEW/USED. New YEAR OF VEHICLE. 2016 MILEAGE 7 RETAIL/LEASE retail AMOUNT OF LOAN. 25,000 TERM CONTRACTED. 72 mos APR/LEASE RATE 2.49 MONTHLY PAYMENT 375.00 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: purchased through Costco car buying program so price was below invoice. No haggling, arguing, stress, etc. The ease of buying made conversation more relaxed and friendly, which I think helped us to get a second-tier loan rate rather than 4th tier... the finance manager called the bank on our behalf a coup
  2. i don't know that i actually "collect" anything... i just hoard. fabric, beads, yarn and Pampered Chef stuff. i do have a few dresses my grandmother (who passed away when i was 5) made for me when i was a toddler stashed away at my mom's house for safekeeping... that would be the only thing worth mentioning that has any real meaning to me. they are just a few things that my grandfather and uncle didn't get rid of after she passed away.
  3. i haven't seen that... yet. i can say that DH uses wayyyyyyy too much gel, though. it's mostly because his hair doesn't lay right since it's wavy. if i didn't have enough to do and i wanted to save a little money i could water down his pillowcase and squeeze the reconstituted gel back into it's original container if i really wanted... but, ummm, no.
  4. i was gonna be mean and tell ya all about my wonderful lunch that DH made for me... but i won't. maybe next time. but steamed or grilled veggies do sound sooooo good... maybe on a nice veggie pizza!
  5. i'm glad to hear your surgeries went well... i hope you continue to heal in the best way possible! my mom is supposed to have spinal surgery as well as surgery to correct nerve damage and she's putting it off because she can't get time off work since her doctor's office is having a hard time understanding how FMLA paperwork is supposed to be done or that it even effects her... and it's her work that caused her to have this problem in the first place. it's just absurd.
  6. i'm so sorry about your mom... i hope she starts doing better soon. prayers on their way.
  7. well, if it makes you feel any better i had said pretty much the same thing to DH a few years back when we drove by a relatively new restaurant with the words "open flame" as part of the name and saw that it had been reduced to a 4 foot tall heap of blackened scrap. so yeah... i have my moments as well.
  8. purpose of you eating them. maybe that was her point?
  9. I'm not entirely certain, because I can't find any direct reference to it in the FAQs, but I think, since this is a safe place to explore your space issues, that you can probably just hold up your talking hand and say, "Hell naw, anonymous person - I will not cuddle your stank." But Lisa will tell us when she reports back here. Lisa, you must search out someone who smells like hot flowers and experiment with several reactions to see which works best. I found a link to the rules. One of the rules (like 14 or something) was that ya had to be "hygiene savvy" to participate. So,
  10. boy did i call it right on the nose. that's exactly what she's done. her house, her money. no big deal. but at least i got some good info here... thanks to all who replied!
  11. now my mom is freaking out about doing this ourselves... i totally knew she would and almost made mention of it last night in one of my responses. it sounds like she's not sure how to turn off the breakers... her houses before this one had fuses so that's what she's used to. and she's worried that if we shut off a breaker or two that they won't come back on. i tried to explain to her how they work and that the possibility of something going that wrong are next to none but i would be willing to bet she's going thru the phone book right now looking for someone to replace the thermostat just f
  12. i'm with Nem also... 90th birthdays are pretty rare and... ya know. just be as prepared as you can be... have everyone's cell phones fully charged, have the state PD's phone number handy in case you need it, have plenty of blankets, plenty of gas in the cars, blah blah blah. it's murphy's law... if you are totally prepared, virtually nothing can go wrong.
  13. I agree, I'd flip the breaker for the furnace, not for the whole house. If ya cut power to the whole house, ya got a lot of clocks to reprogram. using the breaker switch for the furnace is definitely a must... but there have been cases of mislabeled breaker boxes and i don't want to have to worry about that being the case and getting fried. *that's* what i've been most paranoid about... not about whether or not to cut the power.
  14. i didn't see anything in the FAQ about "what if someone wants to cuddle and they smell like hot flowers?" that's definitely something i'd want to know how to avoid if i were the type of person that would go to one of those parties.
  15. wow... i fully embrace my personal space issues and the fact that i sometimes look around for something to physically damage someone with if they get too close. ain't no "cuddle party" in my future... that's for sure!
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