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  1. So they didn't preapprove you, like Commenity-backed cards. You mean to say you filled the cart, and applied for the card, thinking having things in the cart would sway their decision to give you a card. Am I understanding correctly? Or did you actually have a preapproval link/popup?
  2. Just got my daughter signed up. Thanks
  3. Really? Other than possibly lowering my AAOA - how would a second (high limit) NFCU card hurt my credit limit possiblities? There's a max exposure limit with NFCU, and whatever limits you have, they would be willing to give you on one card. If you have more than one card, you are dividing what they are willing to give you amongst more than 1 card. Exactly. I meant to spell it out, but I was in a hurry. Also, for underwriting's sake, I'd rather have one large line than two smaller lines that equal that large line.
  4. I wouldn't recommend another NFCU card. I'd recommend building the one you have. You'll just drop your AAOA and limit your credit limit possibilities.
  5. If you just joined NFCU and don't want the hassle of going through the whole security nightmare, I would avoid it. If you've been a member for awhile, and this is not your first credit product with them, then go for it. This is not to say it can't happen. It can. But I know, first hand, that when you get greedy with them off the bat, the red flags start flying.
  6. That makes sense. My wife and I both go the Cap1 cash rewards cards, both got the auto CLI to $750 and they sat there. She continued charging on it and paying (these were our every day cards), but the balance never came close to hitting $0. I paid mine off and let it set. After a week, I got another auto CLI to $1250. They definitely like to see the card used, but paid off right away.
  7. Sedric, not yet. They're still in the middle of the transition. I applied the other day and was told CLI's are not yet available for HSBC transition customers.
  8. This is true, automated increases can happen before 9 months. That happened with my wife's VS card. If you've used it, a lot of times, they'll give you an increase before the semi-annual sale. As far as when, I think it's typically after the 9th statement cuts. You can try beforehand. It won't cost you a hard inquiry. If they deny you, try back after the 9th statement cuts.
  9. You have to wait 9 months for your first increase, then 4 months for each additional increase. I actually just got my $200 4 month increase a little bit ago. Express started at $250 December 2011 and it's up to $1180. Not bad for a store card, really. Who needs to spend over $1000 for clothing? You've got problems if you do. But it's great for credit utilization.
  10. I just hit the button. Got the 10 day message. I'm sure it'll be denied. I just got an automatic CLI at the beginning of May from $750 to $1250...
  11. I got my check a few weeks ago for $6000. Better than a kick in the pants, that's for sure. I was hoping for more considering all I went through, but seeing the amounts of others, I am definitely happy with what I received.
  12. This was a thread from last year. They seem to have removed the luv button for the moment. I did, however, just get a $400 auto CLI last month.
  13. Many many years back, I had a title loan on a real POS. Times got a bit rougher, and I couldn't pay. They didn't want the car. They only wanted the money. So I took the car and put it on city property, then called in an abandoned vehicle report. No tow charges.
  14. I personally wouldn't get any of these cards from somewhere that wasn't reputable. Express, Victoria's Secret, Maurices, The Buckle, etc.. Those are all good. I've stayed away from many of the others.
  15. There are several different legitimate lawsuits out there. There is the national one, whose website is https://independentforeclosurereview.com/ and then there are state ones in many states.

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