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  1. My younger brother is a senior in college and now that he’s facing the adult world when he graduates next year, he’s looking to start getting his credit in order. He has one student Chase card that he got a couple years back, but ideally he’s looking to app for a mix of some regular, albeit no annual fee, cards. He has tax returns for 2016 and 2017, but they only show a few thousand in gross income from when he worked at a bar over the Summer. Would it be worth it for him to apply for non-student cards with such a low income, or should he app for the student cards exclusively in the hopes of having them converted in the future?
  2. What’s the hack? How’d you pull that off?
  3. I may be wrong, but I think there are only three types of public records on credit reports: bankruptcies, civil judgments, and tax liens. The “tax liens” that are reported, I would think, are liens that are tied to the person, such as Federal IRS liens, as opposed to liens tied to the property, as in this case. For example, if I have a tax lien on property “A” and I go to sell a different property “B”, I’m not forced to pay the tax lien on “A” with the proceeds of “B” since the lien is tied to the property. Again, I could be wrong. Now, if there’s a judgment at any point, that’s a different story. It’s yours for $1. I’ll even loan you the $1 at 0% in perpetuity
  4. I can understand Federal and State income tax liens showing up, but how would the CRA know about a property tax lien/sale? Who would be reporting it? The sale for less than the taxes is a good question, though. Ive heard of banks suing borrowers for deficiency judgments after a foreclosure, but never from a Tax Sale. Im thinking the identification requirements would be a benefit to me. The property in question is not listed as a current or previous address on any of my personal reports. Im not sure how the CRAs would be able to get this information unless there would be something during the Tax Sale process that would be considered a judgment. I just cant seem to find a straight answer to this question.
  5. I have some real estate that Im about to stop paying property taxes on with the intent to have it sold at tax sale. Anyone know offhand if the tax foreclosure would affect my credit reports? The property is in my personal name and there are no mortgages or any other liens on it.
  6. I used a service like this years ago under my personal name. To this day, my credit reports all show Seattle, WA as a previous address. If this site is like the one I used, it works well.
  7. I'm looking to finance a new sports car, but would prefer the loan to not appear on my personal reports. I don't mind PGing the loan. Anyone know what banks/credit unions will do this?
  8. I just asked an attorney this question and he said: "Both parties are generally liable for their own legal fees and the only time legal fees are awarded is if provided for in some statute, or if there is proof of a frivolous lawsuit being filed." This is regarding PA, so your State may vary.
  9. ***UPDATE*** The credit union told me that they weren't able to get any information other than that there is a freeze of some sort. They weren't told which company had the freeze, which is why they assumed the freeze was with Chex themselves. I just received an updated Chex paper report in they mail today. Under "Inquiries Initiated by Consumer Action", it's showing 4 inquiries from the credit union. Under "Inquiries Not Initiated by Consumer Action", it's showing 3 inquiries from the credit union. Looks like they were trying to pull every couple of days since I kept telling them that there was no freeze on Chex. Should I be trying to get these removed, or do Chex inquiries not have any real weight? I may be applying for a mortgage within 2 years, in case that has any bearing.
  10. This was going to be my follow-up question as well.
  11. I recently sued a business in small claims court in PA (Magisterial District Court). I received a default judgment, but on the last day of the appeal period I received their appeal to a higher court (Common Pleas). Basically, the appeal rules state that I either have to re-file my complaint from scratch in the higher court, or else a "Judgment of Non Pros" will be entered against me. Well, if I re-file in the higher court it's going to cost me more time and legal fees than it's worth, which I don't want to do. My question is; If I don't re-file and let a Judgment of Non Pros be entered against me, is this a judgment that will show up and effect my credit report? Or, does it simply negate the suit?
  12. I'll be contacting the credit union after the freeze is removed and ask them specifically what they were able to see, if anything, from my Chex report. From what they had told me the other day, it seems that Chex didn't give them anything, which is ridiculous. I'll update when I know more.
  13. Well, that didn't take long! Funny how ChexSystems can figure out the problem within hours once a complaint is filed! Apparently the security freeze is on my LexisNexis report. The problem is that my ChexSystems report only said "Security Feeze: Active" and made no specification as to who or where. Called up NexisLexis and the freeze will be removed within 72 hours.
  14. Complaint filed. I'll update this thread with the resolution in case it can help anyone else.
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