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  1. Yes, but unfortunately I work in restaurant industry... we are required by IRS to report 8% of our total sales as tips... so that is what everyone in the industry does. Makes your income look about 40% smaller than it's full potential if you are good at your job... Also I now work fine dining and make good money ... last year I did casual dining and made pennies... my income has skyrocketed in last 3 months but that didn't matter to the CU. Denied denied denied. USAA 16.44% APR loan here I come... and I am going to do everything I can to get my UTIL down in the meanwhile.
  2. 5 of the 6 accounts are closed... Only Macy's allowed me to stay open through my 2006 credit fisasco...
  3. This might be a stupid question. I have (6) separate creditors reporting that in March of 2006 I was either 30/60/ or 90 days late on making payments. 5 of those 6 accounts were closed later at creditor's request. Those all should drop off in March of 2013. What I am wondering is this... is it worth it right now for me to write good will letters to all 6 creditors to get those baddies removed? I am guessing at best only a couple of them will be nice enough to adhere... meaning I still have 3-5 baddies... will getting a couple removed make any difference at all?
  4. I have a bunch of 30/60/90 day late payments from March 2006 ... I want these things off my credit report. What is the best method for getting these off my reports?
  5. Can you do goodwill letters via telephone / e-mail or is it all done on snail mail?
  6. Is there any way to get these 'late payments' removed from my credit reports prior to 2014?
  7. In 2007 I had a bunch of 30/60/90 day late payments. All are current now, and haven't had a late payment in close to four years. Are these baddies hurting me as much today as they did in 2008? Will they continue really hurting my credit until 2014 when they disapear?
  8. So I am currently paying all my debt down like crazy... trying to get my UTIL down super low. I don't have any late payments since 2007... no BK's... things should improve quickly with my FICO etc. I am thinking six months from now it will be time to start shooting for CL increases.... My question is two parts: 1) What is the main benefit of CL increases (besides being able to borrow more)? 2) What is the best way / method to get my my CL's increased? Without hurting my FICO etc?
  9. Bleh... local credit union ended up denying my loan because I have only been with my current employer for 2 months. Looks like I might have to 16.44 % USAA it.
  10. Have they been running the 20/20 deal for a long time? Any plans on getting rid of it? I feel like in 6 months I will qualify no problem
  11. Hey all, What is the credit / income qualifications for the 20/20 combo through PSECU?
  12. How good of a FICO do you need for the 20k Visa / PLOC? I have no BK's, no open collections etc. Bunch of late payments in 2007 but nothing else...
  13. I will be trying this in the next week - it is still working?
  14. People fall on hard times, and it is not up to you or me to decide what the OP does and does not deserve. People have reasons for their credit pasts, and they are their own. I believe this board is a place for sound advice and help, not opinions on what we think people should/shouldn't have. Just my opinion +1
  15. That's more like it! Congrats! keep the loan for 3-4 months, then apply to refi with Penfed @ 2.49% - more likely than not you will be approved. VK What is Penfed?
  16. Holy *&*&! The credit union just called me. Approved me conditionally (upon me showing them paystubs) for $12,000 @ 6.44%. 10% better than USAA. Wow!
  17. So as I've mentioned my car was stolen last week. Had no intention of any new credit inquiries for a couple more years while I fixed everything, but now I have no choice. Applied for 12,000$ line through USAA for a used vehicle. They approved me 60 months at 16.44%. Just joined a local credit union today (yolofcu.org). Any idea what they will give me?
  18. Alight... joined Yolo County Credit Union today ... yolofcu.org
  19. Nelly, just so you know, USAA while awesome is not a CU. It's known as a savings bank, sort of in between banks and credit unions. Yeah... I am a member of USAA already and they *are* great...
  20. It's worse than you think. The car that was stolen was paid off in full two months ago after having a 48 month loan on it.
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