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  2. Wow I have the exact same story. Got a green Amex when I was 18 and yes that was in 87 and defaulted. A couple of years ago got a Amex and they back dated to 87. Over the last couple of years this has really boosted my credit profile.
  3. A judgement can only stay on your report for 7 years total, it doesn't matter if its satisfied or renewed. Your judgement will drop off next year.
  4. Synchrony and Comenity banks have both paid millions because of this exact issue, just signing people up for their add on services. Just call them and they will fold right away.
  5. I bought a car a couple of months ago, I got pre approved for the car loan before shopping. Since the car dealership offered me 0% interest I said yes to the pulls, the dealership did a pull and then ford credit did another pull.
  6. If you pay the judgement the creditor will send a letter to the court stating that it has been satisfied, the court will enter the judgement as satisfied. But the judgement will still stay on your credit report for 7 years even though it was satisfied.
  7. I got the card a couple months ago the rewards are ok, I got it for the promotion spend 500 get $100 in cash back.
  8. 1099 is no big deal I have form 982 from the irs ready to go.
  9. I've had a judgment for $4000 with capital one for about 7 years, their lawyers are relentless. After all these years I know owe around $13000 with interest, I finally got tired of their calls and letter and settled it for $8000. Today months later I received a refund check in the mail from capital one for $4000 the difference between the original judgment and what I paid. I've never heard of such a thing.
  10. Seems like the FTC is cracking down. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/national_world/2015/11/04/1104-Four-US-debt-collectors-shut-down.html
  11. Ally Bank changed their terms no more unlimited ATM fee reimbursements each month, they have now joined a tiny little ATM network which sucks. I would skip Ally and try a different bank.
  12. If Capital One is offering 50% of a judgment, I'd jump on that. Capital One is one of the worst when it comes to trying to settle after a judgment. Judgment pretty much never go away, it drops off your credit report after 7 years but they can usually collect for ever. You might one day find all your money gone from your checking account, that's one of their favorite ways to collect on judgments. If they do send you a 1099-c, you can file form 982 with the irs and either reduce the taxes and get rid off them all together.
  13. I've had this chase card for almost 10 years and have always carried a large balance but always paid on time. I was looking at my statement this month and notice they reduced my interest rate from 20.99 to 15.99 for no apparent reason. I've been slowly paying down all my other cards maybe that has something to do with it. Usually these banks are very greedy, why they reduced my interest rate makes no sense.,
  14. I would contact them and offer a lump settlement if you have it. The judgment might fall off your credit report but in most states it can be renewed for ever and never really go away. One day you might wake up with all of the money in your checking account being seized with a judgement lien.
  15. Federal Law prohibits banks from using right of offset on credit card debt. So no chase cannot just take money out of your account, but they can sue you get a judgement and put a lien on your account and then take your money.

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