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  1. kayvebear

    KayveBear's Running Credit Thread

    Can you book Alliance Air tickets through Air India with a StarAlliance reward? Have you been to Kangra Valley around Jia/Himichal Pradesh? I have no idea re: the flights unfortunately. I never went to Kangra Valley (I drove through it numerous times but never stopped). I lived for three months just next door though in Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj, Daramkot) which is one of my favorite places in India. Then to the east is Parvati Valley which has some of the most incredible trekking I have ever done. When are you going?
  2. kayvebear

    KayveBear's Running Credit Thread

    Closed my Chase United card and my Chase Ink Business Preferred card. Opened the new Chase Marriott Personal card with 100k signup bonus and once I hit 5k spending will open the business one as well. Actually pretty cool cards to keep as the annual fee is less than $100 which earns you one free night per year ... but the free night gets you a stay at a hotel that can be as much as $450+
  3. How might that affect my credit?
  4. kayvebear

    Paypal Smart Connect CL reduced from 35k to 1k

    I called their underwriters. They bumped me to 25k but wanted me to send in docs to go back to 35k.
  5. I think I must have let more than 12 months lapse without using it. Logged in today and noticed my line was reduced from $35,000 to $1024
  6. kayvebear

    morpheus0327 on his journey

    Following this thread. Keep up the good work
  7. kayvebear

    NEW HACK!!!! (Orbitz)

    880,000 customers? Oops
  8. kayvebear

    Broke above 1,000,000 Chase UR for the first time

    I also own my business and there's an old saying, "When you own a business, the business owns you as well". LOL.... I assume you're aware that the IRS views CC rewards, (cashback, Airline specific FF miles, convertible points like UR/MR/TYP), as rebates and therefore they're not taxable as income. However, in the case of CC rewards earned by a business entity, (whether LLC, Sole Prop, or whatever), those rewards are earned and owned by the business entity. Obviously, you're free to use these million UR's however you see fit, but in the interest of keeping a "Clean Set of Books" you might want to consult a proper tax attorney about how to treat converting a business asset to a personal asset. I'm not saying you couldn't use this asset however you see fit, "Up to You", I'd only advise you be fully aware of any tax implications. Thanks for the heads up. As an S Corp being the share holder it all passes through to me anyways, but you are right that there could be tax implications. I will ask the CPA,
  9. kayvebear

    Broke above 1,000,000 Chase UR for the first time

    Converting 1mm UR to $10K? I just had one of those back of the throat vomit moments. You know I wouldn't do that to you. And Chase would never close my credit lines. This isn't M$. This is real business spending across 7 employee cards
  10. kayvebear

    Broke above 1,000,000 Chase UR for the first time

    I don't see Chase outright cancelling their reward system.
  11. kayvebear

    Broke above 1,000,000 Chase UR for the first time

    You can but you can get in a lot of trouble
  12. kayvebear

    Broke above 1,000,000 Chase UR for the first time

    Most of the miles come from my INK ... and truth be told it is mostly business spending that has gotten me here so I have a big advantage in the miles dept. over people with traditional careers. On the flip side the irony of owning your own company is you become too busy to travel so you have all the miles in the world and no time to spend them.
  13. kayvebear

    Broke above 1,000,000 Chase UR for the first time

    I think worth about $10k if I converted to cash... and a lot more than $20,000 if used on first class flights
  14. With no trips planned for at least a year. Wish there was a way to collect interest on miles. Or maybe a way to invest them in Bitcoin

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