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  1. Thanks for your guidance! I was about to mail that to the new CA (with tracking), but I'm a little nervous. The new CA is offering me a discount and it's only $43, so I wonder if I should just pay them. Of course that's what they want to happen. I am worried if this letter doesn't work and they report to at least one bureau. Do you think that's very unlikely they would report to a bureau? I would rather pay than have on a bureau for a month or two while I try to get it removed. I guess that they would notify me first before reporting? The original CA is no longer showing on the first bureau I disputed, and hopefully it will be off the second bureau soon.
  2. Yes, that max was 20% of the total, and the amount on the CRs is the same (rounded to the nearest dollar). No, I had not met my deductible. My first dispute letter had tracking (as your guide said to do), but the post office showed that the letter stopped moving 30 days ago. So I don't know if that bureau received my dispute. But something new happened, and it might have been triggered by the dispute I made, if they did receive it. (The post office might just not have scanned it properly.) The CA listed on 2 of my CRs has probably resold the debt? I got a letter from a new CA for the same debt saying that the account has been "placed" with them. This is a CA that I've never seen before. Also, IIRC, the first CA did not have/use my current address, but this new CA wrote to my current address. If they did receive my first dispute letter, then I should receive a response soon, but I wonder if I should handwrite another one and send it out. I should have done that once the tracking stopped updating, but I was dealing with some other things. I feel that it's probably not a coincidence that the CA sells my account to another CA within 2 weeks after the bureau would have forwarded them my handwritten dispute. Hopefully that original CA is removed from the other bureau (second dispute) since they sold it.
  3. How much does business income matter? If I have a good PayDex and my business has been open for many years, could I be denied for too low revenue? They would probably give me the option to give PG? I've read that for some credit card applications, you can put your estimated future revenue. How do I know when I have to put the real amount (low) or if I can predict business income for the coming year? Generally are they only going to ask for one number for revenue/income? I'm surprised they don't want to know multiple years for certain applications, but I guess loans may be more thorough?
  4. In the above post, what I meant is that I already looked at my MSNs and they don't directly say anything besides the max amount the provider can bill me.
  5. Oh. I think maybe it's because this medical provider is so large. It's reporting on 2 of the 3 main bureaus and disputes are in progress. I have original Medicare and the MSN doesn't seem to say anything about responsibility specifically, but it says the provider can bill me up to a certain amount (which is 20%). I don't think we get EOMBs.
  6. Really? It's only been a bit over 3 years, and I think it's 5 years in many states including mine?
  7. I know that it can be difficult to get a mortgage for a corporation, but I wondered if anyone has info on a hybrid kind of situation? Where it would be my LLC applying for the mortgage, but my company would have a signed lease with myself (and probably one other person). So it would be owner-occupied basically, even though it would not be a personal/individual mortgage? I could sign for 5 years so that the mortgage company feels that's more stable. Am I right that this would be more difficult than getting a standard personal mortgage? I'm thinking of trying to build business credit, but I don't want to spend the time and effort if it won't qualify for a loan anyway. I know that I could get the personal mortgage (but I want it through the LLC so that I can add/remove other tenants more easily.)
  8. I want to refi my auto loan in 6 mo or less, so I'm trying to choose a bank/CU and develop a prior relationship now. If I have a small business account somewhere, would they consider that prior relationship when I apply for the individual/personal refi? This would be a business with an EIN, not a sole-prop. It would be a savings account, checking account, or credit card or maybe two of the above. I would rather not get another personal account, but I want to make sure this "counts".
  9. I would like clarification. I'm trying to do the initial CRA letter. On https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html it says "Make sure you HAND ADDRESS the envelope" But on https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html it says "You can also print a priority mail label on line with a USPO account." I already printed the label online, but I will redo this if I need to? My form is handwritten. Thank you!
  10. Ok, thanks! Yes, a health care facility. Date of service was in July 2017. I have my EOMB. By "threatened" I just meant they kept saying they were going to send it to collections if I didn't pay.
  11. Thanks, I didn't think about how it was different. I was hoping people here could give me questions or tips? Prior to hiring. I'm not even sure about going that route though because of the time it would take.
  12. My post stated that it's a tax lien that was bought and that they're charging fees above the acceptable state regulations and it's in writing. Yes, within SOL. Edit: Residential property tax. Not sure if there's more I should answer?
  13. I understand the HIPAA method, but in my situation is it quicker to ask for PFD? The OC threatened to sell the debt and then apparently did. I don't recall seeing any letters/voicemails/calls from the CA but there might have been ones I missed. Most likely if they sent me anything it was to my mailbox which was temporarily not accepting mail. The debt is showing on one of my CRs and I haven't checked the others since. I want to spend as little time as possible for my situation because it is a tiny bill. It would be nice if the OC got the money instead the CA, but I am disabled and have to conserve energy.

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