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  1. They must have removed the 5/24 language does not appear for me
  2. Would not let me create an account anyone else able to create an account
  3. I received a Pre-Qualified Offer from them for $200 for $500 spend I am sitting on it at the moment the Credit Pulls Database seems to have little info and the Initial lines seem to be low. I would like more data points as well
  4. 8000 have had the card a few years started at 2000k all CLI were requested and Soft
  5. Just to provide a data point I apped for this card it is issued by Elan Financial was approved for 18,700 Scores high 700s to low 800s depending on the Model Used. Pulled Equifax
  6. Those who have done a PC when you did the PC did you get the terms of the Double Cash offer?, i.e 15 mos No Interest and did you keep the Interest rate of your existing card or did they issue a New Rate. Thanks I am thinking about PC my existing Thank You Card
  7. Penfed 12/2009 $500 (offered by chairman to get in the door there)<br><br><br>I was approved for 20k/20k Combo with 736 FICO and similar income but no debt I have read many times that they like to see little to no debt so I would take that into account.<br><br><br>Off topic I was interested in how you got the Chairman to offer you the $500 Penfed Visa I have applied with them on the app it said I was eligible for up to 8,500 but when the underwriter got it I was denied for Sufficient Credit (I guess they mean with my other Creditors because I have none with Penfed) Pyramiding Debt (Which is insane because I have not debt, at all) I recon and explained to the that the 20k/20k for PSECU was shared so technically I have 20k less than what Equifax reports, and that I carry no debt so I can't see how they said I was pyramiding, any way the recon was a no go. <font size="4">So I was wondering how you got the $500 I need it for the 5% on Gas and $500 would be enough to cover that purpose</font>

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