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  1. I am in SH with all three CRA's have been since about 2003. Then again, I sued all three and won.
  2. grendel

    1-2 Punch

    Funny. You want to correct me, but go then ahead and validate why the punch still works, with a knock out. It shows you lack understanding of why this works, FCRA and FDCPA, Furnisher and CRA. Why do you think I mention the 30 days? The second punch isn't for the Furnisher, it's for the CRA and is listed under the FCRA and every notification they give you. What happens when the Furnisher doesn't validate, but the CRA does their normal process anyway? Do you think they're looking at any of these? To the OP: Wait for the 30 days for the CRA investigation to end. Pray that the CA doesn't validate. Wait for the CRA either to delete or notify you that everything's perfect.
  3. grendel

    1-2 Punch

    Then there's the knock out. The CRA will of course check their tape and confirm it without really talking with the Furnisher. You then ask for a procedural request, as you're supposed to be able to replicate the CRA's actions and face your accuser, the Furnisher. So now you have either the Furnisher breaking the law or the CRA breaking the law. Sue them if they don't delete.
  4. grendel

    1-2 Punch

    Send DV letters, once they get them, investigate with the CRA. Don't send another DV letter. Why in this order? DV letter binds them for 30 days, as reporting to a CRA is deemed to be collection activity. They have 30 days to respond to you or delete. Yes, I coined the 1-2 Punch.
  5. I think that one is pays as agreed. They're getting all their money back.
  6. Well, do you ever need Chase as a creditor again? I think one will ding you more than the other and I am sure you know which one I mean.
  7. grendel


    I keep things goal oriented, so things like a FAKO drop do not matter. Why are you on your credit journey?
  8. Snow ball them, too. Pay the smallest debt the most you can stomache until that is paid off, then apply that payment to the next smallest card. I'd hope the smallest card has the highest APR.
  9. grendel


    The term you used is "black listed". None of your referenced threads show any blacklisting. On the other hand, we have seen multiple instances where someone has joined, had their membership terminated due to ineligibility and then were able to overcome that by joining again with a proper sponsor. I've seen it myself. Regarding the fraud scenario, it still doesn't hold water. The USAM sheds more light on this, but the really cute trick is when you use Boat School contacts and talk with a real AUSA. They are not going to prosecute unless there is an actual overt lie on the application. An implication of legitimate membership when none exists doesn't hold water. It's far-fetched to imagine anything not directly related to overall creditworthiness or identity would justify an indictment. If it's not a specific field on the application, it's a non-starter, they say. You hit the nail on the head. Identity. Your membership status and how you got it is part of your identity. Yes, they have appreared in BK court over debt accrued under false membership. They also won. Thanks for your service, BTW. Glad we're not casting aspersions on each other.
  10. grendel


    Let me take two seconds and search for you: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=470009&do=findComment&comment=4491706 http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=334585 Now, is lying on a credit card app a felony? I've alread shown you where members have had their LOC's revoked as well as membership. Again, imagine if you had to BK them and got in fraudently. You think they don't take that seriously? I know they do.
  11. not to nitpick but I believe midland funding is the junk debt buyer and midland credit management is the collection agency for midland funding. I believe they have them set up as two different companies. so technically he wasnt wrong.. though maybe I am. Still dealing with a JDB - or a CA for a JDB and that's all the difference in the world. I'd say it's even better... JDB rarely get all the details/docs. Can you imagine the hand off from the JDB to the CA? Hilarious.
  12. Yep. I'd send a FOAD... no need to give them any info they can use against you.
  13. A collection agency is an extension of the OC. They are assigned the legal rights (by the OC) to collect a debt, pre charge off, etc. A JDB buys "portfolios" of charged off debt and tries to collect it. They may have the legal rights to collect it, as they bought it, sort of like banks bundle up mortgages and sell them. The problem is, they often don't get all the documentation or have a reasonable process to actually collect it.

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