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  1. They've been in the house for about five years but I can aolmost be 100% sure that it was not reported on SIL Income Tax. Frined can show payments made on mortgage. I'm just trying to save her some headache....but maybe she's just not ready to learn. Oh well. T Thanks for the info, I want to get into rental myself soon. I'm guessing if I haven't owned the properties, i would just have to show leases for 2 years to offset 75%.
  2. Ok, I got my friend reports yesterday. She's in pretty bad shape. No BK or CCCS but plenty of everything else. Lots of CO and CA with balances and a voluntary repo settled. She proceeds to tell me this morning she is working with a P/T loan officer/realtor to get her house out of her SIL name into her. I said STOP. THINK. LISTEN. She said she can get it done with no out of pocket. I said something smells....like fraud. Explained what can happen if found out. She's pretty stubborn and I understand she's under a time crunch because the SIL is wanting to buy a new house. Here's my ?, I was always under the assumption that income from rental offsets at 85%. I was recently told but a Broker/Aquantance that it offsets 100%. Which is it? If I can convince her to have her sister show the house as a lease property until we get friend's credit resolved, she should be able to go straight to a bank and get her own loan under her own timeframe I am not trying to badmouth the the loan officer but I wonder how effective you can be in that role while working days for another company. How do you keep your contacts and reputation for funding on time? AFAIK, she hasn't even provided a GFE yet which is a huge RED FLAG to me indicating future performance. Paranoid is as Paranoid does.
  3. Yeah, but when you apply for a shiny new credit card, which file is the lender going to see? sp
  4. Anybody know if my parents would be eligible because of my membership? nobody is military but I don't think I can get them signed up before the deadline. I was speaking to mom about the insurance and she was very interested, especially if it turns out non-military might be able to get it.
  5. I got Bloomy's during a spree back in May....been looking for reporting, but apparently they don't report until you buy. No big deal, yesterday I ordered a pair of socks on sale for $6.99 (too much for a pair of socks if you ask me). Fast forward to yesterday evening. I get an email confirming my order and another email asking me to call the credit department. I called the credit dept. and they were closed. I was going to post a rant about companies that ask you to call and don't provide hours of operations, but I was too tired. Had a court-esque meeting this AM with STBX so I had the whole day off. I get home, I've got an email stating the order has been cancelled. GREAT!!! I called and they said they couldn't verify my info and transferred me to credit dept. Rep said she needed to ask me some questions. I asked why this wasn't done when approved back in May, she said they had emailed me. Anyway, after I confirmed no new hard pull and my previous addresses, she stated she was going to check for a guideline increase. At this point, I couldn't even remember my CL; I figure she would come back with $500.....nope, went from $200 to $1000. I thanked them, re-ordered my socks (different color, first ones were out of stock). All I have to say is that they may not be a smooth as Nordtrom, but they treated me alright. Today was a good day for a Bloomingdale's CLI.
  6. Another one for putting it on the letter. I actually don't print out a hard copy of the letter for my file when I send it. I leave it on the harddrive (I know, dangerous). I keep all the green cards together. When I am reviewing my computer files, I can copy the article number directly from the letter in WORD to the USPS website.
  7. Because if they don't tell us we'll hear it on the street? Then they'll get 50K phone calls over the course of the next week asking about this. There again, why would they be concerned as to whether or not there current members were aware of a policy change for new members? As I stated before, I see the point of putting something on the website, where not every visitor is going to be a member. But mailing would just go to members. Then, the non-members would still be "hearing it on the street." Seems to me there some slow info coming from USAA....i wonder if they might even push the deadline back if the call volumes stay up.
  8. I'm just curious, what would be the rational for this? Why would a business notify existing customers that it is no longer taking new customers that are non-military? If I were a business owner, I wouldn't waste the postage. I do, however, see the benifit of posting in on the website for non-customers.
  9. Looks like EX http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?autocom=creditpulls
  10. If anybody having a bad day gets wind of it at BOA, you run the risk of having the account closed and reported to CHEX for account misuse. Whether or not they do that, I don't know. But, if there is anyway you can get cahs in there before the cut-off time today, you should be fine. But I will bet that the transaction will process tonight.
  11. That doesn't bode well. I take it GEMB is a tough nut to crack.
  12. Huh, nice to know since my Valero will be here in 4-7 days? Can this be used to get a CLI?
  13. I searched, didn't come up with anything. I called Lowe's today...Declined This is after $500 from HD, Valero pending ID and Conn's $2000. I got a couple of GEMB card in May, now into 2nd billing cycle. I am hoping this is just an ID issue. But, in case it is for INQ or too new accts or delingquents, can I ask for Recon? If so, which CEO's office do I send letter to? Lowe's or GEMB? Has anybody been successful with Lowe's Recon?
  14. ....and read that FINE PRINT. Some used to change your Long Distnace company. Some just signed you up for a timeshare presentation. My biggest concern with that is, if a car dealer can run your credit multiple times by barely knowing your name and if you're alive, just think what a timeshare company can do with you and your SO's names, address, phone, etc.?
  15. snickstx

    Macy's Rehab

    So, the $200 you've paid and the $300 due is for the old tradeline? Usually, a company will transfer the debt to a new credit line and restart the clock. I've you pay it according to the terms on the new account, you're golden, if not, they can charge it off again. If you have paper copies of your reports showing the old dates, I'd call Macy's, politely advise of the error and request that it be removed. Reassure them that you are repaying the debt according to the terms but that act does not cause the former debt to become current. Hopefully, they are misreporting, but make sure you've got some back-up if they are trying to reage the account. Godd Luck

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