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  1. Thanks for the insight MarvBear, but my intentions were not to discredit staff, but was to voice my personal experience with dealing with private student loan lending. Also, I attached websites that does provide proof of this information. These loans are avaiable to both, undergrads and graduates. Most importantly, I know whats its like to be in that situation, so I try to help others when I can. So, hopefully, I have not insulted anyone. Thanks
  2. WOW!!! Give me the details! I do not have an account with IKEA, but was thinking about applying for them in the next few months. WOW!
  3. Well I agree, but I also have to disagree as well. I do not see anything wrong with building credit as your maintain a positive relationship with a bank, both personal or business. I requests 2 CLI per year on my personal and business because both cards get major spending exposure. Most importantly, who wants a card that has a low limit for an account that they charge on a regular? I try to make sure that I am always under 15% of my CL because it has a huge impact on your scores on EX and EQ (business) and also personal. Honestly, I know that my interests here was to understand business credit and how to improve it. Fraud was never a concern of mine.
  4. I haven't been on the boards I've been busy at work. However, she did send in her info! They did re-activate her cards! However, I just wanted to warn people! I'm sure they might be some that aren't that lucky! Yes, I am glad that you started this thread because GE will block personal and credit if they see a lot of apps and CL requests within a certain time-frame. Last year, I applied for a Walmart card personal and decided that I wanted one for my business. I was approved for both and recieved the cards. However, I requested a CL for my business account and fraud indicated thats what placed my accounts under a block status. Yes, after speaking to the agent she also informed me that they will sometimes block personal and and business accounts. So yes, I am glad you brought to us as a means of caution.
  5. Well, companies does have a standard which they base their decisions; however, I think that it would be incorrect to state that those standards are set in stone. Many underwrities have access to what I refer to as "blended reports". So, it is very possible for someone to not meet certain standards, but are still approved through no-pg means. Its happen to me. I have several revloving accounts that did not require PG, but since I had personal account with these companies, I think this help land the approval for the non-PG business accounts.
  6. I decided to watch responses to this question because I had the same question as well. I also found myself having to search for a private loan as well and I did find one that is based off of my credit and is disbursted directly to my school and it was Sallie Mae. Also, I am always getting maliers from Discover and Citibank, so I am sure that these type loans does exists for undergraduate students. In Georgia, Sallie Mae and Discover pulls TU and Citibank pulls EX or EQ, so your credit file needs to lack derog items to ensure that you can be approved for a stand alone loan. However, if you do not meet the qualifications, you can be approved by adding a co-signer with decent credit. So, again private student loan lending does still exist. The websites where the information can be found are indicated below: https://www.salliemae.com/landing/dp/?dtd_cell=SEMGOLNRGSL000708&002=2200491&004=1209676132&005=891858558&006=12055010122&007=Search&008= https://www.discover.com/student-loans/private-student-loans/undergraduate-student-loans.html?ef_id=c2FQB6z060oAAAcD:20120723181424:s&acmpgn=PGDEN00467 https://www.studentloan.com/landing/citiassist.htm?msc=GLONG1E I think that it is extremely important that reliable information is readily available to us all, so I hope that this information does provide a means of correction and education.
  7. Yes, it was somewhat "fun" at first when I noticed accounts being added and my scores increasing; however, after paying so much for the product, it becomes somewhat annoying price-wise LOL. The greatest let-down was when I was told by DnB that they did not allow American Express charge cards to report to them. That payment history would have really served as a quick off-set because it has a monthly spending average of 6500-7000. Nonetheless, credit-builder serves as no help in this regards. Also, if you want to self-manage your account they do have a self-monitoring service for 19.99 per month, which give you updates about account changes.
  8. dis - Since you've been subscribing for 8+ months, you must have seen some good results. What was your business credit profile like pre-DnB versus now? Thanks! I had no file before I purchased Credit Builder, but I had already started following the CB process for getting my file established by getting the net accounts. I really do think that it is a rip-off because all of the vendors that I was being approved for was already hitting and establishing my Equifax SB and Experian file and I paid zero for their services. I, also, put Credit Builder to the test by purchasing EQ and EX products at the same time because I had no files with either. Both agency did require me to send in business information to show that my business was legit, but after that, everything started reporting like clockwork to EQ and EX. Til this day, I have 9 vendors reporting on EX and EQ files; while on the other hand, only 5 showing with DnB. I do have a paydex score of 80 (Finally) with solid scores, but it costs a leg/arm. So, to answer your question, I saw better results with EQ and EX than DnB. Credit Builder did provide me the means of submitting financials and vendors, but I honestly feel that through blended reports is what really helped me establish my file and not Credit Builder.
  9. Honestly, I would NOT suggest the product. My start-up company became incorporated last year, but we had been doing business under sole. When I purchased the product, my intentions were to add some of the venders to my credit file without waiting forever. Boi, was I in for a B-I-G Shock! Out of six vendors, only one could be added through the application because the other vendors did not report/or have a DnB number. Not to mention, DnB have additional criteria that must be satisfied by loan type, which I vaguely remembers. As mentioned earlier, I purchased the item in November 2011 without financials and nothing moved, but when the financials were added in February 2012, I received a paydex score with only two reporting and ratings quickly. Overall, I think that when purchasing the product, one must submit financials to see ratings as the product outlines. Also, please note: if you add any vendor to your file through Credit builder and cancels the product, DnB will remove that vendor from your credit file!!!!!
  10. Well GE did the same thing with me. They do not like to see alot of apps and CL requests within 6 months (Approved or Declined). I sent in the information that they requested and they re-activated my accounts with the CL request that I wanted. So, just tell your friend to send in the docs and they will re-activate the accounts.
  11. I have had Credit-builder since November 2011. What questions do you have?
  12. Well I have never been late on a payment, but I can confirm that they are able to see all of your card accounts at once. When my JC Penny account was flagged for verification and blocked. The agent in verification asked me questions about my last transactions on my other cards to lift the blocks. I have Wally, Sams, Chevron Texaco, Gap Visa, PayPal, BillMelater, TJ MAXX, PepBoys, and a few more. So, Im sure that they do have the capability of seeing all cards, CLs, and usages.
  13. Oh okay thanks for the information guys. EX does seem to be similar to personal because they are very, very sensitive to inquires. But I was told that the scores are not the real one. Is this to be true or myth?
  14. Thanks for all of the help guys. I am happy to report that my EX score has increased. I was shocked! Yesterday, my score was a 12 and today its a 59! Wow, I wonder what happened?
  15. Yes, that is correct. I was also told that it will take around three month to show. They want to see a few months of activity before they will grant the Paydex number. I have had my paydex for about 3 months now. Would anyone know the best way to increase the Paydex over 80?

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