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  1. Validation does not require AA to provide evidence of "some contractual obligation to pay them." A letter to the MI AG, your State's AG, and the FTC (for good measure) worked for me in removing AA from my CR. You will need to demonstrate that AA is violating your consumer rights and your letter will need to specifically define/explain how AA is violating the FDCPA and/or the FRCA. Do a search on the Forum. There is lots of discussion on this topic.
  2. Bump Really need some advice from the CB experts. Your thoughts/suggestions, please!
  3. After a long credit repair journey, I was shocked to learn of the following two BOA CL's which surfaced out of the blue just yesterday on TU (not on EQ or EX) when I applied for a mortgage: 1. CREDITOR: BOA / Acct #**** | Joint Account RPTD: 04/06 LAST ACT: 12/05 OPND: 04/00 LIMIT OR HIGHEST CREDIT: 12500 BALANCE OWING: 8585 AMT PAST DUE: 0 TERMS PYMT AMT: v109 TYPE | RATE | VENDOR: REV 01 | CREDIT CARD | TRU 01 NO MOS HIST REV: 4 | 30 DAYS 0 | 60 DAYS 0 | 90 DAYS 0 2. CREDITOR: BOA / Acct #**** | Authorized User RPTD: 11/06 LAST ACT: 10/06 OPND: 07/95 LIMIT OR HIGHEST CREDIT: 7600 BALANCE OWING: 5729 AMT PAST DUE: 0 TERMS PYMT AMT: v 127 TYPE | RATE | VENDOR: REV 01 | CREDIT CARD | TRU 01 NO MOS HIST REV: 12 | 30 DAYS 1 | 60 DAYS 1 | 90 DAYS 0 I don't recall either of these accounts which are are old (date of last activity 12/05 and 10/06 respectively) and could only have been accounts with ex husband. Neither account shows a past due amount but both reflect a balance owed. Neither account appears on any of the Big 3 credit reports (I have many, many copies) from 6/1/10 until yesterday. I would say this is a reinsertion but neither was previously disputed because this is the first I've ever seen them on my CR's. Neither account has ever been reported by a CA or JDB. I have been unable to find any info/topic similar to this issue and am at a loss as to how to proceed. Any help as to how to approach removal of these two accounts would be most appreciated!
  4. Especially with EX, I always send a copy of my SS card, my DL and a recent utility bill. Saves time having to respond to their inevitable requests for them.
  5. And useless verbiage is all that it is. Remember, the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) manual, used by the credit reporting agencies is merely a resource -- a "guide" -- to businesses in reporting to the credit bureaus. While the CDIA may define debt purchasers as factoring companies, it does not mean it is legal or correct under the FCRA or the FDCPA – which is the law -- not the CDIA. In fact, the CDIA manual disclaimer clearly states that the manual is for informational guidance and that it is the responsibility of each business to ensure it is reporting accurately. I have had favorable response/results from the AG when filing complaints which included the above about CA's reporting as factoring company or factoring company accounts.
  6. In Nov 2011, Maryland DLLR revoked the LVNV Funding license to collect debt in the State of Maryland for engaging in acts or practices constituting violation of the Maryland Collection Agency (MCALA), the Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act (MCDCA) and the FDCPA. Since that time, however, the LVNV license was reinstated and today, the MD DLLR website indicates that LVNV is licensed in MD. LVNV continues to be notorious for violations of state and/or federal statutes including attempts to circumvent the FDCPA and/or the FCRA. File complaints with (1) the SC AG, (2) the MD, AG, (3) the MD Commissioner of Financial Regulation, and (4) the Maryland Collection Agency Licensing Board.
  7. pretty much .... that's what they're there for in the first place - to analyze credit risks and provide information to and from collection agencies. they are going to do what ever is most cost effective for their members, and skew it to suit their members, and cut as close to the legal minimum as they can get away with. the CDIA is not here to serve the comsumer. http://creditboards....howtopic=451439 About CDIA The Consumer Data Industry Association. is an international trade association, founded in 1906, that represents consumer information companies that provide fraud prevention and risk management products, credit and mortgage reports, tenant and employment screening services, check fraud and verification services, and collection services. Most companies or businesses that are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act are eligible for membership in CDIA CDIA represents the consumer credit reporting information industry before state and federal legislators. It also represents the industry before the media in consumer credit reporting matters. CDIA sets industry standards and provides business and professional education for its members. It also provides educational materials for consumers regarding their credit rights and how consumer credit reporting agencies can better serve their needs. Membership: Over 200 American credit reporting agencies, mortgage reporting companies, collection services companies, check services companies, tenant screening companies and employment reporting companies. However, there are companies that are not eligible for membership in CDIA. They are: Commercial Banks Retail Stores Bankcard Issuers Retail Credit Card Issuers Credit Unions Mortgage Brokers Real Estate Agencies Nonbank Banks Savings and Loan Institutions Remember, the CDIA manual, is merely to “guide” businesses in reporting to the credit bureaus. Although its members take the CDIA as gospel truth, that it is not necessarily the case. For example, the CDIA may define debt purchasers as factoring companies; however, it does not mean it is legal or correct under the FCRA or the FDCPA – which is the law -- not the CDIA. In fact, the CDIA manual disclaimer clearly states that the manual is for informational guidance and that it is the responsibility of each business to ensure it is reporting accurately.
  8. The fact that lenders do not pull/use Credit Karma scores tells you how close to accurate it is.
  9. It appears that the DOFD with the OC is being reported as 7-2008. It also appears that the account with Midland is being reported as opened on 5-2012 with the first major delinquency with Midland reported as 7-2012. I believe they can report the date the account was opened with them (which would be later than the DOFD) but I don't know whether or not they can report another delinquency date (i.e., first major delinquency date) other than the DOFD.
  10. Have also used the above address in the last year or so with no issue. I do believe, however, that EX does change the address from time to time.
  11. Sending your complaint to the AGs should get some positive action. For me, the MI AG was prompt in dealing with Asset and in getting them to delete their TL. Good luck!
  12. Exactly. You don't need to and shouldn't write any rejection. I believe Asset will delete the TL as stated and will do so electronically. Asset isn't going to send any letter to the CRAs stating they believe the debt to be valid. Obviously, that's just a bunch of hot air because if they had something concrete to stand on, they wouldn't agree to delete the TL!! At this point, don't worry about the debt being sold. That may happen but then again it may not. Sit back and relax! No need for you to do anything at this point. Don't worry about something that hasn't happened or that is just a 'maybe.' Remember, Asset is a JDB. Should they sell the debt it will be to another JDB, who, by the way won't have any documentation anyhow. Breeze is right ... if they sell it, go after them then. In my experience, once Asset said the TL would be deleted, it happened very quickly, probably within 10 days. Remember, though, once Asset communicates with the CRAs, it may take a little longer for the CRAs to actually get it off your CRs. If the TL hasn't been deleted in 30 days, write that letter to the MI AG. For right now, I think you are good to go!! Congrats on your efforts in getting the DELETE!!!
  13. In my opinion, rejecting this response is not an option if you have something in writing that says Asset will delete the TL. Do not kick a gift horse in the mouth.
  14. Although it's done electronically and not by phone, in a nutshell, that's pretty much the way it works. so only the CA has to provide me the proof and not CRA? does anyone know if its only the CA who provides the proof and not the CRA or does it depend on the letter sent. If you are looking for the manner in which the CRA verified the reported information, send a letter to the CRA requesting a MOV (method of verification). See FCRA 611 (a)(6)(B )(iii) which states that upon request the CRA must provide a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information. This includes, but is not limited to the business name and address of any furnisher of information contacted in connection with such information and the telephone number of such furnisher, if reasonably available. See FCRA FCRA 611 (a)(7) which states that the CRA must provide this information no later than 15 days after receiving this request.
  15. Although it's done electronically and not by phone, in a nutshell, that's pretty much the way it works.

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