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  1. Showing only $1k possible now in my account?
  2. I claimed I was going to garden numerous times. I may have lasted 4-5 months once but I doubt it.
  3. My mom thinks I am special. Actually, she really does. I have educated her on sign up bonuses and her and my step dad have been raking in the FC/BC international flights the last two years for free. They are loving their lil' one in a million kayvebear
  4. That is correct. FICO claims that only .0001% of people have a 850 FICO, which is 1 in 1 million.
  5. The same reason your sig says BofA, PSECU, MC, NFCU etc But some of the acronyms don't make sense?
  6. Whoops!! NFCU uses Equifax not TU. That means my EQ is 850 and my TU is 846. That was a huge jump on EQ from 824 Sweet
  7. Discover luv button gave me +5k to 46.5k
  8. Why did we start using acronyms for everything?
  9. Hit 850 FICO today on EQ 09 scoring model. Wonder if I can ever get the other two bureaus that high
  10. Chase 5/24 rules and AMEX 1 bonus/lifetime is what made you hit 850. Kongrats! Didn't think of that but you are probably right ! lol. I've actually never cashed in on Amex bonuses. Never had a plat card etc. Someday
  11. haha. I don't need anything and these days I save all my apps for Chase
  12. I wrote this post below just now and posted it on Facebook for the first time. I've never really made my credit journey public (outside of CB), but hitting 850 inspired me to do so today. I never really thought I would hit 850 (not so soon anyways), and unsure what made the algorithms decide to do so today but I will take it. Hit 850 on TU Fico 9. (Navy Federal gave me the free score). Thanks as always CB. Couldn't have done it without you. Here is the post I made on FB: "This post is partially a brag, but it is mostly to help inspire anyone out there who has destroyed their credit. Today my FICO score hit a perfect 850 out of 850 for the first time. A score that FICO claims only .0001% of people will ever attain. In 2011, my car was stolen from the front of my house while I slept. I had just made the final payment on it the month prior. Even worse than having my car stolen (a terrible feeling), I was unable to secure financing for a new vehicle. My credit score was in the low 500's, and no one wanted to lend me a single penny. I had many late payments, charge offs, collections, you name it. I had a few low limit credit cards with horrific interest rates, and they were of course all maxed out. Long story short, I was finally able to get a predatory loan on a new (used) car at 18.99% interest. It was a Chocolate Goodness, humiliating experience. I decided that I couldn't live like that anymore, and that it was time to fix my credit. I found www.creditboards.com which is a completely free online resource / community of people who are fixing their own credit, and helping others do the same. It was a lot of hard work, and required a lot of time and energy especially those first two years…. But it became like a game, and then became fun. Games can be won. I won't bore you all the details... but I will tell you that fixing my credit absolutely changed my life. You get the best interest rates imaginable whether it be a car, mortgage, etc. You are always first in line on a rental application. You get incredible credit card sign up bonuses, free first class flights, yada yada yada. It also gives you the ability to fund and finance any entrepreneurial dreams you may have. Most importantly you get to ditch the shameful feeling that I used to feel (and I am sure some of you do too) when your card is declined at the grocery market or your credit application is declined. For a few years now I have been helping any friends and family that ask for it with fixing their credit. I offer the same to all of my FB friends as well. The truth is everything you need is on the creditboards web site, and it will come down to your effort in the end ... but I will help along the way however I can. Good luck to all of you future credit ninjas. Take control of your credit. You won't regret it <3 - Michael"
  13. LOL. Yes I had her get that card per your recommendation so we should have the CP soon. Is BZE new zealand?
  14. Just fly to every destination WN goes to. WN = ? SQ J = ?
  15. Really depends where you are going, but top of head Singapore Air FC would be a nice way to use points. You can still find some United metal first class, for example I am flying ORD-MUC in first. Lufthansa first is nice, but they don't open awards until 3 weeks before departure for star alliance partners. Was checking out Singapore today. Singapore business from SFO to Delhi is only 18k more points than Uniteds FC used to be. I would imagine Singapore business is roughly as nice as United FC but could be wrong.
  16. What a bummer. I have 900k UR saved up thinking I would be using on United FC. What is my next best option with Chase UR?
  17. All the FC flights that I used to get for 80 to 90k are now 145-185k and I am looking short term and long term. Did they make everything more expensive?
  18. What do we all get candy bar names now in memory of your memories? I've never seen a straight guy call another guy a stud. Dude's a stud. I call all kinds of men studs. Usually athletes that are on my fantasy sports teams. Or anyone on the Golden State Warriors. Konrad is a stud. He knows it.
  19. Found it. Konrad you are a stud. GF just applied. THANK YOU
  20. Yes. Would wait until January. Still... what a freebie. Southwest wanna get away points are worth about 1.8 cpp, so that doubles to 3.6 with companion pass. Really not terrible What are you guys talking about? UR transfers never counted towards the CP. TPG claims otherwise. My mom mentioned it and I saw it in one of his blog posts. Came here to confirm
  21. Yes. Would wait until January. Still... what a freebie. Southwest wanna get away points are worth about 1.8 cpp, so that doubles to 3.6 with companion pass. Really not terrible
  22. It wasn't intentional. I hit a sign up bonus on a business card, and then we had an issue with a supplier and are now getting a $2,000 refund to the same card.
  23. Lets say there is a 3k minimum spend... and you spend the 3k and get your bonus. Then one month later you return one of the items you bought for $1,000 pulling you below the minimum spend? Would they claw back the bonus?
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