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  1. Good to see you too hd! Yeah .. FICOs still above 840 so maybe I am silly for even paying attention, but I guess once you build a habit you can't shake it. I cringe at the thought of having a per card utilization so high. For fun I will report back next month when the balance hits just to see how much it dings a super thick file like mine. Maybe I can cajole Synchrony to up the line in time but I am guessing for mattresses they clearly have a cap. I remember some years ago when I made multiple synchrony lines at 50k each - they really seem to have dialed it back Hope you are well!
  2. Got a 0% 48 month APR offer from Mattressfirm by Synchrony, and they wouldn't budge a penny above $6k for some reason on the credit line. Would have a $4k balance for 48 months. I never let utilizations get above 5-10%. Curious if this will hit my credit or not since the per card utilization on this card will be terrible for a multi year period ... or is my account so thick and deep that it won't matter? Thanks to all the kings and queens here
  3. Hi old friends, and new faces. Haven't been on CB in years. Just want to offer words of encouragement to those new on their repair journey, or somewhere in the middle. I came to CB with a FICO in the 500s. After a small handful of years I was in the 800s. Because of CB I hit a perfect 850 FICO 6x in the last 24 months. I have 35 revolving credit lines and $650k available credit. It took a lot of effort those first two years, but it was all beyond worth it. It is a marathon, not a race. The real credit victory is when you no longer have to pay much attention anymore. You know your score is perfect. You know your bills are being paid in full monthly. You know you will get approved for anything you apply for, at the best available rates. You become completely out of the loop on new cards, miss out on sign up offers, and forget entirely about churning bonuses. I wish you all the absolute best. This forum changed my life. Stick with it if you are currently in the trenches. Anyone heard from Bob Wang or is he still MIA? - Love
  4. Hey all... LONG time since I have shown my face around here. I hope everyone is doing well on their journey. I did a twitter thread today on 'how to hack' your fico. Pointed people a couple times to CB Please give the tweet some likes and retweets and let me know if I left anything vitally important out. https://twitter.com/michaelgmcquaid/status/1418631940404436999?s=20
  5. I'd feel bad if it weren't for the fact that their entire business model is by getting people who don't deserve credit to max out 30% APR cards and pay late fees for life.
  6. So some years ago all my capital one accounts were closed in a single day. Had never missed a payment and had excellent credit, but they didn't like that I was utilizing their fee free 0% balance transfer option on a monthly basis to basically loan myself interest free money. Didn't actually use capital one products - so who cares right? The Venture card 80k sign up bonus came out a few months back. I assumed I was black listed, but no hurt in applying right? Instant approval for $15k credit line. Spent my $5,000 for the bonus and cashed out $850 in Amazon cards. Paid the balance in full naturally. Didn't use the card since February and was planning on canceling before the AF came due. Woke up today. Capital one closed the card on me. No explanation as to why. No notes on the account. Capital One literally allowed me to open a credit card, cash out $850 in gift cards, and then closed the account on me. I love this company
  7. Haven't been paying attention. What sign up bonuses are absolute musts right now?
  8. Hi all, long time and hope everyone is well. Saw Capital One has a new 75k offer out. curious if they blacklist? They unexpectedly closed all my cards 1-2 years ago for over leveraging their 0% BT offer on a monthly basis (using their products in a way it was not designed to be used)
  9. Can you book Alliance Air tickets through Air India with a StarAlliance reward? Have you been to Kangra Valley around Jia/Himichal Pradesh? I have no idea re: the flights unfortunately. I never went to Kangra Valley (I drove through it numerous times but never stopped). I lived for three months just next door though in Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj, Daramkot) which is one of my favorite places in India. Then to the east is Parvati Valley which has some of the most incredible trekking I have ever done. When are you going?
  10. Closed my Chase United card and my Chase Ink Business Preferred card. Opened the new Chase Marriott Personal card with 100k signup bonus and once I hit 5k spending will open the business one as well. Actually pretty cool cards to keep as the annual fee is less than $100 which earns you one free night per year ... but the free night gets you a stay at a hotel that can be as much as $450+
  11. I called their underwriters. They bumped me to 25k but wanted me to send in docs to go back to 35k.
  12. I think I must have let more than 12 months lapse without using it. Logged in today and noticed my line was reduced from $35,000 to $1024
  13. Following this thread. Keep up the good work
  14. I also own my business and there's an old saying, "When you own a business, the business owns you as well". LOL.... I assume you're aware that the IRS views CC rewards, (cashback, Airline specific FF miles, convertible points like UR/MR/TYP), as rebates and therefore they're not taxable as income. However, in the case of CC rewards earned by a business entity, (whether LLC, Sole Prop, or whatever), those rewards are earned and owned by the business entity. Obviously, you're free to use these million UR's however you see fit, but in the interest of keeping a "Clean Set of Books" you might want to consult a proper tax attorney about how to treat converting a business asset to a personal asset. I'm not saying you couldn't use this asset however you see fit, "Up to You", I'd only advise you be fully aware of any tax implications. Thanks for the heads up. As an S Corp being the share holder it all passes through to me anyways, but you are right that there could be tax implications. I will ask the CPA,
  15. Converting 1mm UR to $10K? I just had one of those back of the throat vomit moments. You know I wouldn't do that to you. And Chase would never close my credit lines. This isn't M$. This is real business spending across 7 employee cards
  16. I don't see Chase outright cancelling their reward system.
  17. Most of the miles come from my INK ... and truth be told it is mostly business spending that has gotten me here so I have a big advantage in the miles dept. over people with traditional careers. On the flip side the irony of owning your own company is you become too busy to travel so you have all the miles in the world and no time to spend them.
  18. I think worth about $10k if I converted to cash... and a lot more than $20,000 if used on first class flights
  19. With no trips planned for at least a year. Wish there was a way to collect interest on miles. Or maybe a way to invest them in Bitcoin
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