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  1. Thank you! I forgot to mention I received the "please call us to verify" message after I applied, not instant approval. When I called they asked about my income, verified my name, address, and phone #. I was put on hold for 3 min then approved. I think they are tough on BK's because I've been denied in the past by them. Congats! Its a card on my wish list.
  2. I was approved yesterday for the AA Card by Citi and given an $8,500 credit limit. My BK was discharged 11/08, utilization 3%, and my credit score is 700.
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. My goal was to change from my 30 year to a 15 year to build equity faster.
  4. Appreciate you're response. Good to read from an Underwriter which puts things in a better perspective for me. 😘
  5. In 2011, I sued BOA for RESPA violations and settled out of court with them which resulted in me agreeing to a foreclosure and a cash settlement. The foreclosure was finalized Jan 2012. I've since purchased another home via FHA and would like to refinance via conventional mortgage. My FICO is 692. I recently tried with an internet lender and was denied at final underwriting because of the foreclosure waiting period of 7 years. I know Fannie Mae allows for extenuating circumstances but I was told I did not qualify even though I produced a copy of the lawsuit and settlement agreement. I personally think the lender just didnt want to deal with it. Does anyone of any post foreclosre friendly conventional refinance lenders I can contact?
  6. I actually submitted my application online 2 days ago and already pre-approved for a 15 year fixed at 2.75% with 1.5 points. My FICO is 692. I'm working with Khola and he has been terrific thus far to work with.
  7. Last year, I was in the hospital for a few days for a medical condition. Upon discharge, I paid all my co-payments at the facility, as well as, everything mailed to me-no problem! At least I thought! October 2014 comes, I close on my new condo, and move to my new place. I change my address with USPS and notified everyone I could think of. Low and behold yesterday I received an email from my credit monitoring service that a bill for $300 was place in collections and now on my credit report!! I called the collection agency today and found out they have been sending me letters, apparently, to my old address. I explained to them I moved, never received any letters, immediately the bill with my credit card, and was told they would report the payment to the credit bureaus. My thought process is they will report a zero balance but not delete the account from my credit reports. Is there anything I can do? Can this collections be deleted? Any help appreciated. Thank you!!!
  8. My Chap. 7 Bk was discharged in Nov 08 (Filed July 08). Would it be worth it now writing to the bureaus disputing it? Or will it just fall off in Nov 15? If I can dispute now, is there a letter I can use? Thanks for your replies!
  9. Does anyone know of any lenders out there who will refi your existing auto loan into a lease? I drive a 2014 Toyota with a 700 FICO. My current auto loan is for 60 months but I pay extra every month on it. I'm thinking the idea of a new car every 2-3 years is better.
  10. Hmmm, I just applied and I received a note indicating "your application requires further review and we will notify you of your approval status in 10 days". My TU score is 703 so maybe you need a higher score? Guess I will wait for my denial letter!
  11. I decided to try the shopping cart trick today with J. Crew and when it came time for form of payment I instantly received the pop up informing me that I have been pre-approved for the J. Crew credit card and if interested to click ok. I clicked ok, entered the last 4 of my SSN, birthdate, clicked ok, and then I get this message informing me they will notify me within 7-10 days. WTF? So does this mean I now have a hard pull on my credit report and not pre-approved for the card? I had planned on using it right away to purchase this sweater online with J Crew but after getting this message I cancelled my order. Anyone else experience the same?
  12. First of all, thank you everyone for your responses, I greatly appreciate it. Actually made me felt better after reading them. In regards to any prior bad debt accounts with Chase the answer is no. I never had any account with Chase other than an automobile loan and checking account and both were kept in good standing before and after the bankruptcy. Actually, I sold the car so the auto loan was paid in full. Checking account I still have. In regards to "bostonte's" comment, they are right on the money in their response. I went to a Chase Branch yesterday and asked a Personal Banker to call for status of the "verification" process. The initial phone call she made was to their general reconsideration line and she was advised that the notes in my credit card request did show my prior discussion requesting reconsideration, as well as, the recommendation to approve for $2,000. However, the Chase Personal Banker was informed my reconsideration request was being reviewed by a loan officer and was still in process; but she was provided the loan officers direct phone number. The Personal Banker went ahead and called the loan officer for me immediately and was informed they had just approved my Chase Explorer Card with a credit limit of $2,000!!!!! So, if you are ever told your reconsideration has to go through a "verification" process, that's what will happen! In my case, I suspect they did this because my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was discharged only 5 years ago (November 2008). So in two weeks I will receive my Chase Explorer card and if I spend $2,000 in 3 months (which I will and will subsequently pay off right away) I get 50,000 free United Airline miles!!!
  13. Hello everybody and thank you for having me on this board. I've signed up awhile ago and have mostly been utilizing the board to help clean up my credit, as well as, build up my credit so I cannot thank everyone so much. Because of this board, I have learned the importance of maintaining good credit and low balances, as well as, the importance of a credit score. To give you some insight, I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008 because of a loss of job and well I'll say it bad spending habits. Following bankruptcy, I immediately realized no one would approve because of my post bankruptcy scores (low 500's) and credit profile. Just like most people, I started out with a secured credit card and high interest rate loans from high risk lenders that are pretty much only available to you. I'm happy to say since my November 2008 Chap 7 Discharge, I have cleaned up my credit profile and now have the following scores (real below not fako's): Trans Union: 688 Experian: 690 Equifax: 695 I now have the following credit cards, all of which, have zero balances: Barclay's - $2,000 limit, Chicago Municipal Credit Union Visa - $10,000 limit, Capital One QuickSilver x 3 Mastercards in the amounts of $5,000, $4,000, and $2,500 (all of which with $0 balances), Walmart, JC Penny, and Merrick Bank - $2,400 limit (I know many people hate Merrick but I love them. Never had a bad experience with them). Anyway, I decided to take a chance and apply for the Chase United Explorer Card because of an offer I received in the mail offering 50,000 bonus miles after you spend $2,000 in the first three months. Since I have a United Miles account I ran with it and applied. Unfortunately, I received this message "your application needs further review" so I withheld my excitement because I thought I might actually have a chance since Chase did not automatically deny me. I utilized the Credit Boards website, obtained the Chase Reconsideration phone line, and called within 24 hours. The woman wax extremely polite and professional and informed me I was only denied because of my discharged Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I politely asked her if a reconsideration could be done on my application because I felt that my credit was good enough and I have worked hard since the bankruptcy to show I am a responsible individual worthy of credit card approval. The Representative asked me multiple questions such as: 1. Explain to me why you filed bankruptcy in the first place? I informed her I was laid off in 2008 after 6 yrs of employment with same employer and did find full time employment until 3 months later making $30,000 less and now making same salary as I was in 2008. She informed me that was understandable and appropriate. 2. Why do you want this credit card? I informed her I have a United Milage Card and would like to take advantage of this offer, as well as, use this card for all my purchases because of the card millage benefits. 3. Do you only pay the minimum amount per month on your credit cards? I informed her most of my credit card balances are $0 balances and of the ones I have a balance on I make double payments every month (bi-weekly) that is more than the minimum payment due. After I answered the 3 questions, she placed me on hold for about 5 minutes and came back on after stating she reviewed my credit, passed the credit criteria, and she would recommend an approval for me in the amount of $2,000. However, she did mention she has to send my file back for "verification" so approval is not guaranteed yet and I could call back in a week for a final answer. I offered to provide whatever verification they need via email or fax but was informed this is something they have to do on their end and if they needed anything Chase would reach out to me. Today, I received an alert from freescore.com (I use their services monthly because they are the best) noting Chase pulled my Experian credit report today, 1/29/14. Freescore.com previously alerted me on 1/28/14 Chase pulled my Trans Union report. My questions are: Has anyone else been told they are being recommended for approval but need to go through verification first? Anyone denied after being told they are being recommended for approval? Any comments appreciated. Thank you, Tom

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