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  1. Hi, i agree it is extremely dangerous and unethical, but is it actually illegal? I ask out of curiosity since there is a popular financial independence blogger that touts this. If this is actually illegal maybe we should educate him?
  2. Just got a letter from Target that said I will be upgraded to the Target MasterCard in October with a $9K credit limit. Does anyone know if the credit history from the old card will report? Or will this report as a new tradeline?
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I tried contacting CapitalOne and asking them to take these names off their list. The problem was that I got a non-US call center and it took forever just to get one name removed. Plus, who knows if they really did anything. It’s really just an annoyance and I am never sure what to do with this stuff.
  4. Every so often I receive credit card offers from CapitalOne at my address, only they are not addressed to me. They are addressed to other people! Does anyone have any ideas why this might be occurring and how I can get them to stop?
  5. Mine converted to a MC in less than a year back in 2016. Thank you for the feedback. Is there anything in particular that you think may have triggered the conversion?
  6. I am curious if Target ever converts anyone from a Target Red Card to a Target Master Card account? There were some posts about this on the MyFico boards about 1.5 years ago. I recently entered my income into the site so I'll wait to see what happens.
  7. Ive been doing some reading on this scheme. It appears some criminals are using it to create synthetic identities, run up charges, and skip out on the bill. I wonder what the consequences are for the guy on EBay if he unknowingly gets linked to some of these fraudsters? Here is an article about it: https://securityintelligence.com/synthetic-identity-theft-three-ways-synthetic-identities-are-created/ This seems key: Authorized Users The authorized user process is how most synthetic IDs are created. Adding authorized users to an account is legal and allowable by credit card issuers. It is typically used for legitimate purposes, such as adding a spouse or a child. Fraudsters exploit the authorized user process and actively recruit cardholders with good credit to add unknown people/identities to their card, often for just several days. Using this technique, often referred to as piggybacking, the legitimate cardholder receives a fee for adding the authorized user identity to his or her account. A credit card is not issued to the authorized user; it simply sits on the credit account for a period and inherits the card owners credit history. Once the trade lines have reported to the CRAs, the synthetic identity can be removed from the account as an authorized user, but the credit history is retained. The fraudster will then apply for credit with multiple card issuers. With multiple credit lines successfully obtained, the fraudster will max out all the credit lines by buying gift cards and valuable merchandise such as smartphones and other electronics that can be easily sold. In this example, the fraudster could also execute a bust-out scheme in which the credit lines are maxed out, paid down with worthless or counterfeit checks and maxed out again before the check payments are returned. This creates an exposure of as much as two times the original credit limit. Well-organized criminals may be able to repeat this process more than once. Card owners who are recruited to add authorized users will have as many as 50 in their account at once. Card owners may believe they are donating their good credit history to help others establish or repair their credit. There are many credit repair/piggybacking brokers who bring together donors and those who need credit assistance. Accounts that continually produce identities tied to fraudulent activity are known as pollinator accounts.
  8. ...reminds me of Bob. Who is Bob?
  9. Aren’t there consequences for adding a bunch of authorized users you don’t know to your credit cards?
  10. False alarm -- sorry! I pulled the full version of Experian and see the inquiry on there.
  11. I was approved for an Ally Visa Credit Card and just received it. I checked all three credit reports but could not find an inquiry. Is it possible they approved it without putting a hard on any of my credit reports? Am I missing something?
  12. I did call twice and nothing happened that I can see. I'm not sure I have any personal info to update but I'll look into it.
  13. I checked CreditKarma today. I also logged directly into my Experian and Equifax reports. If you do some google searches and searches on this site there are some threads about this situation. I was curious if anyone had recent experience.

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