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  1. Well if the Ally numbers are that difficult for even you to figure by hand out I imagine massaging them for additional profit is a beast.. this may work in my favor afterall. Thanks for the info Marv - much appreciated. I'll report back how it plays out.
  2. That part I can handle. But I'm pushing pretty hard and wondering if they'll try to make up for it on the MF. I guess I can get a little old school and push back on that too. At least this time it's a pleasure vehicle so I'm not really sweating it at all. One other question. I think this will turn into an order that is estimated to take 5-6 weeks. How often to their lease numbers typically change?
  3. Thanks Marv. I checked them out and can't seem to get close to what the dealer is quoting so I may just have to push through with them. The only piece they've told me so far is the residual and the payments. I used that with the price to back into the MF but still not sure what all they wrapped up in their payment calc. Gotta love shell games! On a related note, I'm surprised there isn't more lease support for this vehicle.
  4. Hi - does anyone have the current Ally lease rates? I'm looking at leasing a Wrangler and like to go in somewhat informed if I can help it.
  5. Closed! No take-backs, right? It has indeed been a long day. We closed at 8AM, which took just a little over an hour, and have been running around like crazy ever since. I am just now sitting down and trying to catch up on email and stuff. I still can't believe we made it. It's been such a rollercoaster. We love our new place. I appreciate all of the support from you guys and the pros that have answered all my oddball questions along the way. I'll post some more once I get a chance but it might be a few days. Our goal is to be completely moved by Saturday morning.
  6. Thanks! They made some progress and it seems they will be working a bit into the evening and early tomorrow to resolve some minor stuff. For the most part we are pretty happy with where the house is for closing (and let's be real, we're happy to even be at this stage of the process right now). Closing is first thing tomorrow and then we'll be working like crazy to get moved in and tackle our mini projects. I received a little additional good news today too. The property manager was able to find a tenant to move in earlier than our lease end date and has prorated the final month's rent. Tha
  7. I doubt Midland will delete, but definitely search and see if others had any success. I would heed Brian's advice and not sweat it unless the UW requires it.
  8. IMO, his deal is his own problem. It's very hard to schedule things like that and it's one of the risks of doing it that way. Is he willing to lose the sale entirely over $1000?
  9. Thanks! We completed the final walkthrough today and will have a final final (?) walkthrough next Tuesday evening. We're getting there!
  10. Going to start updating this thread again. After the AU debacle, and a few additional requests from UW, we finally have the clear to close and are still scheduled for the 30th.
  11. We received the clear to close finally. I'll post any other updates in the homebuying thread. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=515901&page=9
  12. Thanks everyone. It's been tough and I'm still on edge about it all. I'm still waiting on the clear to close. The processor goofed up the PMI stuff, so that was fixed and it's back with the UW again.
  13. Yeah.. it's been a long road, but we're almost there. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=515901 Congrats to you as well. It always helps to have an awesome LO that knows what they are doing.
  14. Quick update here... the issue was fixed and they reran it yesterday and received the "Approve/Eligible" response. The file was sent to UW yesterday for final clear to close. Fingers crossed!
  15. It's possible they won't even ask for updated statements. The last statement I provided was March 9th and they weren't interested in the April 9th statement. Our appraisal came back a couple of weeks ago and is being reviewed for clear to close right now.
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