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  1. Great News! IC Systems removed all Collection activity and deleted accounts with Experian and TransUnion. Woo Hoo, I'm back in the 700 club! lol
  2. Thanks for your advice. How does one begin the process? Sorry for being so needy....lol New developments... IC Systems has disregarded 2 Debt Validation rounds. They sent me a letter stating that they deem it frivolous and are ignoring it. I sent that letter to the CRA to start another round of disputes and also filed a complaint with the BBB. Anything else that I could be missing?
  3. I have never been a customer of ATT/Direct TV nor have ever lived in the service city they claim. I have disputed this several times with experian and equifax in the past. It's been removed previously by another CA. I recently filed a complaint with BBB against I C Systems for refusing to furnish proof that this debt is mine.
  4. Good morning Forum members. I have been diligently working on repairing my credit for about a year. I have had a very difficult time with a certain Creditor ATT/Direct TV. This account I have disputed with the Creditor through Debt Validation and also with EX/TU/EQ. A new Creditor (IC Systems Inc.) has attached this account to my credit report with Experian and TransUnion. I followed up with a Debt Validation letter and Disputes with TransUnion and Experian. Experian validated the account within a few weeks of submitting my letter. I need some advise or new suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, first off I would like to thank each and everyone for your help and advice. Today I received an alert from "myfico" on a new Collection Account opened. The CA is CBE, based out of NY. I never received any correspondence from this CA, the Collection Account just listed on my reports from Eq and Ex. I am in the process of sending a DV letter to this CA and a dispute to EQ and EX. Any other suggestions on getting this off? It's for Direct TV which I disputed before from another CA and was successful in removing the negative trade line.
  6. I just called ECMC for an update on my dispute. I was greeted by a friendly customer rep, she reviewed my account and told me that it was paid in full and they would be submitting for a deletion on the next reporting period which is on the first of April. Yay.... So excited...
  7. I just did a PC on both of my Platinum Cap1 cards. Been with Cap1 for over 5 years, they have gradually increased my limits from $500 >$750>$2,250>$3,250. Earlier last week I requested a PC for a card with no AF such a Venture or Quicksilver. I was not approved for the higher end cards but they bumped my up th the Quicksilver 1 on both accounts. They stated that I would have to wait another 6 months before the accounts would be eliglible for another upgrade. I think ever 6 months you can upgrade without a hard pull, which I think its great....
  8. I sent a DV letter to Midland funding, they returned a letter explaining how they obtained this account from T-mobile. They did not provide any validation such as a signed agreement/contract.
  9. sunday evening bump. Anybody have any sound advise on how to deal with Midland Credit Management and get this account deleted?
  10. WhyChat, I received correspondence from Experian today. It was a new credit report and an additional letter/dispute with a notice that Experian could not use the information given to them and thus the dispute would be forwarded to the Collection Agency. It seemed like it was a ROBO letter. How should I proceed? Thanks again for you patience, truly appreciated.
  11. I think in California is 4 years. I am probably wrong
  12. lol... I know huh? I'm not considering at all. Seems like a huge amount to pay for not much in return...
  13. I recently was approved for a Barclaycard reward visa. I recently got an email from Barclay's about Visa Black card. Anybody heard about this? It's an insane $450 annual fee...
  14. Update.... I contacted ECMC student loan default services. After review of this erroneous information, they requested I submit proof from NSLDS showing the accounts reported to another person with similar name, a valid copy of my ID and a copy of the current credit report showing 120 days past due as of Jan 2015 and they investigate this and hopefully remove it. Keeping my fingers crossed....
  15. Any ideas if Midland funding does pay for deletion?

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